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VIDEO: 340-Yard Muzzleloader Shot

by NAW TV   |  October 20th, 2011 7

Sometimes it’s not about the size of the deer but the shot it took to land it as Rob Walton proved with a 340-yard muzzleloader poke he took with his T/C Triumph on a Nebraska whitetail buck.

  • John

    Unethical shot decision. Justify it all you want.

  • George


  • Rob Rice

    That's not hunting. Poor judgement by the shooter to take such a low-percentage shot.

  • Todd

    Terrible shot decision. Can't believe I wasted 4 minutes of my life watching that.

  • wayne

    This isn't a hunter.This is a clown with a gun.

  • Ben

    i think you guys need to stfu.ur all jealous cuz he got the deer and you didnt!cangrats bud!

  • Craig

    Everyone of you have taken shoots as this in your life, you just havent had the privelege to have it on camera. Thats the problem in a nutshell. I happen to know this guy pretty well and go to him with all of my archery stuff and have for a while now. Hes an awesome guy and has a great archery store. He does many many things for the sport, alot more than some of the rest of you can say. Notice, I said some. Not all. I sense a jealous bone here. Get over it and be happy for the man.

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