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Herd Land Management

Does A Fresh Gut Pile Ruin a Treestand?

by Dr. James C. Kroll   |  May 22nd, 2012 6

Does a fresh gut pile ruin a tree stand for the season? Using a Cuddeback Trail Camera, Dr. James C. Kroll sets up an experiment and answers the question.


  • David

    I have had deer back track my drag trail right up to the gut pile with no sign of being alarmed.

  • chad s.

    I don't believe it will ruin it for the season and I don't think the gut pile is what the deer may react negatively too I think the smell of the Coyotes and other predators in the area that it may draw in could alter deer activity for a short time period .

  • Ed H

    That confirmed what I knew all along. Now to do a urine test so I can shut friends about that one too.

  • David Cunningham

    Deer?..Sure. ADULT BUCK in huntin season? Show me that video.

  • Ian Sparks

    I gotta wonder as well with what David said.. I put a cam on a gut pile this past season and got alot of crows, deer, and fox. the one thing i did notice is the one mature buck that I got on camera was running away from the camera and completely staying away from the gut pile. younger bucks up to 2 year olds sniffed it and such but that was it. I am curious if more mature bucks will be weary of it though.

  • marlon hardy

    I believe it probly don't alarm 1 1/2 old bucks but every one knows the older bucks that might be worth shooting are not going to talerate anything.

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