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Decoying Kansas North American Whitetail TV

NAW TV: Decoy Hunting in Kansas

by NAW TV   |  July 26th, 2012 13

Hunting the heart of the Kansas rut, Pat Hogan encounters a 6 1/2 year old “problem buck” that needs to be culled from the Buck Forage Oats research facility deer herd. When the small-racked scrapper spots the decoy, he puts on a great show for Hogan, who ultimately gets a shot.

  • Jason Herbert

    Nice shot Pat! Cool hunt. That dude looked like he was definitely a bully.

  • Bowhunter 81

    I have a hard time believing that deer was mature. Great hunt no matter what age he was!

  • HReynolds

    That deer is comparable to the dog on The Grinch Whole Stole Christmas with the antler tied onto his head. Surely to god they have better quality hunts to air than this. Where are the Canadien hunts? Where are the Mexico hunts? This is supposed to be North American Whitetail not Midwest Whitetail. The only thing worse than shooting this piece is airing the damn thing. Good footage but still it's a deer Fitzgerald would have shot back in the 80's. I hate to be critical but it pales in comparison to their Missouri hunts and Gordon in Texas.

  • Jess Rogers

    im sorry for the people who dont like this hunt but it deffinately shows that deer managment isn't just about shooting record book animals! More people should try culling genetically inferior deer to better their deer herds

  • Brandon Carter

    Great encounter, great footage, and great shot. Horn size is no indication of trophy. That deer was certainly mature with his swayed back, thicker shoulders than rump and full swollen neck. To me, maturity is a MUCH better indicator of trophy than antler size. Thanks Pat for recognizing that the hunt and maturity of the animal made it a trophy.
    Not all mature whitetails posses monster racks. I passed a mature 6pt last week in Ks that was almost 140"….biggest 6pt I've ever seen, just because I was worried people wouldn't be impressed by the video. That wont happen again. I've regretted it every moment since. Thanks Pat for the dose of reality.

  • J Shew

    dont know why someone would call that bad video or a waste of time, that is a for sure cull. No matter what they got in CANADA. Great hunt and keep up the great work and footage.

  • Chris

    NO kidding I am a meat hunter first and formost and if I am lucky enough to have one for the braggin board walk in then so be it. If not then it's doe city or cull an inferior one out of the herd. No I don't shoot the first thing with antlers on it's head, I will wait for a mature deer but rack size doesn't matter. I think we as hunters need to remember the real reason you put in the time and effort of hunting. Remember the feelings when you were a kid going out with your dad or other mentor and how it was first and foremost a thrill just to be out there in nature. Hunters (in general) have gotten far to stuck on trophy animals and lost sight of "trophy experiences". I live for HUNTING season every year, this includes the entire experience. I would post a video like this any day of the year man!! Great hunt, great shot, what a fun experience.

  • Jeremy

    Who is he trying to convince that this deer is "mature", himself? There is no way that deer is older than 2 1/2. These guys have lots of pressure to make a tv show but let's not contradict the obvious.

    • disqus_JrlBTpA1X3

      you said that right! “tv Buck” killing makes me sick.

  • brian

    Good hunt the decoy was a big factor in the hunt nice buck!

  • Cephas Boman

    You should turn the camera around and show the folks the fence that was put up to keep the deer from traveling onto the property Butler and Kroll can't get their hands on. Which is why they put the fence up. They think they control what can be allowed to be shot on the neighbors property. They're a joke so when they couldn't control it, they put up a fence to restrict deer movement. But no one in the "industry" will ever cll them on it. Long as they get their cut of the profit.

  • Keith G

    That is no 6 year old buck. A crappy 3 year old maybe. As long as he is happy with buck is all that matters.

  • disqus_JrlBTpA1X3

    wow… ur smoking crack buddy. 6 years old? try 2. dont go on tv spewing lies to make ur self look like a hot shot. and if you didnt know any better …. get off tv.

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