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How to Score Your Buck with Trophy Tape

How to Score Your Buck with Trophy Tape

by Matt Haun 0

Let’s face it; even if you don’t care what your buck scores, the very first question your buddies ask when… more »

Ground Blind Strategies

Advanced Ground Blind Strategies

by Brian Fortenbaugh 0

While 90 percent of my whitetail bowhunting in the past 28 years has been done from treestands, in the past… more »


Know the Sounds of Deer Hunting Success

by Gordon Whittington 0

I hadn’t yet thrown in the towel, but I was in the middle of my windup. When you’ve spent over… more »


Make Time for Deer Attractants

by Christian Berg 0

In the world of professional sports, champions leave nothing to chance. Long before game day arrives, champions secure an advantage… more »

Kill Deer

Kill Deer With Surgical Precision

by Curt Wells 0

It was Oct. 3, 1982. Against the dim eastern sky I could just pick out the lone, half-dead cottonwood jutting… more »


Stages of the Rut

by Travis Faulkner 0

Exploit mature bucks throughout each transitional stage of the rut with these custom-matched hunting strategies and high-impact setups. The secret… more »


The Bowhunter’s Ready for Action Checklist

by Mark Taylor 0

In the heat of the moment having a mental checklist can make the the difference between keeping it together and… more »


Reading Sign After the Shot

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

The skill it takes to execute a perfect shot is only a part of being an ethical hunter—blood trailing is… more »

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