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Many archers are moving to single-pin sights, such as HHA's Optimizer.

Early Planning for the 2018 Archery Season

by Gordon Whittington 0

The 2018 bow season is many months away — but for serious archers, the plan to make that first arrow count is already in motion.


The 2017 Deer Season Countdown

by Brian Strickland 0

The slight southerly breeze did little to provide relief from the mid-September afternoon heat, even though I sat under the… more »


8 Tips to Shoot a Buck on Opening Day

by Bernie Barringer 0

The month of September means archery deer seasons are opening across North America. From September 1 until the end of… more »


Want Bowhunting Options? You’ve Got Them.

by Patrick Hogan 0

Thirty years ago, when my dad was in the prime of his hunting “career,” I distinctly remember him loading the… more »


12 Early Season Bowhunting Mistakes

by Steve Flores 0

The start of another bow season is just around the corner. Every hunter that heads afield with a stick and… more »


Jim Thome’s 193-Inch ‘Major League’ Buck

by Ron Willmore 0

Jim Thome had a Hall of Fame-worthy career playing Major League Baseball, thanks in large part to an unrelenting work… more »


DIY Whitetail: How to Plan an Out-Of-State Hunt

by Bernie Barringer 0

Many whitetail hunters do not have the opportunity to bag a mature whitetail where they hunt. They watch outdoor TV… more »


5 Bucket List Whitetail Hunts

by Mark Kayser 0

Bucket lists have become the rage with everyone jotting down hopeful adventures they’d like to experience before their eulogy. If… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Michigan’s Trophy Bucks

by Gordon Whittington 0

Bowhunting whitetails is popular in many places today. But in Michigan, sportsmen have taken this rite of autumn to a… more »


Old-Fashioned Deer Hunting

by Tony J Peterson 0

It felt as though I were chasing ghosts. Each morning I’d sit on stand and watch ruffed grouse sneak around,… more »

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