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Bowhunting Destinations

6 Great DIY Bowhunting Destinations

by Bernie Barringer   |  May 23rd, 2014 0

I suppose it stands to reason that after nearly 20 do-it-yourself, out-of-state whitetail bowhunts, I have some favorite places.

Most of them qualify not because of the bucks I’ve bagged there, but because of the hunting opportunities and overall enjoyment of the experience. For example, living as I do in northern Minnesota, where temperatures commonly dip below 0 in November, I find sitting in a Kansas tree stand in 60-degree weather at that time to be quite refreshing.


20 Best DIY Whitetail States for 2014

No matter where you hunt, killing a big, mature buck is no cake walk.In some states, however, the opportunities are next...

While I’ve driven home from all but one of these states with a buck in the truck, the reasons I’ve picked them have more to do with cost, availability of tags, the amount of available land to hunt for free and the opportunity to shoot a mature buck.

If you’re wanting to head out of state on a DIY whitetail expedition in 2014, now’s the time to start planning. Pick a destination from the following list and commit to go, and I’ll help you get started:

In Conclusion
When it comes to putting together a DIY whitetail bowhunt, the more planning you do, the better your odds. And that certainly applies to the states on this list. In fact, with several of them having lotteries with early application periods, it’s high time to start working out the details of a 2014 hunt. Come fall, the payoff for that preparation could be big.

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