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10 Best Scent Control Products Right Now

by Jason Herbert   |  November 14th, 2013 2

Human scent control may well be the hardcore deer hunter’s ace in the hole. Some hunters remain skeptical, most try as hard as they can to manage their scent in the field, and a few obsess about coming as close to perfection as possible. But no matter how dedicated you are to controlling your scent, one thing is for certain: scent control technology has changed the way we think about deer hunting.

Ultimately, there are two main ways to control human scent: eliminate or contain. When sweat, oils, and other organic secretions leave the human body, they carry a distinct odor with them. Many of these odors are indistinguishable to us, but throw up red flags of human stink to deer.

One way to prevent these odors is by eliminating them before they start. Some garment companies are using metal-infused, anti-microbial treatments in their baselayer clothing to kill odor-causing bacteria on the skin where it starts. Most clothing companies use activated materials such as carbon, Zeolite, or synthetic Trinity to adsorb renegade scent molecules.

Several manufacturers are producing scent-eliminating sprays that will prevent odors from forming, adsorb any rogue odors, or perform a combination of both. Even after all that, there are still more ways to deal with human odor in the deer woods. For a look at the best scent control technology on the market today, check out these 10 best scent control products right now.

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