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8 Year Old with 2016 Crossbow Kill Mature Buck


April 24th, 2017

Old Mature Buck Scoring 144. Best part about this hunt is it was ALL on video! (see link below)

Ryder loves to go hunting with his dad and gets pretty obsessed with it during hunting season! This is extra special because we got a great video of the hunt, as luck would have it our cousin happened to be free that day and tag along with Josh and Ryder to video tape!

Last year at 7 years old he shot his first big buck in velvet with a rifle during Kansas Youth Season.

This year he wanted a new challenge of killing one with a crossbow. They setup in their new blind ( a Hay bale blind made out of spray foam insulation)

Story as told by an Ryder (8 years old ) so would need some editing!

Went to the blind, there was already a doe in there, it was cloudy and had just finished raining when we got in the blind.
The doe saw us getting in, It finally left, we waited for a while. Couple more does came out, then some turkeys came in. Waited again, Then we saw a dog come out. It scared some deer away. Then dog left, we waited again, then raccoons. Then another doe, and then a nice little 10 pointer…then the big boy came out. We waited for a second, I got the crossbow ready and started aiming, and then I dropped the crossbow. He looked right at us and somehow ignored it. So then I aimed again and shot him. We waited about about 15 minutes, and since we saw a lot of blood shoot out from the good shot and using the 2 Blade Rage Broadhead. We knew he didn’t go far, so then went and found where he was hit and saw lots of blood, and then followed some more blood. Then we saw him in the creek dead with his head held up on a branch.

The buck was approx 6 years old.. 144 inches.

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