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Kansas Rut Report

My 11/11 wonder!


April 21st, 2017

I’ve often wondered about the significance if any about how many times at just the exact moment 11:11 happened to appear on my phone or clock or dashboard throughout the past couple of months throughout the year and thought to myself what is up with that? Possibly a presage of something good to come perhaps or just the right timing and or coincidence for that matter. Yet on November, 11, 2016, around 11:11 a.m., after enjoying a morning of much activity with the rut, loving the splendor and magic in the woods with an early morning sunrise, I had the privilege and blessing to harvest this beauty with my Strothers Hope Bow. Using G5 Striker 100gr. broad-heads w/Easton excel arrows and a Tru-fire release, he came crashing in after spooking up a young doe who I marveled at most of the morning as she laid out in front of me 50 yards near a brush pile, showing signs of being newly pushed off from her momma and alone at such a busy time in the woods for so many others. I took the shot at 21 yards & it passed through this stud like butter. I almost thought I undershot him because I heard the leaves rustle beneath and beyond where he stood. He whirled, trotted 30 yards back the way he came, as I got ready to grab another arrow thinking how could I have missed him, he turned back and looked over his left shoulder like what just happened, took one more step and he dropped. I’ve never been more pleased and elated with the trophy I’d been given. I’m definitely addicted to archery hunting as it’s not just a seasonal countdown for me, it’s truly a passion of pursuit, preparation, persistence and patience. Enjoying the great outdoors is something my hubby and I partake in every chance we get. It just feels like home away from home.

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