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Special buck


September 27th, 2017

Hey guys, seen you guys are getting a lot of stories of some Ohio giants and I figured I’d throw mine in here. Here is my buck from 2012, on November 28th the first day of gun season in Ohio my dad had taken me out. It was a rainy morning and we didn’t think we would see much. We sat by a creek near a wooded hillside where we have seen some bedded. It was still kind of dark when the buck came across the creek with some does but we couldn’t quite tell how big he was, we thought he was a big 12 we had seen before but we were wrong. I shot him and dropped him in his tracks and about 15 minutes later we walked up and noticed just how big this buck was. We counted 21 scoreable points and super thick mass without. What makes this buck so special is that I got to spend it with my dad, since then I’m down in Oklahoma stationed in ft sill in he U.S army where I’m trying to get another nice buck down. Kind of a long story but thanks for reading!

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