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Austin Musselman Buck: 267-Inch Kentucky Star

by Austin Musselman 0

Big bucks can show up almost anywhere. But when you look closely at the areas that regularly produce them, common… more »

bob schoenfish buck

Bob Schoenfish Buck: 245-Inch South Dakota Legend

by Spencer Neuharth 0

In small towns, gaining fame is as simple as killing a big buck. Around these rural areas, where deer outnumber… more »


Tim Jurchak Buck: 150-Inch Pennsylvania Titan

by Tim Jurchak 0

I was starting to get excited about this season’s rut. It was supposed to be intense, and somewhat early. None… more »


Ryan Nikkel Buck: 190-Inch Kansas Perfection

by Spencer Neuharth 0

In 2012, Ryan Nikkel started getting pictures of a giant typical 10 with a bent G2. Naturally, the name “Lightning”… more »


Matt Taylor Bucks: 327-Inch Kansas Kill

by David Hart 0

Matt Taylor knew he was looking at a buck, but what he saw just didn’t make sense. A life-long deer… more »


Charlie Miller Buck: 173-Inch Minnesota Monster

by David Hart 0

No one forgets their first buck. Take one look at Charlie Miller’s first buck and you won’t forget his, either…. more »

heath buchanan-buck-pic

Heath Buchanan Buck: Unscorable Kentucky Freak

by Dale Weddle 0

Whitetail bucks often are judged solely by a number in a record book. Right or wrong, that’s been the norm… more »


Tyler Florczak Buck: 180-Inch Wisconsin Beaut

by Tyler Florczak 0

I had actually seen this buck, which I named Breath Taker, last year once while driving to work. He was… more »


Clayton Brummer Buck: 230-Inch Kansas King

by Spencer Neuharth 0

“It all just kind of runs in the family,” Clayton Brummer told The Wichita Eagle, referring to his passion for… more »


Krysten McDaniel Buck: 193-Inch Kansas Breathtaker

by Krysten McDaniel 0

After having experienced one of our toughest deer seasons ever in Indiana, my husband, Josh, and I were ready to… more »

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