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Andy Bledsoe’s 177-Inch Tennessee State-Record

by Brenda Potts 0

If success is a product of hard work meeting opportunity, the story of Tennessee’s new No. 1 archery typical is… more »


Stuart Everett’s 240-Inch “Cactus” Buck

by Haynes Shelton 0

Way back in 2012, Stuart Everett was relaxing in his pickup truck under an old cedar on his family’s third-generation… more »


Jim Thome’s 193-Inch ‘Major League’ Buck

by Ron Willmore 0

Jim Thome had a Hall of Fame-worthy career playing Major League Baseball, thanks in large part to an unrelenting work… more »


Zach Singler’s 203-Inch ‘Out of Nowhere’ Buck

by Zach Singler 0

The unlikely events that led me to a 200-inch Ohio whitetail in 2014 actually began back in 2012, with another… more »


Matt Portscheller Buck: 186-Inch Illinois Tank

by Ron Willmore 0

Any serious deer hunter knows timing and location are everything. However, putting the two together is far easier said than… more »


James Edwards Buck: 211-Inch Ohio Reward

by James Edwards 0

Everyone’s heard the advice, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” In general I’m sure that’s good advice,… more »


Jordan DuHammell Buck: 223-Inch Maryland Monster

by Craig Holt 0

Serious deer hunters know Maryland has the soil nutrients and herd genetics to produce magnum whitetails. Most of these giants… more »


Jenna Gregg Buck: 212-Inch Indiana Non-Typical

by Dean Weimer 0

Although Jenna Gregg grew up around hunting with her family and friends near Williamsport, Indiana, it wasn’t until she was… more »


Missouri Maiden: 189-Inch Antlered Doe

by Ron Willmore 0

Nearly 20 years ago, Doug Laird lost his right arm in a conveyor accident. However, that hasn’t stopped him from… more »


Adam Crumrin Buck: 213-Inch Illinois “Elvis”

by Ron Willmore 0

When you’re hunting a free-ranging mature buck, it’s extremely unusual to have a solid timeline that extends over several years…. more »

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