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Joe Franz Buck: 230-Inch Non-Typical Iowa Monster

by Joe Franz 0

Going into the 2014 deer season I’d been hunting more than 40 years, for much of that span dreaming of… more »


Ryan Sullivan Buck: 212-Inch Arkansas Bruiser

by Clay Newcomb 0

Ryan Sullivan was only 19 when, during the 2013 season, he arrowed an Arkansas buck of gigantic proportions. Like many… more »


Brent Bracken Buck: 244-Inch Kansas Giant

by Bernie Barringer 0

Some deer-hunting stories feature drama leading up to the kill. Some are interesting due to the size of the buck…. more »


Gary Stevens Buck: 185-Inch Ohio Brute

by Tom Cross 0

With temperatures hovering below 0 F. and two inches of snow on the ground, the ride up the mountain to… more »


Mark Lee Buck: Texas’ New No. 3 Non-Typical

by Matt Williams 0

For decades, the Brush Country of South Texas has been recognized as the state’s premier region for big whitetails. And… more »


Deer of the Day: Andy Hall’s 173-Inch Oklahoma Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

Hunter: Andy Hall Location: Garfield County, Oklahoma Method: Bow Score: 173 7/8 (net) For three years Andy Hall watched this… more »


Teddy’s Buck: 215-Inch Iowa Blackpowder Bruiser

by Gabe Adair 0

Last winter, a deer-management program that had begun five years earlier paid off in a huge way. My friend Mark… more »


Deer of the Day: Garry Neal’s 192-Inch Kentucky Brute

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

Hunter: Garry Neal Location: Wayne County, Kentucky Method: .30-06 Score: 192 3/8 Green Despite rumors of this buck’s demise before… more »


Jared Thiede Buck: 184-Inch Wisconsin Monster

by Randy Templeton 0

When Jared Thiede got his first glimpse of a big buck running across a field back in 2011, he had… more »


Bill Robinson Buck: 193-Inch Kansas Beast

by Mike Charowhas 0

Waking up and checking my text messages last November, I realized that in only a short time I’d received a… more »

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