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Chad Scyphers: 188-Inch West Virginia Record

by Anthony Scyphers 0

On Nov. 18, 2014, Chad Scyphers rewrote West Virginia history when he harvested the state’s new No. 1 archery typical,… more »


Kreidermacher Buck: 248-Inch Minnesota Monarch

by Bernie Barringer 0

Sometimes giant bucks can bring out the worst in people. Friendships have surely been lost over big bucks, and in… more »


Bo Dylak Buck: 172-Inch Illinois Surprise

by Byron Willmore 0

Imagine starting off your outdoor year by shooting your first perfect “50” on the trap range. Then, a few months… more »


Kyle Falck Buck: 232-Inch Iowa Boss

by Kyle Falck 0

My 2014 Iowa deer season got off to a later start than normal. In fact, the first week in November… more »


Mark Hammer Buck: 254-Inch Ohio Brute

by Randy Hynes 0

It was finally time. After four days of bowhunting southern Ohio’s Wayne National Forest without success, it was time to… more »


Erica Keen Buck: 225-Inch Sooner Shocker

by George Moore 0

Rare is the hunter who’s taken two Boone & Crockett animals before the age of 25. Even less common is… more »


Dan Coffman Buck: 288-Inch Ohio Giant

by Spencer Neuharth 0

My two-year quest for this monster buck finally came to fruition during the 2015 Ohio bow season. In the end,… more »


Kaden Schlipf Buck: 165-Inch Illinois Dream

by Steve Flores 0

You’ve probably heard the story of a young kid sets out on his first bowhunt and shoots the buck of… more »


Austin Musselman Buck: 267-Inch Kentucky Star

by Austin Musselman 0

Big bucks can show up almost anywhere. But when you look closely at the areas that regularly produce them, common… more »

bob schoenfish buck

Bob Schoenfish Buck: 245-Inch South Dakota Legend

by Spencer Neuharth 0

In small towns, gaining fame is as simple as killing a big buck. Around these rural areas, where deer outnumber… more »

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