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Aaron Milliken: Early Kansas Muzzleloader Giant

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  September 25th, 2012 2

Hunter: Aaron Milliken
State/County: Kansas, Lyon County
Score: 194 gross
Gear Used: Thompson Center Encore with Brunton Eterna scope, Reconyx trail camera, BB2 nutritional deer supplement and attractant

Sound management, knowing how the local deer move, and being in the right place all contributed to Aaron Milliken taking this great buck. Milliken admits he knew this big boy and another giant buck were living on one of his leases in Lyon County, Kansas, but also knew the deer were mainly moving at night. After hearing from his hunting partner that there was a confirmed daylight sighting of the Kansas giant, Milliken got in prime position the next day.

What makes this buck even more special is that it actually ran past the Reconyx trail cam after the fatal shot. Milliken’s hunting partner Heath passed on this same buck in 2011, when he was then just a 160 class four-year-old.

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