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Deer of the Day South Dakota

Besting Her Husband, Abby Breyfogle

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  March 16th, 2012 1

My wife Abby and I decided to go out on her first deer hunting adventure in Sully County, South Dakota the morning of December 3rd.

We spotted a few does after cresting our first hill standing about 600 yards away. As they slowly fed to the next draw, we noticed three more deer, including a buck that was worth stalking.

We back tracked and cut across a draw, using the wind to our advantage, to sneak over to a ridge behind the buck, who was now only 100 yards away with his four does.

Using a backpack as a rest, Abby waited for the buck to turn broadside and pulled the trigger on her .250, dropping him on the spot. Not bad for her first hunt ever!

The 10-point buck scored 150 inches, which is bigger than anything her husband has harvested in his 12 years of hunting.

Aaron Breyfogle


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