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Bo Cocannouer: 194-Inch First Bow Kill

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  October 17th, 2012 1

Hunter: Bo Cocannouer
State/County: Oklahoma/Grady County
Score: 194 Gross Non-Typical
Gear Used: Maitland Halo 31 bow, Vap arrows, Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge broadheads, Mossy Oak Camouflage, Nikon Binoculars, Dead Down Wind Scent Control, Biologic food plot.

Two years ago Bo Cocannouer fell from a treestand fracturing his back. Most hunters aren’t lucky enough to walk away from a twenty-foot fall, and the ones that do don’t normally get to hunt from one ever again. Bo Cocannouer isn’t your average hunter, and it seems he has more luck than most hunters. That luck played out when he arrowed this buck from the same stand he fell from just two years ago. To make the hunt even more amazing, this is also Bo’s first bow kill ever.

Oklahoma, like much of the Midwest, suffered a drought this year, but fortunately for Bo his Biologic food plot from last year came back on its own. Bo knew there were some good bucks hitting his plot, and has a trail camera picture of his buck from earlier in the season. Luckily, the bucks were still on their summer feeding pattern and still in a bachelor group, two factors that would be the downfall of his Oklahoma buck.

After waiting nine days for the just the right wind to hunt the stand that had almost taken his life just two years ago, Bo got what he wanted. Around 7 pm on the night of his kill this monster with his bachelor group of bucks fed into the food plot Bo was watching. Finally this Midwest giant gave Bo the shot he needed and he took it. Unfortunately, he hit the dreaded “no mans land” on the buck.  Twenty minutes after running out of the field, the buck came back in front of Bo’s stand to rejoin his bachelor group. Bo wasted no time and sent another broadhead into the buck, this time into the vitals.  Bo finally had his first bow kill.

Bo’s hunting tip: stay persistent but hunt smart and play the wind at all times.

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