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Carter Rice: Missouri Youth Season Bruiser

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 7th, 2012 1

Hunter:  Carter Rice
State/County: Missouri/Pettis County
Gear Used: .223 single-shot rifle

There’s not a much better way to start out your whitetail hunting career than how Carter Rice did this year—with an impressive buck killed during the Missouri youth season. Most impressive about his first hunt? The six-year-old Carter handled the pressure like a champ, his dad Rusty said.

“I was completely amazed at how calmly and safely he handled the first shot he has ever taken at a deer. He put the deer in his scope and followed him,” Rusty said. “When the Buck stopped I asked him if he could see the buck in his scope and he replied, “Dad, I have the crosshairs right where I am supposed to shoot,” so I told him to shoot and he calmly squeezed the trigger and placed the shot right in the kill zone.”

The deer made it about 50 yards before piling over near a fence line, Rusty said. It was then that he realized the weight of the moment.

“I had more fun watching the excitement of my children enjoying hunting than any hunt that I could go on for myself,” he said.

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