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Danny Thompson Buck: 170-Inch Minnesota Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  October 14th, 2014 0

danny_thompson_buck_fHunter: Danny Thompson
Location: Southeast Minnesota
Score: 170 B&C Gross

Turns out there is some merit to the old saying, “it pays to be patient.”

As an avid bowhunter of 16 years, Danny Thompson’s only bow-killed buck prior to this season was a small basket rack. However, since moving to southeast Minnesota—considered by some as the state’s Mecca for monster whitetails—Thompson has passed on many quality bucks in hopes of tagging his dream buck. After four years of waiting he was finally rewarded just an hour and a half into this season.

Dubbed “The Wide Buck” because of its wide frame, Thompson hoped to take the buck last season but was unable to connect in the woods despite having daily trail camera photos. After last season and through the harsh winter Thompson continued to receive photos of the buck, but it wasn’t until mid-August that he was able to see what the buck had turned into.

The first photo of the year was a pleasant surprise as Wide Buck had grown into a mainframe 10-pointer with a split brow tine and added a tremendous amount of mass. Photos continued to roll in all the way up until the start of the season, but being the father of two daughters left Thompson with little free time to hang a stand near the buck’s feeding spot or run his scent blocking routine before the first hunt.

However, he did have a can of Nose Jammer and there was an old man-made stand nearby. After spraying his boots and tree, Thompson settled in for his first hunt of the season.

Just over an hour into the hunt a young eight-pointer walked to within 20 yards of the stand to browse. Fifteen minutes later, Wide Buck appeared roughly 25 yards away from the stand, looking in Thompson’s direction. After what seemed like forever, the buck moved behind some brush, which gave Thompson the opportunity to stand up, grab his bow and prep for the 25-yard shot. But opportunity lasts only a fleeting moment, and Thompson nearly lost his arrow as it fell off the nock.

Luckily, the broadhead caught his hand allowing him to re-nock the arrow without losing the opportunity. By this time the buck had moved to a new spot that offered Thompson a hard quartering shot. He hit the buck and the arrow went through the opposite shoulder.

Thompson waited until the following morning before picking up the trail and found the buck a mere 40 yards away. All of Thompson’s years of patience and hard work paid off in a big way when he was finally able to tag his 170-inch buck of a lifetime.

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