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Deer of the Day Kansas

Deer of the Day – Double-Drop Tines in Kansas, Phil Ryan

by Phil Ryan   |  November 21st, 2011 7

On the morning of November 6, 2011, I was in my treestand before daylight. At 8:30 a.m. the deer I was hunting, a huge 10 pointer, walked in from the north, but he stayed on the outside trail about 40 yards away, and I couldn’t get a clear shot.

I’d found his shed from last year that would easily score 180 plus. After teasing me for about 15 minutes, he walked away to the east. I had all day to wait, so I just hoped he would come back later in the day and offer me a shot opportunity. At 9:15 a.m., I heard another deer coming from the northwest.

He was following the creek bottom rather than a trail, and I didn’t get a glimpse of him until he was about 30 yards away. I wasn’t sure he was a shooter at that point, because of the number of trees along the creek. At 20 yards he walked between two trees and I saw the right side drop tine and the heavy mass.

As he walked behind the second tree I drew my Mathews Drenalin, and when he stepped into the clear I shot him at 15 yards. My Vapor carbon arrow and Rage 2 blade broadhead struck home, piercing both lungs and the heart.

He jumped up form the creek bed, and ran just 25 yards before collapsing.

This 5 1/2 year old beauty dressed out at well over 200 pounds, has double drop tines, 20 scoreable points, and unofficially scored at 188 2/8.

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  • deerslayer1957

    188+. good looking buck fella. congrats from all in the show me state.

  • Cynthia

    Way to go, little brother…we are all so proud of you. Buck of the day…pretty impressive!

  • buck slayer

    That is a realy big buck.Nice going man

  • Audrey Jo

    Congrats again Uncle Phil!!! :D

  • Alaina Ryan

    The deer is nice, but that guy is HOT!

  • Missy Leavitt

    Lots of LOVE from the LEAVITT'S!! Proud to say we get to call this man FAMILY…

  • Nick Nystate

    nice job on the buitiful deer i wish i could hgave the chance to get a deer like that but sadly i cant bc i dont have the money to renew my lisence so until i get the cash im just stuck here looking at ur deer

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