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Deer of the Day – The “Plan B” Buck, Dylan Belliveau

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  September 8th, 2011 1

When it comes to deer hunting, hunters often have to adjust to ever changing conditions on the fly and make the best of whatever is thrown their way while afield.

Dylan Belliveau knew that he was going to have switch things up while hunting in the Cold Lake, Alberta area in Wildlife Management Unit 501 the first week in November. A shift in the wind made the stand he was hunting in the absolute last place he needed be so he decided to do what many hunter’s do…go to plan B and see if he could get lucky.

With only an hour of light left, the Nova Scotia native left his stand and decided to walk along a small path that overlooked a river bank and see if something would jump out.

While taking a small break, Dylan spotted a big-bodied deer down the hill 300 yards to his left that was moving along an old ATV trail with his head down (not allowing Dylan to gauge the size of the buck) and he was coming fast.

“I gave two quick grunts out of my MAD buck growl, than two quick sprays of Buck Bomb. He came to the clearing at the bottom of the hill about 125 yards in front of me. I than realized how big he actually was. I put the crosshairs of my remington 30-06 on his front shoulder and squeezed a Remington CorLokt 180-grain off. The rest is history,” shared Dylan.

The buck featured 11 scorable points, scored 158 inches and weighed 242 pounds dressed on the scale.

A true Canadian big boy! Nice work Dylan!

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