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Dorothy Shaffer: 196-inch Non-Typical Iowa Giant

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 8th, 2012 0

Hunter: Dorothy Shaffer
State/County: Iowa/Des Moines County
Score: Unofficial score 196 inches, non-typical
Gear Used: BowTech Miranda, Carbon Express arrows, VPA Terminator broadheads

After slowly getting into deer hunting twelve years ago when she met her husband, Dorothy Shaffer finally killed the trophy of a lifetime last week—a 196-inch Iowa giant and just her second buck ever.

Having scouted a section of private land with her husband, Chris, on October 31, Dorothy said they found a trail and what appeared to be a good staging area with good number of scrapes and rubs. With her stand setup in that location, her husband hung his stand about 100 yards away.

“After seeing a lot of does at that site, my husband told me, ‘There’s gonna be a big one coming through here.’ At about 5:30 p.m. [on November 1], I heard something hitting trees and breaking branches, and he walked right out, ten yards away,” Dorothy said.

Dorothy's husband, Chris, poses with two of his trophy bucks.

Dorothy said the shot went straight through the lungs, after which the buck ran for about 100 yards, piling up in front of her husband’s stand. She said her husband was ecstatic when he saw the giant buck. She had the deer scored unofficially at 196 inches but plans on taking it to the Iowa Deer Classic where it will be officially scored after the required drying period.

Apparently whitetail hunting runs in the marriage, as Chris has also killed quite a few trophy bucks. And as a nurse who doesn’t always find the time to make it into the treestand as much as her husband, Dorothy said she was more than happy to have a trophy buck on the wall for herself.

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