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Dylan Beach-Bittner: Minnesota Kid Kills Massive 27-Point Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 12th, 2012 8

Hunter: Dylan Beach-Bittner, age 12
State: Minnesota
241 green score
Gear Used:
.270 rifle

Kill one of the biggest bucks ever in Minnesota and you’re pretty much the honorary Lil Wayne of the state, just a couple steps away from an entourage, a few bottles of Cristal and your own rap song. Well, almost.

Just ask Dylan Beach-Bittner, a now somewhat famous 12-year-old from Northern Minnesota who shot a 27-point buck on November 3 and has found his way into headlines and even a video featuring the redneck rap “Da Turdy Point Buck.”

The buck—which weighed in at 229 pounds and scored 241 inches—was well known in the area and was killed on Dylan’s aunt’s property near Sebeka, Minn. Dylan’s stepfather, Wilbur Verbeck, said they had no idea how big the deer was when it first entered the field, but only realized their rare fortune when they walked up to it.

“I was stunned. It was just absolutely amazing,” Verbeck said. With a green score of 241—which would have been even bigger if one of the points had not been broken off—Verbeck said it puts Dylan number eight overall in Minnesota and about 130th worldwide.

“Yeah, he called his brother after he shot it, and he couldn’t even talk on the phone, he was just so excited,” Verbeck said. “I’ve never seen a deer like that before. It’s just incredible.”

Dylan’s mom, Jeannie Beach, said as soon as she told her family about the deer they knew exactly which one it was.

“I was half asleep when I called my sister and when I told her it was a 27-point buck she knew which deer it was,” Beach told the Brainerd Dispatch. “‘He got the monster! He got the monster!’ she said.”

Dylan, who has hunted the last four years with his stepfather, said the giant buck came into sight about 100 yards away and then made its way toward their stand. Shaking from nerves, Dylan prepared for the shot and waited for the “OK” from Verbeck.

At 50 yards, the buck turned broadside, which is when Dylan made his kill shot with a .270. The deer made it a few yards before falling, but it wasn’t until Dylan and Verbeck got to the deer that they realized just how epically massive the trophy was. Celebrating and sharing a few high fives, Dylan said it’s a success he doesn’t expect to repeat in his lifetime.

Verbeck said they plan on mounting the deer and taking it to a few shows around Minnesota. As for Dylan, he’s got bragging rights among friends and family for a long, long time.

  • Bill from PA.

    Congratulations to Dylan…and a huge pat on the back to Mr. Verbeck for spending time with Dylan and taking the boy afield…paying it forward.

    Both are very blessed. :-)

  • Tom Capato

    Congrat's from PA, outstanding deer!

  • TN Hunter

    Congrats from TN! You've made the whitetail hunting world proud!

  • newt

    awesome deer , congrats from upstate N.Y

  • Kraig & Kevin S.

    From the Cheese-head State & the guys that hunt around Winter, Wisconsin – AWESOME !!!

  • Pat

    Dylan, great job, what an incredible buck. congratulations from Florida. Mr.Verbeck, Thank you for taking a young man out into the wood and keeping our great hunting tradtion going.

  • Dwayne Fenton

    Awesome buck/trophy for the youngster!

  • Todd

    GREAT BUCK!!!! It is really a good thing to take a youth hunting to pass on the tradition. Congrats Dylan from Western Maryland

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