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Hoyt President Randy Walk: 225-Inch Kansas Giant

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 13th, 2012 3

Hunter: Randy Walk, president of Hoyt Archery
State: Kansas
Score: 225 inches

With 37 years of bowhunting experience under his belt, Randy Walk has probably seen it all. What he hadn’t seen until now was the trophy whitetail of his lifetime.

That all changed on November 6 when Walk was hunting in Kansas with his friend Jay Verzuh. From about 300 yards away he saw what was obviously a monster buck walking a treeline, working does and chasing another buck. In a moment he’ll not soon forget, the giant buck started walking toward Walk’s stand. He made a five-yard shot to seal the deal.

“He is a giant buck. Eighteen points total with nine on each side. He has been green scored at 225 inches and some change and is clearly the largest whitetail deer I have ever seen on the hoof or on the ground for that matter,” Walk said in a statement issued on Facebook.

Walk, who grew up in Utah in a bowhunting family, said this was by far the most amazing hunting experience of his life.

  • david

    Photo Shopped!!!

  • Randy Dowdy

    Most of these monsters are pen raised, high fence deer. Not all, but most of them.

  • derek

    I didn't think there were big bucks around us either, but this year a buck was found in our county dead from EHD, he scored over 300". Those big deer are smart and getting smarter, most will never be seen by anyone in their lives. With so many bucks being found dead this year it has proven that there are a lot of huge bucks roaming free, just gotta be lucky enough to be in the stand when one walks by.

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