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Jeff Danker: 183-Inch Massive Kansas Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  October 15th, 2012 8

Hunter: Jeff Danker
State/County: Kansas/Rice County
Score: 183 5/8 Typical
Gear Used: Bear Motive 7 bow, Axis arrows, Tru Fire release, Switchblade broadhead, Realtree camouflage , Summit Hawk lok on, Code Blue EliminX spray, Evolved Habitat food plot.

Jeff Danker of Major League Bowhunter is no stranger to trophy bucks, and he knows that in order to get the big boys you need to pass up the smaller ones. For the past two years Danker has been leasing land in Kansas near the Arkansas River and his management plan is already paying off. In early July he started running his Moultrie game cameras, and one of the first deer he captured was a buck named Huckleberry.

Danker knew he wanted to focus on Huckleberry, and focus he did. He hunted for 17 days straight on his lease before his date with destiny. During those 17 days he passed up multiple 160- and 150-class deer.

That all ended on the night of October 3, when Huckleberry came into range and Jeff let his Bear Motive 7 send that fateful arrow on its way. Jeff feels this buck is even more special because he hunted hard, hunted smart and, most of all, trusted his instincts to get the job done.

Jeff’s hunting tip: Always play the wind. Take care of the details and remember, bad wind equals bad hunt.

  • goat

    Wish I could afford one like that…

  • chad

    yah everyone is passing 160s in september cmon man

  • guest

    Great buck and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Don't hate someone else because they do things different than you just be proud to do your own thing. Not everyone is a trophy hunter and that's fine, you get enjoyment out of just hunting then just hunt, there's nothing wrong with either one._

  • Plumber

    Great deer. Congrats. Most people dont have what it takes to hunt 17the days in a row. It amazes me how pissy people get when someone kills a good deer. They play the woe is me card. No money no ground no time. We all put ourselves in the places were are in. Look i get the mirror. Everything you have or dont have in life relies on two things. You and God.

  • Vic

    Nice buck I'm trying to get to this level but life always ends up keeping me from it.
    Maybe someday I can be hated for the deer I take lol. Congrats to you friend hey now that you got your buck can I come out I live on west side of wichita. Lol never hurts to ask.

  • Bow Critic

    If you hunt smart and play the wind you will be more successful. All the scent blocker and scent spray in the world will not save you. I have been watching Major League Bowhunter and like the show. Jeff hunts hard and deserves the success

  • Dennis A. McDade

    Great buck Jeff,I just got the Sportsmans channel.I enjoy your TV show with Chipper.Keep up the hard work,I hope it will pay off for you again.

  • Faceplant73

    Congrats Jeff! The harder you work the luckier you get- LOL! Oh yea- The wind- I agree!

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