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Jordan Dressler: Double Wide Iowa 10-Pointer

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  October 23rd, 2012 3

Hunter:  Jordan Dressler
State/County: Iowa/Allamakee County
Score: 175 Green Score
Gear Used: 20 Gauge Thompson/Center shotgun, Hornady slugs

Jordan Dressler may have taken the buck of her lifetime on her very first hunt. On the second weekend of the Iowa Youth season, Jordan and her Uncle Joe headed to new stand they dubbed “the power line stand” but had yet to hunt from it. Deer quickly surrounded the two hunters, and to their surprise a special visitor was about to make its appearance. The buck, which Joe and his family had gotten photos of on their property earlier this spring but had yet to see during the fall, was quickly coming in.

The buck then put on quite a show for the young hunter, whose uncle captured the hunt on video. After coming within twenty-five yards of their stand and offering no shot, the monster buck simply walked off into a cornfield. Jordan—unlike her uncle—remained calm, and moments later watched the buck walk back into a shooting window. Jordan quickly received the “OK” from her uncle to shoot.

Jordan’s buck will be immortalized on the wall of uncle Joe Krantz’s family business to remind them of the importance of land management and the value of youth hunts.

Uncle Joe’s hunting tip: Take time to mentor someone and share with them what you’ve learned hunting.

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