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Michael Morgan: Kansas Double Drop-Tine Trophy

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  December 3rd, 2012 1

Hunter: Michael Morgan
State: Kansas
Score: 178 6/8
Gear: Hoyt bow

Sometimes life is about second chances.

Just ask Michael Morgan, who watched the buck of his dreams walk just out of shooting range at least three times in 2011. With leased property in Kansas, Morgan returned in 2012 hoping to improve his luck and found a sweet slice of redemption.

After checking trail cameras before the 2012 season, Morgan said he didn’t see the drop-tine deer in any pictures. He assumed the monster had been killed or had vacated the area.

Then on November 6 his second chance came, out of the dark morning sky. At first light, a stud buck stepped into an opening and Morgan perked up.

“I saw the drop tine and I about had a heart attack,” Morgan said. “Luckily it happened fast. I didn’t have enough time to get nervous. Two steps into the field and he hit an opening. I set the pin and squeezed the trigger on my release.”

Morgan said the deer ran for 100 yards and then collapsed. When it did, he spotted a second drop-tine and almost fell out of his treestand.

“That moment was with out a doubt the absolute most gratifying, fulfilling moment I have ever experienced in the woods,” he said.

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    Nice buck!!!!!

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