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Stanley Suda: 235-inch Southern Ohio Monster Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  October 23rd, 2012 54

Hunter: Stanley Suda
State: Southern Ohio
Score: Estimated between 235 and 240 after 60-day drying period

With a cold front moving in the evening of October 5, Stanley Suda came across the deer of a lifetime.

Setup in a stand overlooking a food plot, Suda watched as the Ohio monster chased an older doe he suspects was starting her estrous cycle. The buck pushed the doe into the field in front of Suda’s stand, at which point he didn’t have a good angle on the shot. After stopping directly under his stand and sniffing the steps, the giant buck re-entered the field, which is when Suda made his 15-yard shot.

“Anxiously, I waited for the monster to take a few more steps and give me the shot that I’ve been waiting for my entire life,” Suda said. “At full draw, I steadied my pin and released an arrow that would change everything for me as a hunter. The shot was perfect and I watched my dream buck run across the field and pile-up about 20 yards inside the wood line. This was definitely my finest moment in the treestand.”

One shot changed everything for Suda, making 2012 a season he’ll never forget.

For more photos and the exclusive, inside story on Stanley Suda’s Southern Ohio giant, check out the December/January issue of North American Whitetail.

  • Rick Justice

    So many questions about this buck, who actually shot it, when it was shot, why were there a green tag used when in Ohio its a blue tag this year. Date it was shot was not sunny, was shot in several different counties according to some people. Lots of questions still remain on if this is truly a "wild" Ohio buck

    • lee

      well rick sad to say fifteen years hasent taught you nothing obviously your a hater ive seen bucks follow deer throught the year and you need glasses thats vegetation stuck to his antler nice deer stan

  • Guest

    Anybody else ever hear of or seen a buck trailing a doe that early in the season? The earliest I've ever seen has been around Oct 20th and that is from a bow hunter of 15 years experience.

    • Guest

      Ive seen bucks trail and follow does all year long… It's a natural attraction they just don't sexually attract during the rut only!!! If your a hunter of 15 yrs your definitely not whitetail hunter?

      • Guest

        Also the rut will fall earlier this year than last according to extensive research on the first full moon after the autumn equinox( the rutting moon) bucks pre rut differently from one to the next. Do some research before you post or dog a guy for shooting a deer of a lifetime… Jealousy is a powerful thing…

  • Chris Bosch

    In the statistics at the beginning of the article, under STATE its listed as Southern Ohio, never heard of that state

    • Hunter

      The state is Ohio buddy the southern part, Here's your sign!

  • Tim may

    Why do guys come out of the wood work to put fellow hunters down. This guy was in the right place with no pressure on this buck, because if he did we all know he would be nocturnal. I always look for older does early in the season, because I've always seen old bucks following them. Even in open fields at 545 pm. Let the man enjoy what we all want!!!!!

  • Jim Born, Erie, PA

    "Rain and/or melted snow reported throughout the day." That quote is taken directly from the Athens County, Ohio weather history website. This smells awefully fishy from that food plot!!!

    • Tim may

      I looked up the weather on the weather channel for oct5, 12. The high was 75 low 56 and partly cloudy. What the hell are u looking at? Snow?? The day before was in the 70's and the day after. U guys think North American whitetail would publish a story of lies? I know they check out the story b4 they print. They would be liable for fraud!!!!!!

  • mac

    YEA I live in Ohio we have def not had any chances of snow to date ….posted on 10/24/12 and it has been abnormaly nice out and in the 70s …

  • Guest from Ohio

    Food plot looks like whitetail institutes wintergreens . Which will stay green far into the coldest months of the year. Still green after inches of snow and weeks of temperatures in teens! We use them on our farm and the wintergreens rock! Let the guy enjoy. The green tag is a question was it shot 2011-2012 season ? Bc right about this year being light blue tags? Who knows its a brute though! !! Congrats !!

  • Buffalo

    With all the questions the state should do alot of questioning themselves. Location, weather, #1 the tag color esp since it was A BRIGHT DAY and all other colors were true, green isn't light blue. If there are questions NAW shouldn't even show the pics until they get the game off. checking the complete story out, I repeat the complete story. If alls ok great deer, congrats.

  • rivervalley

    hello good people
    tags can be any color in the state of ohio mine are hunter orange. why you ask? i printed mine on orange paper because i printed mine at the house…. yeah thats right i got mine online.
    in stans case he got his at kmart in the big city…. yep you guessed it they dont sell many tags there in the big city, so they had plenty of paper left over from last year. so when the good people from odnr stopped by they said" hey guys no need to put more paper in the printer you got plenty left over. so bottom line is color means nothing on the tags.
    as far as weather goes we took the pics the next day …. why you ask? it just makes for better pics. sure there were some taken that evening but the really good ones are taken during the day not in low light. i dont think those pics taken late in the day, bloody, hanging out the back of the truck would look to good in NAW !!

    one last thing this buck is 100% wild and 100% legit. odnr has already seen the deer,the tag, and video footage of the hunt….yeah thats right all on video baby!!
    so let the man enjoy this and quit coming up with all these conspiracy theories.

    one last thing for all the non believers. in these times we live in we all need to stick together as hunters and quit spreading rumors. get your heads out of the computer and smart phones and spend more time in the woods and you to might see or be lucky enough to harvest a buck of a lifetime!

    • Edson Waite

      Since you know Mr. Suda, would you have him contact me about scoring his deer for Buckmasters Trophy Records. I would also be interested in writing his story for Buckmasters RACK Magazine. I can be reached at 937-657-4219 or Thanks, Ed Waite

    • Guest

      The green tag was the first thing I noticed in the picture, aside from the awesome deer. Thanks for the explanation on the reason for the tag color–makes sense. In agreement to most other people, great deer and congrats Stan.

  • Kevin from Ohio

    I live in Southern Ohio and there has DEFINITELY been no chance of snow this year. As far as the color of the tag, you can purchase your tag online and print it on any color paper you might choose. Do a little research before you spout your BS. All you jealous, so called hunters, should give Mr. Suda the credit he deserves until there is evidence to the contrary. I do not know Mr. Suda, but I would like to say congratulations on a great Ohio buck!

  • Steve

    Tell it rivervalley, these guys are a hunters worst nightmare!!!! Jealously has reared it's ugly head!!! No need for anti- hunters with so called fellow hunters like the ones who trash every sucessful hunter!!!

    • Greg Williams

      These critics and their obvious jealousy is an absurd reminder of what is becoming way too evident withing the hunting world….we have completely lost our minds. Not everybody can or will ever see such a deer, but those of us who do should be given kudos for their accomplishment, not be scrutinized by immature fellow hunters ready to suspect foul play every time exceeds them in tagging a super buck. I hunt and live in an area where a 150 class buck is almost unheard of, but hat does no make me want to trash this man because he had the opportunity I may never see. When such a buck is taken, and the only response someone can come up with is based on their amateur detective 'investigation'…something is wrong with THEM! My Dad used to say, 'The bit dog hollers'….I think he had these childish and envious people in mind.

  • John ODonnell

    Hey all the BS aside: Nice Deer Stan…..Good Luck and hunt safe.

  • chad

    great deer stan dont listen to all this negative crap there all jealous thats it . i have shot 26 scorable whitetails and none are in the book because of this type of shit join together hunters and have fun lifes too short

  • john

    Congrats Stan, hope I see a Ohio Big Buck , and get a shot !!!

  • Stanley Suda

    This is Stanley Suda the one who shoot this once in 10 lifetime buck on October 5th. It is a dream come true. I've been hunting since I could walk and been bow hunting with compond bow since age 13. Killing lots of mature bucks along the way. Never imagineing I'd have the opportunity to hunt a whitetail like this. In the spring of 2012 some good friends and I got the opportunity to hunt a farm that has had no hunting pressure for avery long time and very little hunting pressure around it. We found this buck on trail cam within a week of being on farm, about 300 yrd. from his core area. We were getting the deer on camera just about every day, countless pictures and out of all of them maybe 10 pictures were at night.
    Thats because deer was not pressured. So I was the one lucky enough to hunt that stand October 5th with a front moving in bringing RAIN and colder temperatures. Deer was shoot roughly 6:40 in the evening trailing a doe. I don't believe doe was in esturust just believe he knew that doe and she would be first. Sorry to thouse of you that don't believe in dreams coming true. To everyone else good luck and God bless!

    • Keith Stewart

      Hey Stan. Stop by my cabin some time. This is Keith Stewart on Neville Penn. Way to go!!!! My wife and I saw your buck in the back of the truck at the Chilo Carryout the day you shot it. Don't pay any attention to the negative crap. You are an ethical hunter and deserve credit for your kill.


      that is a one in a life time buck ,i took a 16yr old boy bow hunting last year in adams county and he killed a 200"+buck with his bow, it was in north american whitetail sept. issue,and for the 1st few days we posted it on the forums everybody wanted to try and find all the bad stuff about it instead of the good .LIKE THEY SAY HATE THE GAME NOT THE PLAYER

    • Brandon clos

      Good job stanley great buck i heard about it from mike arnold at the boars head outside of eastfork u know where its at im sure i believe ur a mature responsble hunter wwho is catching a bunch of crap from people maybe i can get good one at eastfork this week it is that time i live in ky in bracken county my cousin and me are inventing a suite that we are trying to patent its awesome they just dont smell you i killed a 130 inch eight on sept 1 and my coudin killed 143 in ch 10 on the third great deer i admire that u got o n this site and told it how it was

    • Brandon Clos

      Hey stanley was u affected by tornado on march 2 if so hope everything going back together it just missed us by like five miles i thought tornado done swept all deer away from tornado sites

    • jason phillips

      Hey, stan I first wanna say congratulations on your massive deer. I don't know you, I know a few of your buddies, I just live seconds from ya. All I got to say is you done your homework and it has paided off very well I would like to take a loom at the deer sometime if possible. I actually hunt a farm across the road from the location where u killed yours. I can be reached at 513-828-8478. Once again congratulations on your harvest.

  • Stanley Suda

    Stanley Suda again, by the way i got it all on film!

  • Matt E.

    Hey Stanley don't pay them asshole haters any mind. I've heard the story from several of my good friends who hail from the Batavia area and they all said the same thing. This is as legit of a kill as any and that the ODNR has already given their seal of approval. Great deer, lifetime of memories, and hopefully he got that doe pregnant before you got him. Congratulations man. Matt from Akron

  • Marshall

    I know what you're going through Stanley. I shot a monster(for South Carolina) big buck, B&C score 162 5/8, and weighed close to 300. I shot it just before dark and couldn't find it the next day. I had to go out of town so my son looked for it two days later and found it.. I shot it with a 7mag but the bullet didn't pass through, leaving no blood trail. Anyway coyotes got hold of it and ripped it up to the point that the cape was useless.

    My son calls me and tells me he found the deer. Two hours later I get home and my yard looked like a parking lot. He made the mistake of sending a picture to a friend, who sent it to a friend, etc. I shot the deer on my land but you ought to hear all the talk of me shooting it at night, over bait, road kill, penned deer, etc. It doesn't bother me, envy is the highest form of flattery. Now I'm constantly having problems of people trespassing or hunting the borders of my land. It's eased off some due to several big bucks being killed a few miles away.

    Don't let them spoil it for you.

    • Rich

      As far as I'm concerned, using food plots and trail cameras take the wild out of whitetail deer hunting. This magnificent buck belongs to the proud hunter who made a great shot. Was it on fenced land ? Was it in a food plot ? Was the land open to other bowhunters ? Taking a huge buck on land opened to the public has to be the ultimate thing a bowhunter could ever do. Think back 30 years, when food plots were illegal, nobody had ever heard of trail cameras. Have we progressed or digressed ? You answer for yourselves.

      • Ohio

        Dude what century are you in ???? Technology has helped hunters get the edge, Do you still ride a horse because it was the first means of transportation? Or do you drive a nice car or truck? It's not cheating or changing hunting. They re tools to help you in pursuing the most elusive game animal "the whitetail buck"

        • matt m.

          i got a phone pict txt 2days ago of that deer and it said a new state record buck was killed in adams county by a guy named brad burkes LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHA!!! thats why you never know when it comes threw a txt until you see it for yourself

  • Swampfox

    Congrats Stan from White Bear Lake, MN on a truely awesome whitetail. Musta' been quite the rush to see that buck enter the field. I can only imagine how fast your ticker was poundin. Good for you brother!

  • Mike

    Yeah, I work with a guy that has been hunting that buck for two years. He had several opportunities to take this deer within twenty yards, but was waiting on a perfect shot. He wanted to be sure and make a kill shot and not just wound it, also he only uses a bow. Several different occassions he had him 60+ yards away in the wide open and couldnt get the buck to come closer. I would say "just take a gun with you, just in case lol", but he didnt…. He also has video of this deer eating in the spring and a million trail camera photos, if someone would be interested. Congrats to the fellow that shot this deer, but I am pretty sure no one would have been hunting that property unless they heard about this big deer previously, but I guess thats life.

    • GUEST


    • Ohio

      Had that deer at twenty yds and didn't shoot? C'mon dude your buddy's blowin smoke !! Nobody would let that deer pass at twenty! Even if you didn't have a shot you would create one

  • John had the chance to hunt large Ohio whitetails over my 36 yrs, starting at 16 yrs and have seen alot of 170's to 200 " deer all over the state only been lucky to miss every one with my bow and thats 10 deer so far buck fever is my down fall so to you Mr. Suda great buck and my you get another one some day . for me i keep on trying lol someday maybe I'll get that monster. a kind hunting fan

    • Guest

      Man, I want to hunt where you do John.

  • Dennis A. McDade

    Hey Stan,congrats on an Awesome Deer.When you said God Bless you said enough.The Good Lord placed that buck in your path that day and you did your part.As for you jealous so called experienced hunters,you ain't got a clue.You need to find something else to do.You are the kind of people that give Real hunters a bad name.By the way please don't come to Georgia huntin!!!

  • Myles

    Great buck Stan! Hope I get a buck like that someday. God Bless!

  • Brandon clos

    Stan its brandon from ky again i know about where u killed it i live just south of there across river we own couple hundred acres but never see deer like that here to much hunting pressure thats why i always kill good deer here then go to ohio to claim trophy but only been hunting ohio now for two years countin the present seen more trophy bucks in clermont co and brown than ever have any where else a fence mafe me eat my ohio tag ladt year on 150 inch 10 wish i could have that back at least u didnt have to live with that for a year for redemption

  • Guest

    This guy truely shot this buck one of my friends talked to him after shooting his massive 9 point thats how i found out about this buck

  • kevin

    Nice buck!

  • Don

    Stan, congrats on shooting a buck of a lifetime. I am not real happy with how you went about it. Reason being; You and your crooked eyed friend Josh heard about the deer that my friend and I were hunting. Then crooked eye Josh came out to the farm and took photos of the shed I found last year. After this you two went to the surrounding farms and offered up $4,000 for six months of hunting rights, and planted food plots 50 yds from my fence row, and thats not hunting – that is just wrong. I guess I shouldnt have told anyone about this deer I was hunting, shame on me, lesson learned. At least you "Stan" didnt come out to the farm and act like a friend, tell crooked eye he is not welcome back. I have video of this deer on the 18th of Sept. and a lot of pics, just didnt have time to hunt. Yes, I did have the this buck at 8yds last year facing me and I didnt take the shot, and again at 20yds in a thicket walking and raining like hell so I didnt take the shot, but if I would have knew the people that never allowed hunting would actually allow someone to, I would have taken the shot. No hard feelings Stan, and my bad for telling people about this deer.

    • guest

      Simply put winners take the shot and everyone else makes excuses. I understand your frustrated that someone else took the shot you couldnt….but you should have left it at congrats instead of trying to make it a Don pitty party..Stan shot a deer of a lifetime….. you had your chance and couldn't get the job done period…..he did nothing wrong and didn't break any laws. He set his stand on a hunting lease….give the credit were credit is do

      • Steve

        Congrats to Stan but I won't leave it at that. Yes Stan didn't break any laws that I no.. We live in a small town and word s spread pretty fast about this buck being video by don and another bow hunter that were hunting this buck for several years. Me as several other people new this buck was up at this farm and would not go after this deer because of respect to don and the other bow hunter. It is ashamed that we called hunters can't even talk about or show pictures of deer with out worrying that someone will poach or trespass or in this case go to the farmer and offer him money to let them hunt. I don't no Stan very well or josh but for these guys to act like a friend and then try to lease the farm u r hunting tells a lot about them . Let this be a lesson learn to everyone reading this comment if you get a giant on camera and photos don't show them to no one. Lesson learned

  • Austin king

    Well people keep talking about how the buck was trailing the doe!!
    Well look at it this way
    Your girlfriend/wife was wanting some would u give it to her?
    Yeah I think so!!
    He was just a nice deer wanting some !!
    Good job Stan..
    I live a county away from you in Jackson Ohio

  • Steve the Doemaster

    If u have any ? Ask him at the deer and turkey expo in Columbus this year. I'm sure he'll be there.

  • guest

    they had this property leased way before you showed them your shed. they stopped out to let you know they would be hunting the farm. as with most big deer jealousy rears its ugly head. several in the area knew of this buck. but other then a shed from the previous year, no one had a clue if the deer had made it all the way thru the winter and if he was still alive. they did nothing wrong. from what i understand they have trail cam pics of the deer all spring and summer.

  • Steve the Doemaster

    It's a shame that hunting has become all about antler size. Eventually the only people hunting private land will be those with money like down south. "Regular" guys who just want a deer for the freezer will be out of luck or relegated to public land.

  • Ron

    I live / hunt across the street from where this deer was taken an also work with Josh , they legally hunted this great buck .. Put food plots on their leased land .. That's what you do when you lease property .. Pay, plant , hunt = good deer .. Great job guys hope to see some more pics of great deer to come from that farm …keep the lease going pass it down to your boys … Once again great job ..

  • Big Jim

    going on two years after this great buck was taken this guys has been selling hunts out on the same farm for a $$$$ . 15 years ago when I was clearing my 1 st food plots two start seeing some nice bucks . trying too keep poaching down or get it stopped around here . watching who I would show pic too ! People. Take a hint !! Stand great job on a great buck I will give you that too watch him grow in too the buck of a life time is a great feeling in my heart .as far as the other guys that as had him in their pin/scoops and sighs we have. Some great times with him ! Now for the BAD when you sell your best hunting stands out for more money .
    Some of them guys you take hunting May come back too start leasing all the farms around you for more money so how long do you all think this 10/12 point bucks are going too last now
    Well I will tell you all theirs not as many on pics now . I myself hope we get the blue tough around here too get rid of the people that comes with great bucks .

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