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10 Best Big Buck States for 2013

by Eric Conn   |  October 29th, 2013 2

As a recent study pointed out, most hunters say they’re more interested in putting meat in the freezer than hanging a world class set of horns on the wall. That’s probably a good thing, especially when you consider the fact that most hunters will never kill a record-size deer in their lifetime. Meat is just more practical…and probable.

Even so, we’d be lying if we said massive antlers didn’t factor into the equation. Like everyone else, our hearts skip a beat when we see that 300-inch giant in another man’s hands, wondering how we’d respond if we ever got that kind of opportunity. We check trail cameras year in and year out, hoping to spot that freak buck we’ve only seen in our dreams or a sporting goods store. And since not every state has the same trophy potential, you have to ask yourself: Where’s the best place to kill a trophy buck this year?

At this point it’s not about measuring an overall whitetail hunting experience or picking up meat for the next round of deer jerky—it’s about tracking down the trophy of a lifetime, pure and simple. With a ton of help from the NAW experts—and data from around the country—we rounded up the best big buck states for 2013.

  • Tim

    Don’t think of Wisconsin as a great whitetail state? What are you guys high.

  • Chris

    You know I have hunted all over the states and I have killed small deer in states like Ohio and huge deer in Alabama. One reason AL an MS get a bad rap is because the lower halves of the state doesn’t have a lot of trophies but the Northern half def has some monsters. Also I’m surprised CO never makes these lists. There are massive white tail in CO.

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