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7 of the Best New Broadheads for 2018

by Haynes Shelton   |  August 1st, 2018 0

We rounded up some of the best new broadheads for the fall of 2018!


NAP FOCThe FOC is designed to add forward weight to the arrow to stabilize flight and increase accuracy. This 2-blade, 170-grain mechanical broadhead has a massive 3” cutting diameter but measures less than 1” in flight and delivers field point accuracy without tuning.

Slick Trick RaptorTrick

Slick Trick RaptorTrickThe new RaptorTrick expandable broadhead has a stainless-steel ferrule and two razor-sharp .035”-thick steel blades. It’s topped with a 4-edge tip for busting through tough hide and bone with ease. Field point accuracy can be expected from this 100-grain tack driver.

Muzzy Trocar HB-Ti

Muzzy Trocar HB-TiThe Trocar HB-Ti is a compact 100-grain mechanical broadhead with an ultra-tough titanium ferrule and hybrid blade design. The razor-sharp .05”-thick fixed-blade teams with the 1.625” expanding blades to produce a great wound channel for increased trauma and bloodletting.

Rage Trypan Crossbow

Rage Trypan CrossbowThe famed Trypan 2-blade expandable is now available for crossbows, featuring a titanium ferule with high-energy shock collars. The head is designed to maintain a slim 0.75” profile in flight before expanding its .039”-thick blades to a devastating 2” cutting diameter upon entry.

Wac’Em Crossbow 3-Blade

Wac’Em Crossbow 3-BladeThe Crossbow 3-Blade is available in 100- or 125-grain sizes and is built from 100 percent hardened stainless steel. The .030”-thick blades have a 1.25” cutting diameter and can be sharpened on any flat stone to retain their edge. This head is made in the U.S.

G5 Deadmeat Crossbow

G5 Deadmeat CrossbowThe Deadmeat Crossbow expandable is available in 100- and 125-grain weights and flies like a field point. It features the rugged SnapLock blade-retention system for increased accuracy and reliable deployment. Designed for use with crossbows up to 400 fps, it has 3 blades and a 1.5” cutting diameter.

QAD Exodus

QAD ExodusThe Exodus is an extremely compact 3-blade fixed broadhead promising field point accuracy out of the box. The crossbow-specific version is 100 percent stainless steel and has a steep cutting angle for increased penetration. The .040”-thick blades provide a 1.25” cutting diameter, and 100- and 125-grain weights are available.

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