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The Dog-Hunting Debate

by John Hay Rabb   |  September 22nd, 2010 124

This early 1900s photo shows a classic scene: a happy deer hunter taking a break with his pack of deer hounds. Hunting deer with dogs has been a tradition in the U.S. since around 1650, and certainly today it is a cherished part of the hunting scene in many parts of the Deep South where it is still legal.

According to archeologists and historians, man has used domesticated canines to hunt wild game for as long as 15,000 years. When European settlers reached North America in the 1600s, they brought their hunting dog traditions with them. Experts believe that the first authentic pack of hunting dogs in the colonies was established by Robert Brooke of Maryland in 1650.

But hunting with dogs in early North America represented a tectonic cultural shift away from the European style of hunting. For centuries in Europe, hunting wild game was a diversion available only to the rich and powerful. Game animals traditionally belonged to royalty and the landed gentry. Peasants caught “poaching the King’s deer” often met their fate at the end of a hangman’s noose.

In the colonies and later in the newly independent United States, wild game belonged to all free white males, regardless of their wealth or social class. Unfortunately, women and people of color had no similar rights, but that injustice was eventually rectified. The influx of Scotch-Irish immigrants to America in the mid-1700s ushered in the use of trained hounds to hunt so-called “Virginia deer” in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

But storm clouds began to gather early for dog-hunting in America. (Note: Hunting deer with dogs is commonly referred to as “dog-hunting.”) In 1738, the Virginia House of Burgesses passed a law that required owners of deer dogs to keep their animals confined except when they were actually involved in a deer hunt. In 1876, Wisconsin became the first state to ban dog-hunting altogether. The bitterly debated Adirondack Deer Law of 1888 imposed tight strictures on dog-hunting in New York. By 1920, all of the Northeastern states had outlawed dog-hunting for deer.

As many deer hunters know, dog-hunting can be highly effective. By 1900, whitetail numbers were at an all-time low. Thanks to conservation efforts, the ever-resilient whitetails made a dramatic recovery in the last century. Now there are an estimated 30 million “Virginia deer” spread across 45 states.

Today, 11 states still allow deer hunting with dogs. However, two of the states, California and Hawaii, have no whitetail populations, and state game management officials tightly control the use of dogs to hunt axis, blacktail and mule deer. So the last bastion of dog-hunting for whitetails is found in nine states that were once part of the Old Confederacy: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Another former Confederate state, Texas, allowed dog-hunting until 1990, when it was banned due to a flood of complaints from landowners and non-hunters. Incidentally, Texas now has an estimated 4 million whitetails, which is the largest population in any individual state or Canadian province.

Deer hunters who believe that their sport is under attack may be surprised and pleased to learn that the country as a whole still overwhelmingly supports the preservation of our hunting tradition. An extensive 2008 public opinion survey indicated that 78 percent of Americans approve of continued legal hunting for wild game. Unfortunately, the same poll showed that support for dog-hunting is dangerously low.

The following information represents an overview of dog-hunting regulations, the current status of dog deer hunting, and likely future prospects for this traditional hunting method in several dog-hunting states in the South.

Dog-hunting rights have seriously eroded in Alabama. Of the 67 counties in the state, 35 have completely or partially banned dog-hunting. U.S. National Forest Service land in 13 Alabama counties is also closed to dog-hunting. Of the counties that still allow dog deer hunting, five have established regulations to govern hunting clubs. The clubs can be placed on probation or have their dog-hunting permits revoked by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) for violation of state hunting regulations, or if the number of public complaints becomes excessive. An ADCNR spokesman said that violations of hunting regulations and the number of public complaints have been noticeably reduced in the five counties that adopted permit requirements for dog-hunting clubs.

Don Knight, president of the Alabama Dog-Hunters Association, is an eloquent spokesman for dog-hunters across the South, not just in his native Alabama. “I am fighting for all hunters,” Knight insisted. “I have eight grandchildren who I truly hope will get the opportunity to choose if they want to hunt or not. . . .

“Each year, the ADCNR closes more counties or parts of counties to dog-hunting. This makes a few people happy, but it puts more people out of hunting. This keeps young people from having a chance to see if they like hunting. In Alabama, less than 6 percent of the people buy hunting licenses, and that number is dropping each year. We all must give up a little to preserve the future of hunting. Our forefathers set our country up so that the game belongs to all of the people, not just the landowners. People who think that dog-hunting should be prohibited need to realize that they are killing off all hunting, and not just one hunting method.”

While Florida still allows dog-hunting throughout much of the state, even the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) has had to bend to the will of dog-hunting opponents in recent years. In 2005, the FWC introduced mandatory registration for deer-hunting dogs and the parcels of land where they are used. The registration permits are issued to private landowners and deer hunting clubs.

No registration is required to hunt deer with dogs on public land, such as the sprawling Ocala National Forest. Deer dog collars must display the registration numbers, and hunters controlling dogs must have registration permits in their possession. The registration permits also specify which dogs are allowed to hunt on particular tracts of land. FWC officials said that dog trespassing complaints have fallen significantly since the registration requirement was instituted.

In spite of these improvements, said FWC spokesman Tony Young, “Dog-hunting is one of the hunting methods that has the greatest potential to produce future negative legislation in the Florida Legislature.” Young acknowledged that only a small percentage of dog-hunters are guilty of unethical or illegal behavior. But he added, “Some folks’ perception is that all dog-hunters have little regard for landowners’ rights. When this happens, all hunters lose support from the non-hunting public. Dog-hunters must regulate themselves and encourage their peers to hunt ethically and responsibly. Otherwise, they could be helping to destroy the sport that they love.”

A number of informed observers of the Southern dog-hunting controversy have pointed to the so-called “Georgia model” as a possible overall solution for the problem. Prior to 2003, confrontations between dog-hunters and landowners had reached such a fevered pitch that as many as 10 counties, representing 25 percent of the state’s dog-hunting land, were prepared to ban dog-hunting outright. Fortunately, the Georgia Dog-Hunters Association demonstrated rare political savvy by brokering a deal in the state Legislature that would preserve dog-hunting by making it subject to new regulations.

On July 1, 2003, Georgia House Bill 815 (HB-815) took effect. The new law contained three fundamental provisions: 1) Landowners who want to hunt deer with dogs on their property are required to obtain a permit from the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division (GWRD). 2) The permitted property must consist of at least 1,000 contiguous acres (later reduced to 250 acres). 3) All dogs and vehicles used to hunt deer on permitted property must be identified with a permit number.

Two years later, John W. Bowers and H. Todd Holbrook of the GWRD told the Southeast Deer Study Group, “The GWRD has issued permits to 358 dog deer hunting clubs, covering more than 1.7 million acres. Of those clubs, 75 percent had no significant problems or violations; 19 percent had minor problems; and 3 percent had significant problems or violations. Only two clubs had their permits revoked.”


Throughout the mid-20th century, Archibald Rutledge of South Carolina endeared himself to millions of readers for his classic stories and books about whitetail hunting in the Deep South. For Rutledge and others like him, there was only one way to hunt whitetails: with hounds. Much of the Low Country area where Rutledge hunted consisted of vast swamps and impenetrable thickets.

Bowers and Holbrook cautioned that, even after the enactment of HB-815, “considerable opposition still exists and additional law changes are likely. However, the new . . . regulations hold the potential to eliminate aggressive, non-compliant clubs, thereby protecting hunting opportunities for law-abiding, ethical dog clubs, even in the presence of majority . . . public opposition.”

Dog-hunting in Cajun country has very few neutral observers. “This issue has caused and continues to cause controversy in the state,” said Scott Durham of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fish (LDWF). For purposes of deer hunting regulation, the LDWF divided the state into eight zones. In five of the zones, dog-hunting is allowed during seasons that do not coincide with still-hunting for deer. In the remaining three zones, dog-hunting is not permitted. The LDWF retains the final legal authority to establish or amend all dog-hunting regulations.

Louisiana’s most heated dog-hunting dispute centers on the 640,000-acre Kisatchie National Forest (KNF). The forest is unique, because it comprises five non-contiguous parcels (called ranger districts) that are spread across seven parishes. “The Kisatchie is a favorite hunting destination, and we are very proud of that fact,” said USFS spokesman Jim Caldwell. “We promote hunting in the KNF, and many of our hunters use dogs. We know that dog-hunting is a traditional sport in the South, but we are concerned about dog-hunting (and the public complaints it generates).”

The state’s colorful political machine appears to have lined up on the side of the dog-hunters. Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator Mary Landrieu, several members of Congress, and a number of state legislators all have expressed their support for continued dog deer hunting in the KNF. The USFS has proposed to ban dog-hunting in the KNF during the 2009-2010 hunting season, but the influential Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) voted unanimously to allow eight days of dog deer hunting in the KNF this season. Traditionally, it is USFS practice to follow state hunting and firearms regulations in national forests, but after the LWFC vote, the local USFS official would say only that he planned to consult with his superiors in Washington before making any statements or taking any action.

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  • jack johansen

    I hunt in south carolina… dog hunting is like target practice in my opinion. its good for nothing more than exactly that, target practice. maybe wounding deer as well too. ive seen deer with broke legs, buckshot in their muscles, missing feet etc. etc. etc… south carolina deer numbers are on the decline, I dont care what any biologist reports.. ive personally seen the decline. why is that so suprising? especially when you drive down the road and see 10 deer on "ol boys" pickup truck everyday?its not fair chase, it requires no skill & will even

    • justin alabama

      You would be surprised at the skill it takes and the adrenaline rush you get when your dogs are on a deer. I have seen way more deer sitting on a bucket in the woods. It is very easy to tell where the deer are coming and going except when there is a pair of walkers or black and fans behind them then you have to guess where to head them off.

    • proud american

      you are a douch bag and probably never with dogs. you have no skills to see little less kill a deer and you want to blame dog hunters you are pathetic. you think killing a deer with dogs is easy you are mistaken

    • FLCracker99

      Ummm…I have killed more deer sitting in my tree stand or comfy little ground blind than I have running dogs, the reason being is that STILL HUNTING is easier and there are less variables involved, any REAL hunter knows this.

      Another thing about REAL hunters is that they support the sport and tradition as a whole, they don't just pick and choose which parts of it they like, because they realize that "a house divided cannot stand" and in this political climate ALL ASPECTS of hunting are under attack by people whom have no clue of what they speak, and when we let them do away with one method of hunting the rest are sure to follow eventually.

      As for the claims that houndsmen and women wound the most deer, I must disagree, as I have seen and heard of more deer being lost and wounded during Archery season than any other. When you are running dogs and hit or wound a deer, the dogs continue pursuit and in most cases find the deer dead and if it is wounded they either bay or catch it.

      In fact, we have had many bow hunters use our dogs to find the deer they lost when they hit the deer a little too far back to spill much blood. One of the best rushes I ever got was havin my dog on a string while on a very scant blood trail from a poorly placed arrow, me and the dog found the deer lying down and still alive, I released the dog and he bayed up the wounded deer which then turned to charge at me, my husband actually had to catch the deer by the antlers and slit it's throat to kill it…I wish there were a way to post pictures on here because I took some of him wrestling with the deer on my cell phone. Biggest rush EVER.

      And as far as the deer on all the "Good Ol Boys" trucks or dog boxes doesn't always mean the deer was killed ahead of dogs. Even though it was killed from a tree stand, I always made my husband load my kill up on the dog box so we could parade it around town before we hung it in the cooler…LOL.

      It seems as though I have begun to ramble on so I will conclude by saying that ALL HUNTERS NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER AND THE SPORT AS A WHOLE IF WE ARE TO SEE IT SURVIVE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. :)

    • william ard

      Dog hunting doesn't take skill? If you say that you have never shot at a buck in front of a pack of walkers! Still hunting takes no skill at all, all you do is sit in a tree stand and when a deer walks out put the scope on it and shoot. WOW! That takes a lot of skill compared to shooting at a deer running 30 mph with iron sights.

      • Tevin

        Forget skill, shooting at a deer running 30 mph is ethical? That is another reason this nonsense needs to be banned! I've found MANY dead deer on my property over the years that were full of buckshot! I've also seen deer with blown off legs. Oh, and it's ALL dog clubs around me!

        I've seen this happen a lot! I know all hunters will wound deer, but I have witnessed a lot of dog hunters lose many deer over the years. It's really ashame! You guys can say what you want to, but I live in an area where there are a few dog clubs and I've found dead deer on my property way too many times.

        At least a still hunter takes care to aim with his scope to make a quick clean shot! You guys just blast away at anything brown and hope it drops! You all don't give a darn about what it is you shoot! If it's brown, it's down!

        Putting 15 or more dogs on a deer and have it ran to you is skill? If you really think that's skill, then you are retarded! You have been brain washed by all the other dog hunters you hunt with! Dog hunters pass the most stupid genes along I have ever seen!

        Dog hunting takes NO SKILL! Y'all let the dogs do all the work and bring the deer to you to shoot! Then, y'all treat the dogs like crap and grab them by their collars and sling them up into your trucks! I've seen y'all do this and y'all know it's true!


        • Mr. Jackson

          What Tevin said!

        • Shupe

          You are so right Tevin we live in Va these dog clubs run all over our private property and shoot fawns that don'even have there spots off. Stand on the road too lazy to walk into the woods. My friend had a horse shot in the leg by these guys. Dogs are skin and bone count every rib full of fleas coward down roll on there back and urinate they are so afraid of people. These guys make me sick they don't care about the dogs. Don't pick up dogs let them run the deer too death. It needs to be outlawed everywhere!!! Confront them about coming on our property for dogs sorry our dogs can't read! we have 15 acres and have no peace 6 days a week they run these dogs, they have no respect for land owners, and they wonder why people want it stopped.

          • Tevin

            Stay on your local politicians and timber companies and who ever else you need to keep complaining to about all of the CRAP that dog hunters do! Threaten them with lawsuits if you have to! Get evidence of all you can on them. Take videos and pictures of their dogs on your land and anything else you can get for proof. Our property rights are constantly being violated by these uncaring fools! Dog hunting is known to be NOTHING but trouble every where it exists, yet it is allowed to continue for some reason. Dog hunters prove EVERY year that they cannot control their hounds and cause others problems! It's sickening at what they do.


    • jason

      Anyone can put corn out to kill a deer bait no skills there

      • Mr. Jackson

        And pushing deer to you with 10 dogs chomping at it's a$$ and blasting it away with a shotgun, the whole time coordinating everything over CBs involves GREAT SKILL? Yeah, that takes skill!

        Dog turd smeller, think before you post!

    • Virginia Rebel

      Dog Hunting must be protected in VA. I live in Dinwiddie county VA and over 70% of the population uses dogs to hunt. Dog Hunting is a family tradition around here. It should not be banned because some IGNORANT YANKEE OR SOUTHERN TRAITOR doesn't like the way we do things down here in the South. If you cant handle the hunt, STAY UP NORTH. Reedy Creek Hunt Club, Dinwiddie VA.

      • Mike V. (Georgia)

        Why is it that we are called names when YOU dog hunters are the ones causing problems? I don't get it! Dog hunters irritate the hell out of land owners/still hunters EVERY year and NOTHING is ever done to stop you troublemakers! Y'all are nothing but trouble and you know y'all cause problems, but when some folks speak out about it y'all call us names and pitch a fit like a damn child! If you dog hunters would simply control your dogs, we all would not be having this discussion. But, you and I and everyone else knows that deer dogs cannot be controlled! Tracking collars, GPS, nothing works to keep your dogs off of my property!

        Dog hunting does NOT give dog hunters the right to bother others! It does NOT give you the right to trespass.

        After all these years of having to deal with YOUR "tradition", it is very clear to many of us, YOUR "tradition" is trouble and should have been outlawed MANY years ago! I also agree with all the others on here having problems, BAN DOG HUNTING FOR DEER! IT IS PAST DUE!!!!!!!!!

        I guess I'm a "southern traitor" because I do not want you or your stinking hounds on my property! You tell me, though, what does your unlawful ways make you?

  • jack

    eventually be banned*

  • bethany

    i agree that still hunting isnt a sport, dont get me wrong, every now and then i still hunt, but dog hunting makes it more interesting and gives the deer a chance to get away, you aint sneakin up on it or feeding it so you get an easy shot.

  • joe starling

    i do both and still hunting is ok but try it without baiting and see what is harder with or without bait dont know anyone who would release dogs onto or allow their dogs onto someone eles property knowingly because it does cause trouble and most of the time that property owner has never deer dog hunted so they shouldnt pass judgement on the deer dog hunters u havea chance of taking a deer with dogs while u are on stand also i have and try to take a deer running full speed and see how easy it is i think you will see still hunt is less of a sport than deer dog hunting is just keep this in mind some of us spend more time preparing to deer dog hunt than u as a still hunter ever will we have to raise the dog ,feed the dog and care for the dog and we plant food plots for the deer you harvest and do we complain about you sitting in a stand while we hunt nope i like to hear the dogs run i dont even take guns with me to the club half the time it more of a friendly competition of whos dog will perform the best and the time u spend training makes a big diiference

    • PHLIP

      You actually think you can make a good ethical shot on a deer running full speed. You can guarantee that that deer will not be injured. Its a guarantee that you can kill that deer? I was a state champion in skeet shooting at the age of 17 and shooting a deer running 25 mph is not easy especially on a road that is 20 feet wide. Still hunters can kill most the deer that they shoot at because the deer is standing still. If you dont care about killing the deer then go to fox pens and sit around and drink beer and listen to your dogs run all night. Don't ruin the daylight movement of whitetail deer cause all you dog hunters do is put entirely too much pressure on the deer. Buy a coon dog and go to trials if you want to compete your dogs!!!!!!!!!

      • GA Still Hunter

        So, you're hearing all the same crap I've been hearing, too, haven't you? Dog hunters ALWAYS tell me that it's just about hearing their dogs during a deer run and not about killing a deer. I bet I've heard that 10 million times. They always say they just love to hear that "sweet hound music". Well, I say what a bunch of bull crap!! These clowns shoot EVERYTHING they can and if it's brown it's down! Most even shoot over their 2 buck limit! Pretty sickening at what they do and get away with here in Georgia! Those deer they kill are shot all to hell with buckshot and this will lead to a lot of meat being wasted! This is ashame, guys. Dog hunter or not, you all know this is ashame! I bet it would shock us all if we knew how much deer meat was wasted by these fools.

        You want to see all the trouble these dog hunters cause and get into? Then go and read the Ga dnr law enforcement reports, found here… But realize, this is only a sampling of reports and not all of them.

        I hunt and support my fellow sportsman, but I WILL NEVER SUPPORT HUNTING DEER WITH DOGS! It is nothing but trouble and should be outlawed!

        Remember what someone else said on here, get evidence by taking video and pictures of them and their dogs on your property for proof! Contact the timber company or who ever these dog clubs lease from and show them what you are having to deal with. If they don't act like they want to help you, then get a lawyer and sue the hell out of EVERYBODY! If you have complained and nothing is being done to help you, YOU CAN SUE THEM FOR DAMAGES!

        • GA Still Hunter

          Oh, when you go to read those reports, start with the October 14-20, 2012 report and read through to January 15. That's when deer season goes out here in south Georgia.

  • Jonathon Smith

    I have hunting property in Va. and do not like to regulate others on there own land, but every year as soon as the dogs hunters release there animals the deer disappear. i spent a small fortune for my land and i also spend money every year plowing up the field and planting food plot to increase all wildlife. I essentially try to be a gamekeeper. I do not bait deer! I pattern them. I just love to see all the wildlife do there natural thing. For the last 3 years ever time I hunt I see 10 to 15 deer but as soon as the people release there dogs they ruin all my hard work. I would love to find a way to outlaw the use of dogs to hunt deer in Halifax County VA.

    • justin alabama

      yes because your method is better than every one else's if aanything the dogs get the population stirred up

    • 0h Deer Huntclub

      funny cause we run dogs in the same tract of land weekly and kill deer in them every week mabe u need to buy some dogs or figure out a new method if u see 10 to 15 deer then theres none they must stay on other land and just pass threw yours the dogs barley ever run all the deer out a tract of land unless your there all day good luck outlawing it in va dog hunting is old as our state dates back as far as1607 all yal tree huggin yankees need to go back up north cry babys "oh deer huntclub" Bowling Green Va

      • big d

        Tree hugging Yankees? Hey I got a game for you to play. It's called hide and go fuck yourself!

      • no deerdogs

        Your Deer hunting with dogs in Va. Is running 20 dogs on 3 deer wow 20 to 3 that sounds fair! You never feed your dogs , Turn them loose never pick them up. Stand on the road and not even get out of your trucks, boo hoo you might get cold! Would not see this in Montana or Colorado & list goes on and only 9 states even allow it. It is going to be outlawed because you dog hunters don't respect land owners, you should only be able to hunt on tracts of land over 500 acres.


      you dont see deer sure it got to be someone else fault you just sittin watch your bucket of corn . you too dumb to realise they are waiting to eat your corn at night… patterning deer ? dont sound like you are very good at it. outlaw dogs? please they should out law big titty baby, no deer killing, want to be deer hunter. who think just because he dont see a deer they must bee none. how stupid can you get

    • Hunter

      The fact is hunting dogs tress pass on land owned by others. known fact, hunters use the law to hide behind like cowards to hunt others land intentionally releasing there dogs to drive game from private land. YES almost all do it!! Ethical dog hunters should police the unethical dog clubs they are making a bad name for so called sport. Plain and simple your dogs on my land is an invasion of privacy and trespassing. Ive got an idea keep them on your property and then the whole debate goes away.. For now it is your right to hunt this way but soon it will be the right of all to have privacy on there own lands!!

    • hogdogger

      I guess soy beans peas and RACK MASTER! are all natural on you land.unlike acorn natural clover and other natural grasses. I love to still hunt and I plant plots as well. But I also plant time love and compassion in my dogs also. If the dog hunters are coming on your property You should have them arrested. Most of us have good ethics.

    • Joe

      Interesting how it is ONLY still hunters who want to ban hunting with dogs. Nobody is trying to tell still hunters that they cannot hunt from a tree stand anymore. Nobody is trying to tell them that they cannot use a scoped rifle anymore. They just want to kill deer dog hunting because they don't approve of it.

      Guys, you can still hunt deer in all 50 states. There are only 9 state where deer dogging is still allowed. This is a form of hunting that a lot of people truly love. Let them keep their way of life. They aren't trying to take away yours, and would stand up with you if somebody else tried to take away yours.

    • Rock Star K

      Mr Smith, If you can't see a deer in Halifax County you need to remove your blind fold. Deer are behind every bush, tree and briar around there.

  • michael—-MS

    I grew up running deer dogs. There is nothing like it. I always love hearing people say that the dogs run all their deer off their land. When I have seen 50+ times over the years of going back and still hunting the afternoon a block that we had ran that morning. And seeing deer every time and killing some very nice bucks over the years. if every dog hunter is bad because of a few. Then every still hunter must hunt over bait. just sayin

    • big d

      I don't use dogs! I don't still hunt! I don't bait! I am a tracker! That's real hunting! I respect others ways of hunting only because it is traditional, but there is no reward like getting a nice buck purely by your own skill! However I do approve using dogs for wild pigs, cause them things just need to go!

  • Marty

    What gets me is most hunters , be it dog hunters are still hunters , dont see the big picture . The anti hunting crowd is using this to divide and concur the sport that each and everyone of us love.Wake the hell up and get over your single minded way of looking at this . Please for the sake of our love of hunting .

    • Joe

      Marty is exactly right. We need to stick together. We have much more in common with each other than we do with the antis. Still hunters: try to find somebody who will take you dog hunting. Just try it once before you argue that it should be banned forever. We all know once the government bans something, we never get it back. Just because dog hunters do it a little differently from doesn't mean that they are doing it wrong.

  • guest

    Still hunters around here can't get along with each other, much less with dog hunters. Once dog hunting is stopped, they will start working on still hunting next….and since i won't be able to dog hunt, I WILL NOT fight for the still hunters…

  • clyde

    90% dog hunters in MS are outlaws. they infringe on the rights of others with no respect or regard for our right to hunt the way we choose. No still hunter ever disturbs dog hunters..NEVER..but every still hunter in this state has had conflicts with this army of lazy outlaws…very few ever leave their truck…they ride the roads with C.B. radios trying to catch the deer crossing the road so they can shoot the deer in the in the road. Most of the time all the land on both sides of the road they hunt is posted…they have no legal right to that land and no legal right to shoot from the road…when you confront them, they say "we're not hunting, we're just trying to catch our dogs"…that is a load of crap…they have the same excuse EVERY DAY…":our dogs can't read the posted signs"…I've never met an ethical dog hunter…I know there are some out there, but I have yet to see one.

    • proud american

      100% still hunters are outlaws i think still hunting should be outlawed……………………..see how stupid you sound see whats happining and you are the dumb fool leading the charge………divide an concor
      you will be next mark my words think about it

    • James

      I will agree that the majority of dog hunters are unethical hunters. They drink while hunting, litter and tear up the land with trucks and four wheelers. I can say this because I have dog hunted all over SC and GA and know many dog hunters from FL. I no longer dog hunt.


        Their isn't much ethical about any type of hunting.I am a dog hunter yes, I drink,and I drive a big truck So yes I like to play in the mud once in awhile.I thought hunting was about having a good time with the guy's and enjoying the outdoors.I think this whole bitch fest is a bunch of Anti-Doghunting YANKEES being stingy over the public and private land.I guess tree hugers for got what hunting is all about.And let me tell ya it's not killing.Thats why we hunt with dogs to enjoy our acomplishment that we have spent thousands of dollars and worked many of hours on and that is are dog's.So it seems to me that peta gives us a hard time and I not talking just about us DOG HUNTERS because still hunters think that hunting is just about killing because all they are worried about is a dog running across their land and chasing thier deer off.BIG DEAL.Grow up and quit posting this shit on the news and we will not have to worrie about peta.Remember it is all yall still hunters doing all the bitching and us DOG HUNTERS don't bitch we handle it like grown men.

  • clyde

    standing on the top of your dog box in the back of your truck or standing on the edge of a public road is NOT hunting…it's just target practice for the lazy

    • Kerry

      Have you ever hunted deer with dogs or are you speaking out of ignorance?

    • hokiepride

      sitting in a tree stand that is made like a lazy boy watching a feed plot isnt lazy? we actually have to move around and chace the deer and be with in 50 yards to shoot where yall bate them in and and can shoot them from at least 300 yards……

    • Joe

      Clyde, if that's true, you should be able to go down to the pound, buy 5 unwanted dogs at random, turn them out in the woods, and kill deer on the roads. Try it next season. Tell us if it works.

  • hig d

    there is nothing summer looking to me than a pickup truck with a dog box and a 10 foot antenna. Usually these guys smell as bad as there dog box, if not worse. For the love of god take a shower!

    • big d

      They usually smell as bad as their damn dog boxes to. Take a damn shower for the love of god. There is nothing dumber looking to me with a pickup truck with a dog box and a 10 foot tall antenna.

      • proud american

        you just jealous cause my antenna is bigger than yours

  • James H.

    I live in Georgia, and have hunted deer with dogs in South Carolina and Georgia for most of my life. I enjoy the hunt and have nothing against the sport. However, many dogs are not cared for properly. A lot of dogs get abandoned and shot. This I have a huge problem with. I would like to see laws put in place against confining dogs in such adverse conditions as they are. Dogs are locked in pens for the majority of the year living in their own waste, fed sparingly and seldom have clean water. They also receive little to no vet care. I realize they are "working" dogs, but any living animal deserves better.

    • Kerry

      I’m sure millions of dogs are shot or abandoned throughout the United States every year. Considering the fact that dog hunters make up such a minute percentage of the population, I don’t see how you can blame the problem on us and keep a straight face. My hunting dogs have an excellent life complete with automatic feeders and regular vet care. So in the future could you please not put all dog hunters under the same stereotype.

  • Amy

    hey, this is really useful, thank you for posting! However, as I'm writing a dissertation is there any chance you could let me know of your references? I would be eternally grateful!!!!! Thank you
    Amy x

  • Coastal Rose

    Hope they ban it forever in North Carolina. My experience with dog hunters is totally negative. Neighbor moved in right behind me with about 22 hunting dogs, which he starves during hunting season; they're so hungry, they set up a God-awful howl whenever anything moves in their yard. Neighbors have taken him to court so many times that he's finally learned how to shut the dogs up.

    • Kerry E

      Seriously Coastal Rose, this is your reasoning behind banning the great tradition of dog hunting? A neighbor in my sub division has a German Sheppard that barks a lot, your argument makes as much sense as me saying that all German Sheppard’s should be euthanized.

      • Josh Lane

        But Kerry, it's just another problem of MANY associated with dog hunters! There is too much problems associated with dog hunting. Don't try and deny it. I'm sure most dog hunters try to do right, but no matter how hard they try there are still too many problems. I am one who wouldn't mine seeing a ban dogging, myself.

        • Kerry E

          Then you are an extremely selfish individual. Have you ever asked yourself why you take deer hunting so seriously? I caught a guy on our club last year hunting in a self climber. Am I calling for a ban on stalk hunting? Of course not. Did I call the Police? That would just be silly. I hunt for enjoyment, a chance to go stay in the woods with my friends and just get away. What I do realize is that banning anything to do with hunting is a slippery slope to go down considering the rate at which our freedoms are being stripped away.

          • Josh Lane

            Well, if me wanting dog hunters and their dogs to stay off of my property makes me selfish; then you are right, I AM EXTREMELY SELFISH! As others have said, my property rights should be more important than the "tradition" of dog hunting!

            Can YOU or any other dog hunter guarantee that deer dogs will never trespass onto some one else's land? Can you HONESTLY say that your dogs have NEVER went onto property that they should not have been on? I'll bet money, that unless the land is fenced in, deer dogs will continue to get onto land that they shouldn't be on. This is a serious problem and I know you are aware of this. Please don't deny that dog hunting causes a lot of serious problems. You know it does!

            I respect folks who like to hunt and don't care how they choose to do so, but I cannot and will NOT support dog hunting! If you were in my shoes and had to deal with all the junk I have to deal with EVERY year you may could understand my feelings.

            Kerry, you may be a fine fellow, but yes, our opinions on dog hunter do differ. I have friends who dog hunt and even they realize it causes problems. But, until something is done they'll just continue to cause those problems because dog hunting is a "tradition".

          • Educated Sportsman

            What you call "Major Problems" are very small, to keep people out of land you put up a gate, If your worried about dogs running all the deer of your property you need to read a report about dog hunting and deer movement that the GADNR did. They put radio trackers on deer and most of them moved less than 600 yds out of their home range when they ran dogs on the property, and every single deer that was radio collared "including bucks" that didn't get killed during the hunt was back within its home range within 24 hrs. Maybe a dog does wander onto your property and jump a deer and run him, he will be back and you have just as good of chance as that same dog running a deer onto your property as you do for him running one off.

          • Mr. Jackson

            So, dog hunters cause everyone problems and we have to spend money out of our pockets to find a solution to problems (putting up fences and gates) you're causing us? Simple solution; CONTROL YOUR DOGS!

            Son, I've been having problems with dog hunters for over 40 years and I see the negative affects dogs put on my property and hunting. Damn the 24 hours and the deer will return BS, what about my hunt being ruined?

            Like many others here in Georgia, I say BAN DOG HUNTING!

          • Josh Lane

            If me NOT wanting dogs and dog hunters trespassing on my land makes me selfish, then you are right! I AM EXTREMELY SELFISH!

            I expect you and anyone else who run dogs, to control them and be respectful of those of us who do not want you or your dogs on our land. Is it really that hard for you all to understand?

  • Marvin Jones

    Here in Georgia, dog hunters don't give a crap about nothing but themselves! These dog clubs, Adel Hunting club, Brickston Hunting club, Portal Hunting club, Thompson Pasture Hunting club, and Warsaw Hunting club, are nothing but clubs full of outlaws and disrespectful idiots! Every year we deal with these unlawful IDIOTS in the McIntosh, Liberty county areas of Georgia. I've seen them totally wasted riding around looking for their dogs. Alcohol can be smelled a mile away on their breath! Ride the roads in this area and look at all the damn beer cans, boxes, bottles and other crap they throw out. They are nothing more than a bunch of uncaring fools who can't control their dogs! They admit they can't control their dogs, but yet, they still turn them loose and they always end up on someone else's property!

    Don't give me this crap about dog hunting being a tradition! It's a tradition all right, a tradition of breaking the law and bothering those of us who don't want their dogs on our land. The dogs can't be controlled and this is the reason this crap needs to be banned! I'm not a hunter, but I'll stand up for my fellow hunter, but this dog hunting crap will NEVER get my support!

    I'm 64-years old and my wife and I have been living in this area for years and have had to put up with nothing but trouble from dog hunters. I hear the same crap every year about how sorry they are for their dogs getting on my land and that their dogs can't read. Apparently dog hunters can't read either!

    I feel sorry for those poor dogs. They are grabbed by their collars and slung up into the back of trucks. They look like they are starving, too. Dogs run around lose for weeks at a time!

    I've seen first hand how dog hunting is. Don't try and sugar coat it! Dog hunting is nothing but a bunch of guys drinking alcohol running up and down the roads and destroying the roads, littering and causing everyone else problems. Hard to believe the state of Georgia has let this type of behavior continue! I hope dog hunting is banned before I die! I'd love to see this CRAP outlawed!

    • no dog hunnter

      Every word you said is true . we live in Va same crap here we pick up trash they throw all over the road . Run dogs over our posted ground never pick them up.

  • Marvin Jones

    Oh, and I see trucks full of dead deer riding up and down the roads, too. Most of the deer look like the size of poodles. Dog hunters will shoot anything brown and Bambi, too! How awful!

    Like I said, I'm not a hunter, but I support hunters! I have no problem with it at all as long as you're NOT bothering anyone! But living in this area has allowed me to see first hand what dog hunting is all about. This isn't hunting, folks, this is nothing but trouble! They're unsafe and unlawful!

    I'm tired of dogs and their owners trespassing onto my land! I'm tired of having fear during deer season. I feel like a damn prisoner in my own home! This is ridiculous!!!!!

  • Hanna Jacobs

    "Texas, allowed dog-hunting until 1990, when it was banned due to a flood of complaints from landowners and non-hunters."

    And this is what everyone who is having problems with dog hunters, should do! File complaints with the timber companies who lease the land to these trouble making dog clubs! File reports to the local Police and Game Wardens when problems arise! If necessary, pester them do do something about those clubs causing trouble!

    Deer dogs can cover many miles at a time and for this reason are bound to end up on land where they should not be. This is why I would also like to see this rubbish outlawed here in Georgia! I too am tired of hearing about dog hunting being a tradition. What a lame excuse! My property rights should be more important than dog hunting! Something desperately needs to be done here in Georgia to protect people from the SEVERE problems being caused by the dog hunters. Like Marvin, I too feel unsafe on my own land during dog hunting season.

    Every year it's the same thing with these dog clubs. After all these years it is clear, they have proven that they cannot control their dogs no matter how hard they try to do so! This is why it should be banned!

    • Kerry E

      Before you use Texas as a model I would like to point out all the restrictions that are currently in place in the state. Government officials in the state of Texas do not care about anything more than how deer hunting can benefit them financially. These government officials believe that if they are thought of on the same level as Indiana and Wisconsin, they will be able to make millions off of out of state hunting permits. In my opinion marketing strategies on television are the problem with deer hunting. Viewers watch an episode of Buckmasters and believe this is actually what takes place on a hunt. This is creating a culture of individuals who believe you can buy the hunting products advertised on commercials and expect to see 60 deer per hunt. These are the same ignorant people who are against dog hunting and believe that a buck should only be taken if it is three years old with a 18 inch inside spread. My deer hounds have Garmin GPS collars on them at all times, so retrieval is generally very efficient. I would like to also point out that Big Dong is in no way a spokesman for dog hunters everywhere.

    • True

      Texas also has high fence hunting area's better known as zoo hunting, where they feed and grow big horned deer that only the wealthy can afford to hunt. Not knocking texas hunting. Most states can do very well on the revenues of hunting with dogs but have not figured this out. Each dog should have a game tag attached to the collar, this tag to be purchased thru the wildlife department also each hunter should purchase an additional tag to dog hunt, even still hunters should be required to have this tag if they are still hunting during the dog season in dog hunting area's. all dogs should have updated shots, dog owners should make these available when purchasing the dog tag. All unidentifible dogs removed from the area weather it be a sport dog or just a pet running loose. All dogs must be accounted for at the close of the season to prevent the abandonment of unwanted dogs.
      All dog hunters who take pride in there dogs and respect the season would have no problem paying there fare share as long as others who secretly partisapate and take advantage of the sport paid there share as well. I personally hunt with dogs and with out dogs and have seen both sides up close. This can be a very profitable sport for all parties.

  • Big dong

    Marvin Jones,why don't you shut your dirty fucking Yankee mouth, I hope a dog hunter bestseller the shit out of you….

    • Leslie

      OMG! What a retard!

    • PHLIP

      All I have to say is" your handle is Big dong?" You must be still in about the 10th grade and an idiot.

  • Big dong

    Marvin Jones,why don't you shout your dirty fucking Yankee mouth, I hope a dog hunter beats the shit out of you….

    • Luther Winthorp

      Looks like you're the one with the dirty mouth, son! Must have been drunk when you typed your message, too! Or you're just dumb and can't spell. I'd imagine it's a combination of both!

      Let me guess? You're probably one of them troublemakers Marvin was talking about.

      I feel your pain Marvin. We have these type of idiots all over North Carolina.

  • Brandon B

    I have hunted deer with dogs all of my life (southeast Va), I do agree there are dog-hunters that do break the law and make the rest of us look bad, but for the most part in our area dog hunters receive few complaints and we all try to police each other and keep our sport alive. There were a few things you all pointed out that are actually covered by the rules in our organization. 1. Our club has a rule that on an organized hunt you are not allowed to leave your stand (randomly drawn) until the hunt is over 2. The use of slugs is prohibited 3. No alcohol is to be consumed until after the last deer of the day has been cleaned regardless of weather you are hunting or not.

  • Brandon B

    Continued….As far as the care of our dogs go I cant stand hunters who mistreat dogs, our dogs are fed regardless of how they hunt, and when they no longer hunt they are kept until one of us can take them home. Our club has been around since the 1950’s and the only time the Game Warden shows up is when they need biological samples or to discuss new regulations. And yes I do still hunt also but none of us have tried to infringe on you so please don’t do so to us. Maybe a practical solution would be different seasons that way the still hunters cant say we are ruining their hunts.

  • Keavon Jones

    Peoples' property rights should come before the "Tradition" of dog hunting! I also think a ban should come for hunting deer with dogs here in Georgia. It is scary at what all goes on around my area where dog hunting is allowed here in Georgia. These dog hunters speed up and down the streets and I've had their dogs run out in front of me several times over the years during the deer season. This is very dangerous for those of us who live near these clubs.

    Ban this nonsense before someone is hurt, or God forbid, killed.

  • Elmer

    Marvin Jones, you're having the same problems here in Georgia with the same dog hunting clubs as my family. Adel Hunting club, Brickston Hunting club, Portal Hunting club, Thompson Pasture Hunting club, and Warsaw Hunting club have caused my family problems for many years and I too would like to see them ban dog hunting here. This is nothing but headaches for may residents in this area. Those same dog clubs have rode their trucks through my garden and I've had their dogs run through my pasture many times scaring my livestock. This has to stop! I will be calling the law this year! I've tried to talk to them and it goes in one ear and out the other. I have a few others who live in this area that are going to be catching some dogs and calling the law on them. Enough is enough! PUT AN END TO THIS NONSENSE!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for telling me about this post Keavon!

  • william ard

    If you have never hunted with dogs, you shouldn't run your mouth about how bad it is! And all this talk about dogs trespassing on your property is a bunch of bull crap. DOGS CAN'T READ SIGNS! All they are doing is following the deer. And us dog hunters can't always keep all the dogs off of adjoining property. But i do agree with the mistreating of hunting dogs. It is totally wrong but not all dog hunters moistreat their dogs. So before you talk crap about dog hunting go listen to a pack of walkers run a deer. You will never say anything bad about it again.

  • Liberty Co. Ga

    I hope you're a kid! If you're a grown man and just made that STUPID statement above, you are a sad individual!

    You say it's a bunch of crap about dogs trespassing on my property. Then you say you dog hunters can't always keep all the dogs off of adjoining property. Well, either you control them or you can't! The honest answer is YOU DOG HUNTERS CAN'T CONTROL YOUR DOGS! This is why DOG HUNTING SHOULD BE BANNED WHERE IT CAUSES PROBLEMS! Damn your dog hunting tradition! If you're causing others problems you and your club should be shut down!

    Dogs can't read posted signs? Do you know how many times I've heard that ignorant statement? Y'all dog hunters need to come up with something better than that. Oh, if you say that the dog hunters can't read a posted sign, well I'd agree with you.

    I don't want to listen to a pack of walkers or any dog running deer! I hear enough of that nonsense around my house, now! You guys sure know how to disturb the peace! Always running up and down the road all through the night looking for dogs! Probably night hunting, too. I hear shotguns being shot at night.

    If you dog hunt, you know exactly about all the problems EVERYONE is complaining about! You all know dog hunting causes problems! All of you dog hunting clubs are the same! NOTHING BUT A PAIN IN THE ASS FOR OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gatorjaw

      People that don't dog hunt and buy property where we do, that's the same people that buy a house next to a sewer plant and bitch about the smell. Pretty damn ignorant don't youthink. Stay in yankeeville and still hunt there and no problems

      • Liberty Co. Ga

        And you show just how damn ignorant you are with such a lame statement! How would you feel if dogs and/or people were constantly trespassing on your land and disturbing your pets and/or livestock? Would you get tired of dogs turning your trash can over and scattering trash all over your property? Would you get tired of stepping in dog crap? Would you get tired of hearing lost dogs howling for someone to come get them? Would you get tired of having trucks spin-out across your gated roads? Would you just let it all of it go and not do anything about it? Well, you know you'd get tired of it and want something done. Anyone in their right mind would get enough of this

        Your attitude is the typical dog hunter attitude that I've had to deal with for over 40 years! My wife and I, and everyone in this area has had to put up with crap from the dog hunters for too long, now. Dog hunting is nothing but a bunch of nonsense and every state that allows this junk is having problems with it. I think it will be outlawed soon here in Georgia. Yes, dog hunting is coming to an end pretty soon. I'll be so happy when it gets outlawed!!

        By the way, I don't live in Yankeeville, I live in Liberty Co. Ga. home of the Outlaw Dog Hunting clubs that all the others have spoken about!


  • beaglehunter

    I'm a dog hunter and i still hunt. I love them both, but there is nothing better than to hear a pack of dogs coming through the woods chasing a deer. Then i see its my 9 month old puppy infont of the pack. Who i've trained and spent a ton of time with. There's nothing more rewarding. Dog hunting is not a bunch of people going out to be outlaws, it's a sport just like still hunters say that is. And when someone talks about dogs going on to other land. You know when people coon hunt with dogs or rabbit hunt with dogs, how come you don't say anything to them? They're dogs go onto other peoples land all the time. And for people who buy land around a dog hunting club and then complain about the dogs coming on to their property, obviously you knew there was a dog hunting club there. Why buy the land if you don't agree wiht it?…Dog hunting has been here forever and doesn't need to go anywhere!

    • McIntosh County, Ga

      You don't hear of many people complaining about coon or rabbit hunting because those dogs are more easily controlled. Plus coons and rabbits aren't going to run all over the damn county trying to escape the dogs after them. Those hunts usually end pretty quick once the coon goes up a tree or the rabbit goes into a hole, or until they are killed. A deer is a bigger, and more faster animal that can cover a whole lot more ground. Deer dogs are in such a frenzy they can't be easily controlled and are likely to run a deer all over the county before it's killed.

      As others have said, dog hunting for deer is nothing but trouble and it should be outlawed!

      So what if someone buys land around a dog hunting club or even right in the middle of one, that don't give dog hunters the right to trespass onto someone's land! This is exactly why there is so many people who are against running deer with dogs! Dog hunters think they can do any damn thing they want to. Yes, dog hunting has been around for a long time and it has caused problems for a long time, too! It's time to put a stop to this nonsense! People are being harassed every year by dog hunters! There are conflicts every year with dog hunters because they can't keep their stinking dogs off of other people's land! Peoples property rights are more important than the heritage of dog hunting, or at least it should be!!! End dog hunting and stop all the trouble associated with this junk!!!!

      Dog hunters have had their times of joy, It's now time to ban running deer with dogs here in Georgia so those of us who are having problems with it can get some relief!

      BAN DOG HUNTING IN GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • menotyou

    I dont care if they hunt around the propertys i hunt because all the deer end up in my areas usually when i see the dogs on the propertys i hunt i just kill them too. so if hound hunters dont want to lose dogs keep them off my property.

    • hunter123

      it's against the law to kill a dog like that..thats pretty sad that you are so tied up in the big buck bs that you will kill a dog that doesn't know any better

    • grim reaper

      I would really like to find out you shot mine or anyone's dog… just make sure you have your arrangements in order.

  • Guest

    I'm 13 and love dog hunting more than anything my whole family does and I dont know of any other thing that sounds better than a pack of bout 20 or 30 dogs in a pack its just awesome

    • Mr. Jackson

      And my property I've paid good money for is even more awesome! Too bad your 20 to 30 deer dogs like it too!

      Control them deer dogs, son!!!!!!!!

  • Doug

    Hunting with dogs is a long standing past time in America. Those who only want to be selective for one specific game are prejudice at best. Gunting wild game with dogs should be either legal or illegal – not game species specific. If you want to keep hunting dogs off your property – build a fence…

    • Mr. Jackson

      Or simply control your deer dogs and not let them get on people's land! Hey, there's a solution!

      Think before your next post dog turd smeller!


    1. Seeing the animals used to hunt the game being treated better from both sides not being starved or shot because thier useless or on there land.
    2.Getting permission from land owners to retrieve dogs and improve friendships with the landowners to help make the hunts go smoother when the dogs get out of the club boundries.
    3. Not slander people for the way they choose to hunt whether still or dog both take skill and sport.
    4. Apologize when you have done a fellow hunter wrong by entering there land without permisson and have caused damage to their property also offer to repair the damage to their land if any has been done.
    5. If you have a problem with the hunting club that is around you that is causing you problems do not call the law and act childish instead be a man and negotiate with them and hear them out as you would hope they would hear you out.
    6. But lastly quite using these over used excuses and be a man about it regardless of how true they are form both sides such as " The dogs got on my land in ruined my hunt" or " Dogs can't read posted signs" no matter how true they are these excuses keep us from getting to the main issues we have between each other.

    • Mr. Jackson

      Again, here's a simple suggestion for dog hunters; CONTROL YOUR DOGS AND KEEP THEM OFF OF OTHER PEOPLE'S LAND! Can you do that? No, you can't and it's proven every year!

      Here's another simple solution to all the troubles dog hunting causes…BAN DOG HUNTING IN GEORGIA!

    • Tim

      the hunt club we have problems with the most (Ivy Bluff) , Most all the law enforcement in Lunenburg county va belong to or associated with it, and dare you to call the law !! We tried talking to them we get threatened and harassed..if we feed the dogs we get cussed out and every year we take in animals abandoned and they get shot because they are interfering with their hunt dogs but shot on our own property !!


    It is really sad that a tradition that is well over 412 years old is slowly coming to a end. I am a dog hunter third generation on one side of my family and fourth generation on the other. My gradfather started the hunting club i currently hunt in now in the 1960's. Iam not a "renegade" or "outlaw" dog hunter as most people see me as i respect all landowners if my dogs get on there land i find there residence or phone number and ask them if i can walk not drive on there land because of the simple fact i don't want to cause problems or damage there property. Some people do not understand completely the way i hunt until they try it for themselves. Now granted if you have tried my way of hunting and did not enjoy it thats fine it's not for i tried still hunting and i didnt enjoy it but it wasn't for me.


    I dont believe in drinking and hunting at all guns and alcohol do not mix now i cant control what everyone does. I try to be a resonable person but there is people in this world that are not resonable at all when it comes to hunting. I was sickened to see the remarks made on both sides by still hunters and dog hunters you cant put your differences aside because you are so far on oneside of the other on the issue and your stubborn pride and just in general being completely ignorant to what is going on i believe we could preserve this kind of hunting but the only way is by working together on some of the main key issues of why you dont get along. But if you can not do so you are better off making it all illegal i mean for all game deer, rabbits, coon, hog, duck, and etc. because of your are gona make it illegal for one make it illegal for all. Today its the deer dog hunter tomorrow the rabbit hunter and etc. But i will leave on these final notes to maybye give both sides some ideas to play with.


    I would hope to see some replies from both sides on this and give me some input i stubbled across this article on google and there is some really intreseting facts up here i hope to see your replies soon. Sorry i had to break the article up in bits.

    Thank you and God bless,

    Eastern NC Dog Hunter

  • Cj Greathouse

    All of you who think dog hunting is bad and stupid you are completei idiots!! First of all dog hunting is about having dogs and herring them run! It's a beautiful thing! And yeah if you ran like they did over 20 miles a day ypu would look the same! If ypu have ever ran dogs before then you could actually tell that dogs loving running a deer but most of ypu wouldn't know that because ypu have never ran dogs and your just talking out of your a**!

    • Mr. Jackson

      That's beautiful, now try using a dictionary before your next post! It's that thing that has all the words in it and how to spell them. Even has the definition of words in it…I know, that's amazing isn't it!? :)

  • Cj Greathouse

    And another thing is if your selfish enough to kill a dog on your land that doesn't know any better then you should be punished! All because of deer.. if you have ever heard about 12 head of walker dogs barking every breath coming straight at you knowing that the buck is going to POP out any second and your heart is racing and then the deer steps out and looks at you broad side and you fire at it!.. if you know that feeling you will forever love dog hunting and if ypu havnt felt that and you bad mouth dog hunting ypu need to check your self boy because ypu don't have an Idea in the worled what ypu are missing out on.. plus dog hunting is so much more fun and interesting I mean your giving a deer a chance to get away and feeding a deer and tricking it isent fair! For me its all about the dogs and the traditon.. killing bucks just happend to be a bones..

    • Mr. Jackson

      That brought tears to my eyes! FROM LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to God, I really think dog hunters have damaged brains from smelling so much dog sh*t! Dog hunters say the same lame crap over and over and over and over!

      Okay, now go post that again somewhere else. Force your beliefs upon us and deny all the troubles dog hunting causes, turd smeller.

      Again, here's a simple suggestion for dog hunters; CONTROL YOUR DOGS AND KEEP THEM OFF OF OTHER PEOPLE'S LAND! Can you do that? No, you can't and it's proven every year!

      Here's another simple solution to all the troubles dog hunting causes…BAN DOG HUNTING IN GEORGIA!

      • Donovan Whaley

        What about the young kids who have never killed a deer and they finally get the chance because of the dogs running one by why not let them have fun and yes let people dog run because its a tridition in there family and why should you stop that if anything take away something like corn not dogs more deer are killed over bait then killed in front of dogs most year and if there are dumb hunters that want to make everyone else look bad call your local Game Warden but dont get your panties in a wad because accedents happen sometimes and sometimes it is on perpous and not an accedent then complain but still hunters are just as guilty with them going on peoples land killing there deer.

    • PHLIP

      If 12 dogs are running that deer then he is not going to step out. He is going to fly across the road and he will be a 2- year old 4 point and you will try to kill him and your shot gun will be slow to get to your shoulder and you will be late shooting him and 2 buckshot will hit him in the guts and he will not bleed and that deer will be lost. You could turn more dogs on him then he will run through some bedded does and they will jump up and just like that the next deer that comes out are a pair of does then that buck will go off somewhere and die. The process will keep happening over and over. Lets say you did kill him you would be a happy man and sport that 4 point on the top of your dog box all day saying look what I killed I'm goooooooooooooooooooood. I shot him with a gun that has 15 pellets in it and I shot 5 times that means I slung 75 bullets at him and finally killed him. That sad!!! Try bow hunting and a 4 or 5 year old buck come walking towards you and you have to get the bow drawn and make a good shot on him. Oh, that right shooting a bow is to hard for you!!!!!

      • Still Hunter

        You are so right, Phlip! I find 3 or 4 dead deer on my property EVERY YEAR that was wounded by dog hunters. Deer with holes all in them and some with blown off faces and legs! Very disturbing and I would hope it would disturb ANYONE, including you dog hunters. This is why I have such a problem with the use of dogs for deer. Too many deer are lost due to bad shot placement. Doggers get so excited when a deer is approaching they can't control themselves and just start blasting away, which leads to a poor shot and wounded deer. A deer that will have to suffer for no telling how long before it dies. It is a damn shame!!!!!!!!!!!!! As others have said, yes, we all can make a bad shot, but doggers take unnecessary high-risk shots, which leads to lost deer that will run off only to suffer.

      • Dog hunter

        Mr. Phillip I have read your post regarding the use of dogs for deer hunting. I must say for an educated man as you say you display a good bit of ignorance. I am not going to bash your form of hunting that requires so much skill. I would how ever like to say I truly pray that you will soon realize that hunting is about so much more than the skills that you use to sit on your ass for hours or the skills I use to care for my animals and pursue game while most importantly enjoy time with my family and friends. You should also know that you may think you have it all figured out all hounds men are not out law savages. The same way not all still hunters are trespassing baiting deer and spending time in the woods caring about nothing except the size of antlers they can take home instead of hunting an animal to provide food for his family while developing life long memories with them. If hunters continue this foolish argument you mr Phillip will wake up one day to have your dream of a brisk winter morning and the enjoyment you gain by hunting the deer you raised UNDER ATTACK. I urge you to act as an educated respectful man to respect that not all of your fellow hunters think the way you do. You speak of dog hunters of horrible people and that is extremely sad to me that a fellow outdoors man would think that a father and son enjoying a hunt with the sound of hounds in the woods is a horrible thing. I will leave you with this I respect you form of hunting but I can’t wait for opening day. Not only will I enjoy it our club will be hosting several hunts this year for a foundation that helps terminally I’ll children enjoy living doing something they want to. It just so happens that I can’t wait to be part of a special moment in someone’s life. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable season as well.

  • Mr. Jackson

    These dog hunting clubs in Georgia are the same ones I am also having problems with.

    Adel Hunting Club

    Brickston Hunting Club

    Portal hunting Club

    Warsaw Hunting Club

    Thompson Pasture Hunting Club

    That's right! Every damn one of them! They can't control their dogs. Thanksgiving is coming up and the problems will get worse!! Stop this nonsense!!!

    • CJ79

      Lotts Creek Club. Goat Man Club and all the dreggs left over that dont belong to a club but still have dogs and dump them out wherever they want. What do we need to do as land owners to end it?

      • PHLIP

        Call Game Wardens until something is done, call them everyday!!!!!

  • Mr. Dugger

    still hunting takes no skill at all. I love dog hunting, and i've still hunted for year and it takes no skill to sit in a stand and wait. it takes skill to know how to train hounds and get ahead of them.

    • PHLIP

      Dogs are not trained to run deer it is breed into them and you take dogs that run deer already and put those young dogs with them and the new dogs learn how to run the deer. After a while if that dog does not run then you shoot it or sell it to someone and lie and say "This dog will run I just have to many at this time, so I need to get rid of it." I have heard so many cases like this. You don't train those dogs other dogs do. You think it takes skill to get ahead of them your just plain dumb. It takes skill to find a good bucks sign in the woods not food plots and call him up with a grunt tube or horns and kill him with a bow. Try it some time and don't forget bucks live by their nose, so check the wind before you go and don't wear perfume like you would if you dog hunted. How do you think it takes skill to get ahead of the dogs that's just funny. Maybe for a 5 -year old then driving the truck would be the skill. Most dog hunters are uneducated people that work construction that don't have much time to still hunt or they do they just rather ride around and talk on CB's and look for dogs all night and drink beer or if you are retired and are in to bad of shape to walk in the woods.

      • Still Hunter

        DANG! You must hunt here in Liberty and McIntosh county Georgia! These dog hunters around here LOVE to drink their alcohol and also ride the roads all night looking for dogs. Probably night hunting, too. Most of them around here are also fat! Real fat and not very intelligent. Shoot, they just good ol' retarded country boys! But heck, we should not complain about all the problems they cause and bad stuff that they do because "dog hunting is a tradition". LMFAO!

  • Uncle Joe

    I own 300 acres that butts up against a government owned public hunting land. These so called "hunters" pull up against my property line and let out their dogs to run up on my land to find the deer. I have caught them on my property after they cut my fence and drive on my property with their truck looking for their lost dog. These people have no regards for private property or the sport of hunting. Using dogs to flush out deer on someone elses land is not sprtsmanlike conduct. I realize that hundreds of years ago dogs were used for hunting but that was when it was necessary for survival. Now it is just so they can pic off as many deer as possible with as little effort as possible. Hunting with dogs should be outlawed everywhere because people have become too stupid to be responsible and conservative.

  • charlie

    It would be Ok if the doghunters in GA actually OBEYED the laws. BAN IT!!!!

  • Virginia Rebel

    Dog Hunting must be protected in VA. I live in Dinwiddie county VA and over 70% of the population uses dogs to hunt. Dog Hunting is a family tradition around here. It should not be banned because some IGNORANT YANKEE OR SOUTHERN TRAITOR doesn't like the way we do things down here in the South. If you cant handle the hunt, STAY UP NORTH. Reedy Creek Hunt Club, Dinwiddie VA.


    How many deer die a year because of buck-shot. The dog hunter got to exicited and shot him to far because he sucks with a rifle and he has to use a shotgun. I have dog hunted and it is fun but that way of hunting is for lazy people that do not know how to out smart a big buck and kill him just outside of his bedroom.


    Dog hunting and killing deer under a night light or with a spot light is the reason why south Mississippi does not have big bucks. There is no way to tell what kind of buck it actually is when he hits the road at 30 mph. Dog hunting has no place in deer management. Some dog hunters say "Well the reason I dog hunt is I love to hear my dogs run" Well to you that say this, buy rabbit dogs or go to fox pens and run your dog until your lazy heart is content. Try hunting the hard way and outsmart a 5-year old buck with a bow then your really hunting. Use all that money that you spend on dog hunting and buy a piece of property and try to grow a big buck. I know you all want to kill a big buck , so why not grow one. I hunt on 6,000 acres of dog hunting club and the deer move really well until dog season comes in and then they absolutely disappear. After dog season it takes the deer about 3 weeks to calm down and then they start to move a little. People ask me why do you still get in the club. Well, I love to turkey hunt and its worth the headache. I am strictly against dog hunting because it puts entirely too much pressure on the deer and that is not how nature intended things to be. Dog hunter have no respect for anyone or anything. Landowners that are trying to raise big mature deer, the dog hunters just can't stand the temptation to pull right up to the boundary line and turn the dog loose hoping they make a big loop through the private property to jump one of those big deer. Don't say you dog hunter don't love doing this if you do your a liar. Roads, management land that dog hunters are allowed to hunt the roads are terrible, because they hunt when the roads are soupy and there are 15 trucks that are 4 wheel drive that are riding in 2 wheel drive and spinning and flying down every road. Still- hunters would put it in 4-wheel drive and slowly creep in and out trying to make as little noise and save the road. Someone please reply to mine and preferably a dog hunter. Remember you are talking to a well educated man in the world of hunting.

  • Jake Christensen

    I’d love to be able to hunt with my hounds that I have. Unfortunately it is illegal here in Minnesota. In this state the animals have more rights than people.

  • va coonhound

    People are not responsible with their dogs and that is my issue with it,
    I rescue treeing walker hounds after they are lost running deer, its
    inhumane and i dont think that should be part of the tradition. When I
    rescued my Coonhounds all of them were covered with ticks and half
    starved. It is just not right to neglect an animal that is helping you
    hunt in such a way, care for your dogs properly or stop using them!!!

  • Jamie Archer

    I live in Ocala National Forest. I have been here for almost a year and my first experience with dog hunting was this past hunting season. The hunters drink alcohol and just leave all of their trash along the roadways. They make noise from well before dawn until well after dark. I can live with most of this but what I do not like is that they put their dogs in danger by using them to hunt. This forest has rattlesnakes, black bear, and speeding cars on maintained dirt roads. There are also alligators in most every body of water. These hunters don’t think twice about sending their dogs headlong into danger. But, the thing that bothers me the most is that they abandon these dogs when they are no longer considered useful. I picked up a Walker hound yesterday off of Hwy 19 15 miles north of Umatilla. He had no collar and was starving to death. He tried to run away from me but his body was so weak that his back legs gave out so he started dragging himself into the forest. I went in after him and he was terrified; but I talked calmly and gently to him and then started petting him. I scooped him up and took him home with me. He looks to be about 6-8 years old and is in bad shape. I started him on antibiotics and pulled off tick after tick from his poor frail body. Fed him canned and dry food and gave him fresh water. He is not socialized and is very scared of humans. This is the second dog I have found in the forest in this condition within a year. There are many more hounds out there that run away and can’t be caught. Dogs do not deserve to be treated like this. I keep hearing that is a “tradition” but it seems to me it’s a tradition of abuse.

  • landowner

    Tired of dog hunting , first of all hunters turn their dogs loose to run over my land .The dogs are never picked up or fed .At 3 A.M. they run thru my farm waking my dogs up and they start barking which wakes me up .I found one dog here that had his eye hurt .After calling the hunter he came and got his dog by the back of the neck and threw him in a cage of his truck .I told him the dog’s eye needed attention and all I got was YEP .I felt like shooting the hunter .We see so many dogs after season so skinny .A dog ran a deer thru our fence which broke a deer’s neck .Hunters guts the deer where they are shot and my dogs brings a smelly hind home .I have had hunters to cut my fence wire .Had some dogs kill my chickens .Hunters sit beside the road and drink coffee .I find where they park and throw an egg on the ground .Do you know what an egg smells like when the sun hits it ? Works for me .

  • Perrin

    Why doesn’t this article mention Arkansas?

  • Perrin

    And i can tell you from hunting in Arkansas dog hunters gave my old hunting club more trouble than anyone else….Damn dogs ruined hunt after hunt

  • Thomas

    Not sure of the strategy behind the attempt to ban the dog deer hunting season but it appears to be a battle for both sides. This can be worked out with a simple solution, all seasons for hunting require license to hunt and special permits per the game you desire to hunt.
    Kishchie Nation forest should impose a permit fee to all persons on Kishchie National forest property during the dog season. this permit should be required for any and all activities on the Nation Forest during the dog season.
    Example $5.00 per person
    All dogs on the property should have tags on the collars identifying the owner and updated vaccination info, these tags should be purchased thru the Wild Life Department for a fee as well.
    No dog should be aloud on Nation Forest with out these tags. This will also insure that all dogs are retrieved after the season is over.
    Example $5.00 per tag
    The majority of the dog hunters use trucks and CB radios, all trucks participating in the dog hunt on National forest during the dog season should also require a permit in the vehicle at all times while on National forest property.
    Example $5.00 per vehicle Permits issued by the Wild life Department.
    Majority of dog hunters take a lot of pride and boast big bragging rights on there animals and just a small portion of the dog hunters misuse the season. Lots of young male and female hunters are participating in this sport, very few activities can arouse a young persons blood pressure like the sound of a pack of hounds moving towards them while on a stand.
    I’m a dog hunter and very much enjoy it and I believe in doing the right thing but also think that others should as well.
    Lots of still hunters fill the woods during this season in hopes someone’s dogs run a big buck there way but love the opportunity to run down the dog hunters for being there.
    Every hunter gets very territorial during the hunting season but during the off season any and all will give you the shirt off of there back.
    In a nut shell there are lots of ways to regulate this sport it just needs to be performed right and not by harassment or threats.

    • Amanda Ryles

      Georgia has the very same laws you mention above, but it’s not stopping the damn dogs from getting onto land where they do not belong. You can have all the rules and regulations you want, but as long as dog hunting continues, there will be problems and that’s a fact! I’ve dealt with dog hunters for over 30 years, on my own personal property, as well as in several different counties that I hunt in Georgia. EVERY YEAR, DOGS GET ONTO MY LAND OR ON TRACTS OF LAND THAT I HUNT! It’s the same crap no matter where you go! Running deer with dogs is NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!

      If you like to look for dogs all through the night, dog hunting is for you!

      If you like to drink beer and litter all up and down the roads, this is the sport for you!

      If you like destroying public dirt roads chasing dogs, this is the sport for you!

      If you like to piss land owners off, this is the sport for you!

      If you like to shoot any and everything that walks, this is the sport for you!

      What a crock of sh*t!!!!!!!!!

      • daybreak

        where do you get your facts from? everything you have mentioned is not true for all dog hunters so profiling and putting a label like that on it isnt going to work…sorry darlin try again

  • Va Houndsman

    Here in VA we do have our share of issues but instead of enforcing the law on the individual level what would need to happen is to bring down the clubs that condone unsportsmanlike conduct and violation of state law…There are good houndsmen and clubs out there. I have hunted with the same club in Southeast VA since I was 6 we have a solid set of rules for safety and ethics, for example no alcohol is to be consumed until the last deer of the day is cleaned, all must wear a blaze orange vest, no loading of guns until standers get on stands, everyone must stay on stand until hunt is called, and no violating of any laws or ethics that can shed a negative light onto the organization…The death of hound hunting is going to be the houndsmen that think they are exempt from the laws and treat their hounds like tools instead of hunting companions. IMHO to fix the problem there needs to be a separate season. The reason we don’t constantly kill big deer in va has nothing to do with dogs, they need to extend bow / black powder through the rut then bring general firearms in. A smart buck can and will elude the hounds more often than not. Just give us a separate season later in the winter!

  • daybreak

    Reading this mess really makes me laugh…been hunting with dogs all my life and yeah i still hunt some during bow season. so tired of hearing tree huggers say how unsportsman like it is to use dogs while they sit on a corn pile and have them walk to you so you can swap spit with it before you shoot it…its a tradition thats still going to be around for a while whether you like it or not…deal with it or go somewhere that its not allowed…as for shooting dogs, i invite any one of you city slicker yankees to come to southampton county va and shoot a dog and see what happens to you…heaven forbid it has my name on the collar….my suggestion is stick to playing golf and stay in the city and stop polluting the country with your liberal opinions cause thats all it is, surely not facts jack

    • Fredrick1996

      So, running deer towards a group of ambushers armed with shotguns is “fair” sport? At least “tree huggers” aren’t having dogs unfairly push deer to them or DISTURBING others who are trying to enjoy themselves outdoors! Everything I’ve read here about all the problems being caused by dog hunting is so true! You people (dog hunters) have NO RESPECT for others who hunt differently than y’all do. Dog hunters couldn’t care less about a property line. Dog hunting should have been outlawed many moons ago, why in the world this nonsense has been allowed to continue is puzzling.

      I suggest to all of you who are having problems with rogue dog hunters to legally do all you can to put a stop to these individuals. Don’t just sit there and let them continue to run all over you and/or threaten you, call the law on them. Find out who they lease from and call that timber company and complain as much as possible. Take video and photos of everything that you can for proof. Document everything that you can and report them. When you see them at your gates waiting for you to come out and ask about getting their dogs, video or take pictures of this. Each time you catch a deer dog on your property, take a picture or video of it and a close-up of it’s collar showing the owner’s name. This can be a lot of help to you and I highly recommend you do it.

      We had 3 dog clubs in Georgia recently shut down due to the constant problems they were causing us and everyone else. They brought it on themselves and I am happy we were able to teach them a lesson. So if you’re having the same problems with dog hunters, report them every chance you can. Don’t continue to put up with their foolishness. REPORT THEM!

      Best of luck to all of you having to put up with this troubling mess.

      God Bless!


    DOG HUNTING IS A CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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