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10 Best Muzzleloaders for 2014

by David Hart   |  March 10th, 2014 0

There was a time when we were grateful our muzzleloaders went “boom” when we pulled the trigger. Moisture and excessive fouling were poison to first generation in-line muzzleloaders. We were even more thankful if we hit our target at distances beyond 75 or 80 yards. A 100-yard shot was as much a matter of luck as skill.

Times have certainly changed. Not only are in-line muzzleloaders more reliable than ever, they stand up to the worst weather conditions and even some neglect, thanks to advances in corrosion-resistant technology. The newest crop of muzzleloaders is lighter, too, and they are more accurate than they’ve ever been. At least one manufacturer offers a 200-yard accuracy guarantee. Another builds a custom rifle that shoots tight groups at 500 yards.

Check out all the best muzzleloaders for 2014—you’ll be glad you did.

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