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Home of the Giants

|  September 22nd, 2010 1

Want to visit the place where many of our TV show’s biggest bucks are filmed? Head to Springfield, Missouri!

By Gordon Whittington

Many of the greatest whitetail bucks in history — including a number of those featured in North American Whitetail Television’s “Big Buck Profiles” — are on public display in Springfield, Missouri. They are included in the “King of Bucks” collection, which is part of the Wonders of Wildlife at the American National Fish and Wildlife Museum.

Ohio’s colossal “Hole in the Horn” buck is one of many monster whitetails on display in this museum. Photo by Duncan Dobie.

Some of the most historic deer in this assemblage came from Larry Huffman’s Legendary Whitetails collection; others were acquired from other antler collectors or even the individual hunters. Regardless of their origins, each of the bucks on display is a show-stopper, and as a group they represent the cream of the crop in whitetail antlers.

However, this unique museum includes far more than just deer racks. It also houses the famed Fred Bear archery museum, live-wildlife displays, immense aquariums containing freshwater and saltwater fish and spectacular dioramas filled with taxidermy specimens from around the world.

North American Whitetail Television sends out a special thanks to everyone involved with the “King of Bucks” collection for granting us access to the mounts and helpful assistance in filming them for use on our show.

Additionally, some of the big deer in our “Trophy Bucks” section of this web site reside within the museum’s collection.

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