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King Buck Controversy: Boone and Crockett Denies Possible World Record

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  September 24th, 2012 7

The long awaited date with destiny for the King buck has come and gone, but the controversy of the “what if legend” will continue to surround this special deer. Boone and Crockett ruled today that the King buck would not be crowned the new world record typical buck like so many had expected.

After reconvening for a second look at the King buck, B&C scored the rack as 180 typical points or 217 5/8 non-typical points, depending on classification. The final decision will be left up to Johnny King as to how he wants the great buck remembered.

The official ruling on the King buck states that the questionable G-3’s are in fact non-typical points and therefore the rack will be measured with considerable deductions, thus not able to claim the top spot in the record book. This is what so many have wanted, an official ruling by B&C that will stand for prosperity, but is this the correct outcome? Does this ruling do nothing more than take away some of the King buck’s regal status by giving it such a low score? No longer will antler aficionados discuss the possible outcome or how wonderful it will be for the world record to be from south of the border again.

If only those beautiful G-3s had grown just a fraction of an inch wider apart. If they had, today would be a day of celebration for Johnny King and the entire whitetail world. Instead, the Milo Hansen buck of Saskatchewan will remain the reigning world record holder.

There will be many debates about such a controversial rack, and discussions as to why it took B&C so long to call this special measuring session in order to rule on the King buck. At the end of the day B&C has final say over how a buck will be remembered in the annals of history, and once again the King buck is likely to be known as the “what if legend” from Wisconsin.

What do you think about this final ruling?

  • Jack McConnell

    Why should it be the responsibilty of the hunter as to how it should be scored and remembered? That in itself is a serious flaw in the Boone and Crockett scoring system. The hunter should not have a say in that PERIOD! It should be determined based on the amount of non-typical or irregular antler leaving the playing field level and FAIR for ALL whittail bucks. Boone and Crockett made a VERY bad decision but then again, its all about politics in a small circle of people with financial interests. No I didn't stutter.

    The Johnny King buck IS A WORLD RECORD deer in the Buckmasters Full Credit Scoring System.

    • Zack Doyle

      So you're telling me the Steven Jansen buck, killed in Alberta, is a typical frame, and that the G2s and G3s do not share a common base? That's ridiculous. If the Jansen buck was scored as a typical, then the King buck should be too. Without a doubt, the new world record.

  • Randy Gundrum

    Looks like a typical 12 pointer to me, I think the King buck, got the royal shaft (no pun intended)!

  • Bruce

    The King Buck was reviewed and scored using the same procedures used to score whitetails since 1950. It’s this consistency over time that makes Boone and Crockett Club’s records a valuable tool for game managers.
    A panel of four official measurers personally examined the King Buck in Pennsylvania. On page 41 of the Boone and Crockett Club’s scoring manual, a rule states, “There are instances where a single point comes off the top inside edge of the main beam and is considered an abnormal point.” The panel unanimously determined that a point on the King Buck’s right side fit this description. Resulting deductions lowered the antlers’ final score well below the threshold of a World’s Record.
    The trophy was accepted into Boone and Crockett Club’s records as a 180-class typical trophy. The hunter, Mr. Johnny King, later withdrew the buck from the records. King then reportedly sold the rack, presumably as an investment, to Mr. Jay Fish who began a campaign to dispute the score.

    • Gary

      Actually, the rules they used for scoring the King Buck, were written up after he actually shot the buck in 2006. The B&C manual actually has a page in the very back of the book, that shows how to specifically score the King buck. So, this "special" panel probably used those rules. Not ones that have been in place for 50 years. Sounds kinda fishy to me. But whatever. It's just a chunk of antler. And people who are taking this personal need to let it rest.

  • scott

    the point in question is growing off of the main beam……its just an unfortunate thing that it grew too close to the next point……its my opinion that the scorers scored the buck the way they did to back thier fellow scorers that scored the deer in the past….just as the NFL said thier repalcement refs made the right call in the Seattle Green Bay monday night game….its all opinion and if they can sleep at night believign that the point actually grew off of the other point……then they have no cnscience

  • buck1765

    It should be scored as a typical. Look at the picture of the Curt Van Lith buck. The g2 and g3's on the deers right antler are scored as typical. Looks like it should be non-typical to me.

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