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Is Jeff Iverson’s Non-Typical Minnesota Buck a New State Record?

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  September 24th, 2012 7

Photo by Shane Indrebo.

The Minnesota record book could be re-written after just the first weekend of the Gopher State’s 2012 whitetail hunting season.

Jeff Iverson, while bowhunting in Houston County during opening weekend, killed what could possibly be the new state record for non-typical whitetail deer. The initial measurements on this latest trophy book buck are eye-popping, with a gross score of 245 5/8”, net of 227 1/8” and a base typical score of 196” due to it’s 8×7 frame.

The scores for the Iverson buck of course are all green scores and have not been confirmed yet by a certified B&C panel, but that could happen by Thanksgiving after the mandatory 60-day drying period. The current Minnesota state record for an archery non-typical is the Scott O’Konek buck, which was harvested in October of 2009. The O’Konek buck, from Morrison County, scored an impressive 227-3/8” and dethroned the prior record that stood since 1989, when Glen Bullick added his name to the list.

Interestingly enough, this is the third season that Iverson hunted this particular buck. Two years ago, when the buck was a six-by-six typical, he missed a shot at it with his bow.

Iverson also had a picture of he and his buck taken with a Buffalo County, Wisc., woman, who was rumored to have netted a 200 plus inch rack over the weekend, as reported on the Whitetail World forum. It’s not often you get to catch a glimpse of over 400 inches of antler in one photo, but the first few days of the 2012 hunting season provided a chance for just that.

We will continue to bring you the latest as more information develops. For additional photos and the exclusive, inside story on how Jeff Iverson brought down this Minnesota giant, be sure to check out the Spring 2013 issue of North American Whitetail.

  • brettmilleroutdoors

    WOW what a pair of bucks! That is a monster!

  • Tony

    "It’s not often you get to catch a glimpse of over 400 inches of antler in one photo"
    What?!?!?!? This is a regular occurance on buckpoles all over Michigan on November 15th. Of course there's 6-8 bucks in the photo…but still.;)

  • Cody

    A regular occurance???^? ya with probably atleast 4 deer, these are two deer scoring over 200' apeace. unless you boys out in Michigan are constantly shooting over 200" bucks which i highly doubt!

    • MIBowHunter

      Read the post genius he said "6-8 bucks in the photo."

  • Corey

    The womans buck didn't gross over 200" but when the two were together they totaled over 400".

  • Ben Spanjers

    Scott OKonek did indeed set the new state record, but he didn't beat Glen Bullick from 1989. He beat Ben Spanjers from 2008, net score 226 and change gross 233 and change.. North American Whitetail should NOT have missed this, since they did an article in their August 2009 issue. I know, I shot it….and in Houston County no less, same as Mr. Iverson!! I have heard nothing but good on him so congrats on a truly world class buck!

  • mike m.

    that must be at least 200 lbs. of venison hamburger , wow! caution, too many photo ops will cause your meat to spoil! it looks pretty warm out in the pics and i would guess it's at least the day after harvest, waste not!

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