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Oklahoma Hunting Can Be Top Notch

by Gordon Whittington

Ask most people what they think of when someone mentions Oklahoma, and the answer is likely to include college football… more »


Getting to Know the National Deer Alliance

by Bob Humphrey

In 2014, I was invited to attend the first North American Whitetail Summit. I thought it was because of my… more »


Tucker Buck Breaks Tennessee, World Hunting Record

by Haynes Shelton

There’s a certain mystique associated with the whitetail, and for many hunters it outweighs that of any other game animal…. more »


A Whitetail Lifespan and What We Can Do About It

by Mark Kayser

Springtime cries out with a renewal across the landscape. Fawns will be hitting the forest floor soon and all whitetails… more »


A Guide to Food Plot Alternatives

by Bob Humphrey

One of the more frustrating hunts I ever had took place in eastern Montana. I spent the first afternoon on… more »


Why Should We Plant Spring Food Plots?

by Steve Bartylla

Over the course of my career, no area of the hunting market has expanded faster and farther than the habitat… more »


How to Properly Cull the Herd — Part II

by Dr. James C. Kroll

Over the years, our institute’s research has offered insight into the critical question of when a buck should be culled… more »


Spring Scouting For November Bucks

by Steve Bartylla

My heart sank, as the young doe the triple-beamed monster was following tried cutting left, when I so desperately wanted… more »


More Food for Fall

by Derrek Sigler

For most of us, hunting whitetails isn’t just a seasonal hobby — it’s a year-round obsession. With that obsession comes… more »


How to Properly Cull the Herd — Part I

by Dr. James C. Kroll

It happened one fall day back in the 1980s, just as we were starting to make progress in getting folks… more »


Handgun Hunting: A New Way to Chase Whitetails

by Haynes Shelton

I can think of several reasons why deer hunting with a handgun is enjoyable. For starters, it’s something different. If… more »


Winter Work For Hunting Success

by Mark Kayser

Regardless if you live in the North, South, East or West, you need to plan for winter to ensure your… more »


Chasing 300? Don’t Follow Me to Tennessee

by Gordon Whittington

Upon hearing Tennessee had yielded a possible world-record hunter-killed buck last fall, the whitetail world fell into a sudden state… more »


Season’s End Begins Winter Scouting

by Mark Kayser

Whitetail season is over. It’s time to pull your trail cameras and hang up the Nikon binos. It’s time to… more »

Non-Typical Whitetail

BREAKING: Tucker Buck Score Holds Up In B&C Review

by Colin Moore

Boone & Crockett had it right in the first place. Though some doubt was generated last week when it was… more »


Hot Zone: Arkansas

by Gordon Whittington

Arkansas doesn’t quite know where it is. Or, to put it more accurately, many people are unsure how to describe… more »


The New Face of Deer Rifles

by Gordon Whittington

What’s a “deer” rifle? The answer seems self-evident. But the line separating one of these firearms from all others seems… more »


Wisconsin Record Breaker

by Dan Cole

John Kassera held his bow at full draw trying to steady the 20-yard sight pin on the shoulder of the… more »


SHOT Show 2017: 5 New Products You Could Use

by Mark Kayser

As whitetail hunters we’re all looking for the best gear to ensure success while in the whitetail woods. The “best”… more »


Teen Becoming an Arkansas Whitetail Legend

by Clay Newcomb

It was late November 2014, and Eleanor Henry and her father, Martin, were hunting the stand they call “the beaver… more »