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Hot Zone: Indiana

by Darren Warner

Indiana is known for many things. Auto racing, covered bridges and Amish craftsmanship are just a few notables that make… more »


How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part IV

by Alli Armstrong

Years ago, if you were a hunter you probably started young and kept at it as long as you were… more »


Maximize Every Day

by Bernie Barringer

The Boone and Crockett Club has been keeping statistics on trophy animals for many years now. These records are a… more »


Illinois Rut Provides Buck of a Lifetime

by Joe Martino

When the rut’s on in Illinois, there’s no place Kyle Wieter would rather be. So it’s no surprise that Nov. 9,… more »


How You Can Make Hunting Fun Again

by Steve Bartylla

I was frustrated. Back in the days that the kids were short, my wife was working and going to school… more »


Add Some Venison to Your Holiday Spread

by Derek St. Romain

It’s hard to believe, but the sound of whitetails stepping in dry leaves is about to be replaced by that… more »


To Kill Bucks, Watching Does is Key

by Steve Bartylla

It was by far not the biggest buck I’d ever killed. In fact, it was a fairly weak rack for… more »


The Scout That Never Sleeps

by Bill Cooper

Gone are the days when the trail camera was considered a novelty. It’s now about as common in the deer… more »


Nun Sense

by Steve Sorensen

Last fall, Sister John Paul Bauer, a Roman Catholic nun from the small town of St. Marys, Pennsylvania, shot a… more »


8 Acres of Heaven

by Randy Templeton

When Scott Moeller moved to Iowa from Wisconsin, he had no way of knowing if his lifelong dream of shooting… more »


Camera Shyness

by Adam Hays

It never ceases to amaze me just how elusive a giant whitetail buck can be, even when you know exactly… more »


Which Deer To Shoot?

by Dr. James C. Kroll

I get a lot of management questions from the public, and many are on the general theme of deciding how… more »


How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part III

by Alli Armstrong

In How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part II, we looked into the proper time to introduce kids… more »


An Oklahoma Giant!

by George Moore

Having served as a certified Boone & Crockett measurer for the last seven years, I’ve been privileged to score many… more »


The Necessities of a DIY Road Trip

by Bernie Barringer

My friend Ben lives in Maine and hunts the rut in Kansas each year. He and a group of a… more »


Have You Tried to Decoy in Gun Season?

by Steve Bartylla

The buck was an early arrival on this second afternoon of the Illinois gun season. Yes, I was hunting a… more »


Why Less is More for Whitetail Cartridges

by Gordon Whittington

Tortured into an honest answer, most experts would admit it’s been ages since the world truly needed a new whitetail… more »


Use Food Plots for Success in the Pines

by Rob Newcomb

Last week, we took a look at some scouting tips in To Hunt in the Pines, You Need This Specific… more »

Prevent your gear from being stolen hunting

How to Prevent (And Track) Stolen Hunting Gear

by Tony Peterson

There is nothing I hate worse than thieves. Scratch that. There is nothing I hate worse than hunters who are… more »


How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part II

by Alli Armstrong

How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part I started our conversation on the troubling numbers when it comes… more »