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Deadly Determination: Hunting While Pregnant

by Darron McDougal

Pregnancy can’t stop a hardcore woman from capturing her fall 2017 deer goals. How many women do you know who’ve gone… more »


Tote A Tough Gun: Browning BAR MK3 DBM

by Haynes Shelton

Somewhat airborne and thoroughly muddy, the Dodge pickup raced through the Alabama swamp like a thoroughbred at the Derby. A… more »

4 Special Venison Recipes for the Holidays

Venison Recipes for the Holidays

by Chef Derek St. Romain

The holidays are a perfect time to celebrate deer season with family and friends, and these four special venison recipes… more »

N'awlins Venison Dirty Rice Recipe

N’awlins Venison Dirty Rice Recipe

by Chef Derek St. Romain

Get a taste of New Orleans with this Venison Dirty Rice Recipe I like to top this venison dirty rice… more »


Venison Steak Diane Recipe

by Chef Derek St. Romain

This Venison Steak Diane Recipe utilizes the pan juices to create a thick and flavorful sauce Serves: 2 Prep time:… more »

Cajun Smoked Venison Neck Recipe

Cajun Smoked Venison Neck Recipe

by Chef Derek St. Romain

Anyone that has prepared venison neck before will tell you the best way is to smoke the meat and then… more »

Venison Steak Au Poivre Recipe

Venison Steak Au Poivre Recipe

by Chef Derek St. Romain

This gourmet peppered venison steak recipe tastes like it came straight out of a five-star restaurant and is super simple… more »


Huge Oklahoma Whitetails Continue to Fall In Amazing 12-Month Run

by Lynn Burkhead

It’s been a crazy 12-month period for Oklahoma whitetail enthusiasts with two massive 250-class non-typical bucks being recently added to… more »


‘Guns & Ammo’ Magazine: Free December Issue Preview

by North American Whitetail Online Staff

Guns & Ammo, one of the nation’s leading firearms magazines and the most popular title within Outdoor Sportsman Group Publishing’s… more »


Deer Strategies for Muzzleloader Season

by Tony J Peterson

Muzzleloader season might be your last chance to fill the freezer. Depending on what state you live in, a good… more »

Venison Hunter’s Pie Recipe

Venison Hunter’s Pie Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

Easy-to-make and great as leftovers, this Venison Hunter’s Pie Recipe is a complete meal in every slice You may recognize… more »


Part 2: Lessons Learned from the 2016 Deer Rut

by Dr. James C. Kroll

Last month, I discussed what made 2016 one of the most frustrating whitetail seasons of my career. In retrospect, it… more »


Oklahoma DIY Hunting Awaits

by Bernie Barringer

Nestled in southern Oklahoma, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant offers a drawing for a limited number of controlled deer hunts each… more »


Bow Equipment Has Changed — And For the Better!

by Gordon Whittington

Those too young to recall this publication’s birth in 1982 are also too young to know what life was like… more »


Searching for Walter: Huge Non-Typical Missouri Buck Tagged

by Lynn Burkhead

After a frustrating pursuit of a big buck nicknamed Walter, Missouri deer hunter Tim Phillips goes old school with grandpa’s… more »


Plentiful DIY Hunting In Ohio’s Wayne National Forest

by Bernie Barringer

The words “national forest” generally create a mental image of large blocks of uninterrupted timber and big-woods hunting. So when… more »


Another Sooner State Giant Tagged as Game Camera Paves the Way

by Lynn Burkhead

After a cat-and-mouse two years of limited nocturnal images, a sudden game camera appearance paves the way for Oklahoma muzzleloader… more »


Major Changes For South Carolina Hunting

by Gordon Whittington

South Carolina had been the last holdout against a statewide season bag limit on whitetail bucks. But after years of… more »


Lessons Learned From The 2016 Deer Rut

by Dr. James C. Kroll

Last fall’s rut was one of the most frustrating of any in the 56 years I’ve hunted. Before the season… more »


What Is The Key For All-Day Rut Activity?

by Tony J Peterson

Conventional rut hunting advice trends toward finding terrain features that funnel deer movement. This is Whitetail 101-level stuff, but doesn’t… more »