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More Food for Fall

by Derrek Sigler

For most of us, hunting whitetails isn’t just a seasonal hobby — it’s a year-round obsession. With that obsession comes… more »


How to Properly Cull the Herd — Part I

by Dr. James C. Kroll

It happened one fall day back in the 1980s, just as we were starting to make progress in getting folks… more »


Handgun Hunting: A New Way to Chase Whitetails

by Haynes Shelton

I can think of several reasons why deer hunting with a handgun is enjoyable. For starters, it’s something different. If… more »


Winter Work For Hunting Success

by Mark Kayser

Regardless if you live in the North, South, East or West, you need to plan for winter to ensure your… more »


Chasing 300? Don’t Follow Me to Tennessee

by Gordon Whittington

Upon hearing Tennessee had yielded a possible world-record hunter-killed buck last fall, the whitetail world fell into a sudden state… more »


Season’s End Begins Winter Scouting

by Mark Kayser

Whitetail season is over. It’s time to pull your trail cameras and hang up the Nikon binos. It’s time to… more »

Non-Typical Whitetail

BREAKING: Tucker Buck Score Holds Up In B&C Review

by Colin Moore

Boone & Crockett had it right in the first place. Though some doubt was generated last week when it was… more »


Hot Zone: Arkansas

by Gordon Whittington

Arkansas doesn’t quite know where it is. Or, to put it more accurately, many people are unsure how to describe… more »


The New Face of Deer Rifles

by Gordon Whittington

What’s a “deer” rifle? The answer seems self-evident. But the line separating one of these firearms from all others seems… more »


Wisconsin Record Breaker

by Dan Cole

John Kassera held his bow at full draw trying to steady the 20-yard sight pin on the shoulder of the… more »


SHOT Show 2017: 5 New Products You Could Use

by Mark Kayser

As whitetail hunters we’re all looking for the best gear to ensure success while in the whitetail woods. The “best”… more »


Teen Becoming an Arkansas Whitetail Legend

by Clay Newcomb

It was late November 2014, and Eleanor Henry and her father, Martin, were hunting the stand they call “the beaver… more »


To Each His Own

by Patrick Hogan

Thirty years ago, when my dad was in the prime of his hunting “career,” I distinctly remember him loading the… more »


Pennsylvania Bookends

by Steve Sorensen

Every year whopper buck reports circulate through the whitetail grapevine as feverishly as gossip through the girls’ room at middle… more »


Tennessee Buck Officially Contends for World Record

by Gordon Whittington

Last November, when word came that a Tennessee muzzleloader hunter had shot a potential 300-class non-typical buck, the response was… more »


Health Scare Provides New Hunting Perspective

by Byron Willmore

“If I ever had that buck in front of me, I’d have a heart attack!” How many times have we… more »


Bradbury Bruiser

by Boyd Bradbury

My youngest son Malcolm and I were greeted by light snow, a 10-20 mph northeast wind and a temperature of… more »


Hot Zone: Indiana

by Darren Warner

Indiana is known for many things. Auto racing, covered bridges and Amish craftsmanship are just a few notables that make… more »


How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part IV

by Alli Armstrong

Years ago, if you were a hunter you probably started young and kept at it as long as you were… more »


Maximize Every Day

by Bernie Barringer

The Boone and Crockett Club has been keeping statistics on trophy animals for many years now. These records are a… more »