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Chicken Fried Venison Recipe

by Chef Derek St. Romain   |  April 23rd, 2014 0

No other piece of meat has caused more friction in deer camp than the holy backstrap.

That incredibly lean, tender length of pure protein makes hunters and camp cooks go wild. And there is definitely no shortage of opinion on the way you supposedly have to handle, prep, marinate or cook this great cut of meat.


A Wild Game Chef's Guide: How to Cook Venison

Whitetail deer probably represent more protein hitting the table than any other game species in North America, and right...

I have personally had numerous people suffering keyboard courage tell me I was dead wrong on my approach to this cut. What they do not realize is that I harvest quite a large number of deer every year and I butcher, clean, eat or serve every single one of them.

How you prep the venison may be slightly different than what you would for beef, but they are both still red meat. Bison, buffalo, elk, moose—they can all work in almost every recipe you could create with beef. And in my opinion, venison will not only suffice, but make the dish that much better.

So lets get to it: chicken fried venison loins (backstrap). Everyone loves this classic recipe, and I will show you one small trick to make it even better than you remember. As always, read through the recipe twice before you start and make sure you have a friend or two close by so you can show off.

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