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8 Best Scent Control Products for 2012

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  September 6th, 2012 4

We all stink, some of us more than others. My wife tells me I stink more than she tells me that I don’t stink, and more than one big buck has confirmed that we all smell bad a time or two. So what are hunters to do? The only thing we can: use one or more of these great eight scent control products.

These are the eight best options for scent control you have this fall. If a big buck busts you because he picks up your fragrance, you can’t say we didn’t let you in on a few of the best products out there.  Hunt the wind, use products that work and you truly believe in, and your chances for success go up dramatically. Here’s to stink-free hunting and monster bucks.

  • Mickey Geracitano

    These are all fine products !
    The one product not mentioned, is the Ozonics unit.
    This product actually eliminates all odors, and is a must for all serious hunters.
    After killing several trophy bucks using it, I won't hunt without it !

  • Bill Schongalla

    Would be nice to find a store that sells .nose Jammer. Seems that no one in Michigan does.

  • stephhance001

    More and more, today's deer hunters are trying to remain as "scent-free" as possible. This isn't exactly anything new; unscented soaps and other like products have been on the market for some years now. -Missed Fortune

  • brettmilleroutdoors

    I say good luck being scent free, you can't! You're constantly producing an odor of some sorts. Dick's Sporting Goods here in PA is selling Nose Jammer, I used it Saturday night…WOW! Had a fox and a bear cub down wind of me different times, they never scented me. Ozonics is expensive and one more piece of heavy gear to haul into the woods.

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