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Slug Guns

10 Quality Slug Guns Under $500

by Doug Howlett   |  September 19th, 2012 4

With state game agencies continuing to limit a whitetail hunter’s lethality both in the countryside and in more urban settings where homes and key deer habitat lie right next to each other, a growing number of hunters are limited to a shotgun (or muzzleloader) during their general firearms seasons. Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, parts of Virginia and other areas all restrict their gun hunters to these perceived shorter-range firearms, and while muzzleloaders can offer more reach, they limit hunters to a single shot and sometimes deliver that moment’s hesitation, snap-cap detonation. Meanwhile, with improvements in both slug barrels and load technology, shotgunners are no longer restricted to the imprecise 75-yard flight of a round punkin’ ball, and with today’s sabots and rifled barrels you can launch a shot with deadly accuracy to an easy 150 yards.

While a lot of today’s shotguns now exceed the cost of a quality rifle/scope combo, the modern deer hunter doesn’t need to borrow against the equity of his home to find a suitable smashmouth delivery system for that next monster buck. Here are 10 options that can all be had for less than $500.

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