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Slug Guns

6 New Slug Guns For Whitetail Hunters

by J. Guthrie   |  September 18th, 2011 2

Today’s whitetail shotguns are taking the concept of hunting with slug guns to an entirely new level. Capable of producing reliable accuracy to 200 yards and beyond, the newest slug guns are giving you plenty of reason to consider them over their centerfire rifle counterparts.

Benelli Super Black Eagle II

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Benelli’s Super Black Eagle II Slug Gun provides unfailing reliability in the field. The proven Benelli Inertia Driven bolt mechanism allows the Super Black Eagle II to shoot 2 3/4-, 3- and even 3 1/2-inch magnum ammunition without a hitch. The ComforTech system tames recoil up to 48 percent without adding any weight and reduces muzzle climb by 15 percent for fast follow-up shots.

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