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Slug Guns

Savage Model 220 Bolt-Action 20-Gauge Slug Gun

September 22nd, 2010 1

Slug gun hunters understand that modern sabot technology has elevated the 20-gauge slug to an effective range equaling centerfire cartridges like the .45-70 or .454 Casull, with much less recoil than traditional 12-gauge slugs. Savage Arms’ new Model 220 Bolt-Action Slug Gun provides rifle-grade 20-gauge slug accuracy, plus rifle-grade features.

Built on a drilled and tapped Savage 110 rifle receiver, the Model 220 features the revolutionary Savage AccuTrigger, a three-position rear-tang safety, detachable box magazine, and a durable synthetic stock. The Model 220 will be available in Black Synthetic with an MSRP of $505 and Realtree Hardwoods HD with an MSRP of $555.

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  • Frank

    I have heard that many gun owners are having trouble with the bolt. Specifically, if the bolt lifts up slightly the gun won't shoot. A friend of mine is having that trouble so he put a rubber band around the boilt so it stays down. I was going to buy the Savage 20 gauge but now Im thinking twice. Waiting for a respose.

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