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How to Find More Shed Antlers

by Mark Kayser 0

You’ve got to be kidding me, I said to myself looking down at the shed antler that suddenly appeared by… more »


Shed Hunting Leads to Prairie State Double Dropper

by Darron McDougal 0

Nineteen years ago, Gary Hintz, now owner of Bucks and Bulls Archery in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, took a four-day weekend… more »


Part 2: Lessons Learned from the 2016 Deer Rut

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

Last month, I discussed what made 2016 one of the most frustrating whitetail seasons of my career. In retrospect, it… more »


Lessons Learned From The 2016 Deer Rut

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

Last fall’s rut was one of the most frustrating of any in the 56 years I’ve hunted. Before the season… more »


What Is The Key For All-Day Rut Activity?

by Tony J Peterson 0

Conventional rut hunting advice trends toward finding terrain features that funnel deer movement. This is Whitetail 101-level stuff, but doesn’t… more »


Rut Prep: Deer Calls, Scents & Decoys

by Tony J Peterson 0

Take a look at the aisles of your local archery shop, or the nearest sporting goods store, and you’ll see… more »


Tracking October Deer Transitions

by Bob Humphrey 0

October lull: Fact or fiction? I’m still not convinced, though I have on occasion experienced a lull around the third… more »


A Plan of Attack During the October Lull

by Tony J Peterson 0

I was listening to a hunting-related podcast recently. The guest was a well-known western hunter. He and the host got… more »


Your Guideline to Proper Deer Scent Usage

by Mark Kayser 0

My flashlight lit up the narrow trail I hacked days earlier down to a wetland edge. The whitetails I targeted… more »


Timing Peak Rut In 2017

by Bob Humphrey 0

A buddy and I were drifting slowly along the shoreline, tossing bass plugs just shy of the overhanging branches when… more »

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