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Ty Schaefer 172-Inch Buck

Ty Schaefer Buck: Pennsylvania’s New No. 4 Typical of All Time

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

As Ty Schaefer and his grandfather rode in the back of the pickup truck, staring in amazement at Ty’s first… more »


Bow Basics: How to Improve Your Sight Picture

by Terry Wunderle 0

Have you ever put your sight pin on a target or deer and observed more movement than you would see… more »


Pre-Season Practice for Bowhunters

by Terry Wunderle 0

Late in the winter when deer season ends, most bows become objects used for gathering dust. Then, just before the… more »


Keep Your Cool: Bowhunting Practice Tips

by Terry Wunderle 0

Effective bowhunting practice involves more than the physical act of shooting the bow.


5 Ways You Can Miss A Whitetail

by Patrick Meitin 2

There’s no debate that there are more ways to miss a shot at a good buck than there are ways… more »


Deer of the Day – New Jersey Velvet Buck, Al Lipscomb

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

While hunting the second day of New Jersey’s bow season in Atlantic County, Al Lipscomb was able to take this… more »

Everything from broadhead weight to blade sharpness can have an effect on penetration and, thus, the blood trail you’re left to work with.   Photo by Brad Herndon/

Arrow Energy: Are You Packing Enough Punch For Trophy Bucks?

by Patrick Meitin 0

Want to start an argument among whitetail hunters? Mention arrow energy minimums pertaining to big game hunting. There’s plenty of… more »

A decent fletching jig is one of two critical tools you'll need for at-home arrow construction, a cut-off saw being the other.  Photo courtesy of Patrick Meitin.

Tips for Building Your Own Hunting Arrows

by Patrick Meitin 2

Mass-produced arrows often leave much to be desired. Common themes include fletchings set too far forward and a lack of… more »

Blank bale shooting is an excellent off-season shooting drill. Focus less on where the arrow is impacting the bale and more on proper shot execution and form.  Photo courtesy of Terry Wunderle.

Tips For Off-Season Bow Prep

by Terry Wunderle 0

As deer season becomes a memory, do you find yourself anticipating and planning for that next whitetail adventure? Those big… more »


Three Essential Keys For Archery Form

by Vic Wunderle 0

The author says that three essential keys to good archery hunting form are the following: 1) Use the classic T-shaped form. 2) Upon release, let your release hand slide back quickly along your face and neck. 3) Keep your bow arm pointed at the target!

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