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Decoying Whitetails: 7 Deadly Secrets

by Travis Faulkner   |  November 18th, 2010 0

1. Keep your decoys odor-free by thoroughly spraying them down with a strong scent-eliminator.

2. Store and transport decoys in a sealed plastic or scent-proof carrying bag and always use latex gloves when setting them up in the field.

3. Avoid spraying rut related scents directly on your decoys, because over time these odors will sour and the strong aroma will inevitably spook deer.

4. Utilize scent-application strategies like mock scrapes, drag-rags and scent-stations near, but not directly on your decoys.

5. Strategically face your buck decoy in a quartering away position inside of a cleared shooting lane.

6. Setup decoys in open or semi-open locations that offer high-visibility (You may have to take a hand saw or sheers to trim away small sections of underbrush and limbs when hunting areas with thick cover).

7. Match buck and doe decoy setups with the current stage of the rut and daily whitetail behavior.

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