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Timing Peak Rut In 2017

by Bob Humphrey 0

A buddy and I were drifting slowly along the shoreline, tossing bass plugs just shy of the overhanging branches when… more »


Are You Making a Critical Mistake in the Rut?

by Don Higgins 0

I quietly slipped through the standing corn to the stand I’d hung in the giant oak several months earlier. It… more »


Patterning Rutting Bucks

by Steve Bartylla 0

I’ll be painfully honest. I seemingly did everything in my power to blow this hunt for an otherwise gift-wrapped buck…. more »


Scraping up Bucks

by Steve Bartylla 0

After a morning hunt, you are walking out along the edge of a field when you spot an active scrape…. more »


Deer Grunting Tips from 3 Whitetail Experts

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Over the past three decades our understanding of whitetail behavior has grown significantly, and one of the primary lessons we’ve… more »


The Whitetail Addict’s Guide to Hunting Extreme Weather

by Mark Kenyon 0

Most times when we whitetail addicts dream of hunting season, we picture a crisp cool morning and a sparkling autumn… more »

A Day in the Rut

A Typical Day in the Rut for a Buck

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

Have you ever been in the woods during the rut and wondered where all the big bucks are? Of course… more »


8 Most Trusted Spots to Kill a Buck During the Rut

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

The rut is on, and that means bucks are on the move as they search for does in estrous. Like… more »


NAW Debate: Why the Rut Ain’t What it Used to Be

by Dr. James C. Kroll 1

Unless you’ve been on deployment in the Middle East or on an Antarctic expedition for the last few years, you’ve… more »

Setting up in or near secure bedding areas can be a deadly tactic for ambushing a buck that's cruising for hot does.  Photo by John Hafner/

5 Sure-Fire Rut Setups

by P.J. Reilly 5

When Mother Nature says it’s breeding time in the deer woods, hunters become scarce around the house. And that’s as… more »

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