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Guide to Off-Season Trail Cameras

Your Guide To Using Trail Cameras in the Offseason

by Mark Kenyon 0

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two bucks in the photo and they were both giants. Long, stout beams…. more »


The Whitetail Addict’s Guide To Postseason Scouting

by Mark Kenyon 0

He’s the guy who arrives at the country general store every year, pulling his truck up to the curb as… more »


8 Whitetail Scouting Blunders To Avoid

by Jason Herbert 3

Effective scouting will increase your odds at a mature buck. But there are whitetail scouting blunders to avoid. Here’s a look at a few.


Weird Whitetail Antler Debris

by NAW TV 0

More than a few whitetail bucks have gotten unusual things stuck in their racks. Here’s a look at some of… more »

Understanding the technical features of your trail camera — including the trigger options, type of flash, range and battery life — can increase your success in patterning the deer on your property.  Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Trail Cameras

by Mike Rex 2

Last hunting season, I enlisted the aid of more than 20 trail cameras. Comprised of various makes and models, my… more »


Building A Recon Network For Whitetail Hunting

by Mike Rex 0

With the help of GPS units and wireless trail cameras, tech-savvy hunters can create a bird’s-eye view of whitetail movement on their property.


Whitetail Scouting Tips

by Thomas Allen 0

If your scouting strategy consists of glassing a field or two on your drive home from work and looking for rubs and scrapes during your walk to the stand, you might be missing the point.

The author's son, Ryan, shows off the trophy whitetail he took in 2009. Ryan was able to monitor the buck without intruding in the area thanks to photos from a wireless trail camera. Photos courtesy of Mike Rex.

Pro Tips For Using a Wireless Trail Camera

by Mike Rex 1

The evolution of wireless trail camera technology is changing the way the modern hunter executes his season-long strategy. Are you part of the revolution?

By combining your in-season scouting efforts with a willingness to remain mobile, you can maximize the odds of tagging a mature buck. Photo by Judd Cooney/

In-Season Scouting For Whitetails

by Thomas Allen 0

If you want to be a player in the pursuit of trophy whitetails, the time you invest in scouting should never end when the season begins.

Online maps and property tax information can narrow your search for land holding mature bucks, enabling you to minimize your physical intrusions for shed hunting and hanging stands.

Whitetail Scouting From Afar

by Jason Herbert 0

Scouting doesn’t have to entail weekly intrusions into the inner sanctums of your deer woods. Follow this plan to scout your hunting ground from a safe distance – a very safe distance.

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