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Trail camera hidden with leaves

3 Ways to Thief-Proof Your Trail Cameras

by Bernie Barringer 0

Possibly the only thing that hurts worse than losing a trail camera to a thief is losing the information it… more »

Trail camera on tree

The Best Innovative Trail Cameras of 2018

by Haynes Shelton 0

We’ve seen plenty of innovation within the trail camera world this year, including more user-friendly options for wireless and communicative… more »


Another Sooner State Giant Tagged as Game Camera Paves the Way

by Lynn Burkhead 0

After a cat-and-mouse two years of limited nocturnal images, a sudden game camera appearance paves the way for Oklahoma muzzleloader… more »


Big Bucks: 10 Secrets for Trailcam Success

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

Two pros share their best secrets to patterning trophy whitetails with trail cameras It’s no secret that trail cameras can… more »


Tracking October Deer Transitions

by Bob Humphrey 0

October lull: Fact or fiction? I’m still not convinced, though I have on occasion experienced a lull around the third… more »


Top Four Summer Trail Cam Locations

by Bernie Barringer 0

I’m always surprised when I talk to someone who mostly runs their trail cameras just before the deer season and… more »


From Novelty to Mainstay: Trail Camera Scouting is Here To Stay

by Bill Cooper 0

Gone are the days when the trail camera was considered a novelty. It’s now about as common in the deer… more »


No Bucks on Camera? It Happens.

by Adam Hays 0

It never ceases to amaze me just how elusive a giant whitetail buck can be, even when you know exactly… more »


Are Your Trail Cameras Helping or Hurting?

by Steve Bartylla 0

I was flat-out thrilled. I’d been watching the does and the 140-inch 3 1/2-year-old buck for the past half-hour. Just… more »

The author's son, Ryan, shows off the trophy whitetail he took in 2009. Ryan was able to monitor the buck without intruding in the area thanks to photos from a wireless trail camera. Photos courtesy of Mike Rex.

The Advantages of a Wireless Trail Camera

by Mike Rex 1

Heading into fall, I had saved up 30 vacation days, all ear-marked to hunt one particular buck. As luck would… more »

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