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20 Must-See Freak Bucks

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  October 2nd, 2012 10

A look at some of our favorite freak bucks from the last year and beyond!

  • Matthew

    Yes a real trophy, shot out of the truck window driving around checking fields.

  • jarrrof

    Some people like you that does hunt at all

  • applepickers

    Matthew probably belongs to Peta.

  • Hunter4life

    Hey Matt you should see if one of these guys will let you borrow their hunting knife ? Then you can cut the umbilical cord and get away from your mother!!!

  • primeslayer

    nope i was under the intention he shot that deer from the ground rumor has it he used matts oladys pants to lure it in

  • tim parker

    sorry fellas. but i know for a fact hadley creek grows their deer in pens. thats a home grown buck fenced in and fed. killed in the pen.

  • You will never know

    All of you guys are meen

  • darin

    Photo 16 is from a deer farm. They have his pic on their homepage.

  • kjaegers

    I'm afraid not darin. Photo 16 is my buck and I shot him 100% fair chase and legal on my family farm. Tell me what deer farm has it on their homepage. Kevin

  • Charles Jones

    I would like to post a freak buck using your email address. What is it?. Please send response to

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