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Biggest Albino Deer Ever?

by NAW TV   |  October 25th, 2011 64

The biggest albino deer ever might be this protected brute that was captured on tape and observed for several months in Buffalo County.

  • Joe Summy

    Should we be keeping albinos in the gene pool? Joe Summy

    • Kevin Howell

      he wouldn't have made it past the first year in NC, beautiful deer though!

    • nathan

      why wouldn't you?

    • glenn

      albions are sterial so other than beauty…………..might as well shoot it. he cannot reproduce the gene is passed threw does anyway

      • Kevin

        I am a biologist and albino deer are not sterile. They have a double recessive gene that cause the lack of pigment in their skin that causes albinism. They can pass that gene on to offspring. As long as the doe that he breeds with carries the recessive gene for albinism, there offspring have a chance to also be albino.

    • jason

      Now i am wondering the same exact question. I dont think we should because they cant pass on their gene, so why not put it in the freezer?

  • mike

    This deer is not a true albino. Brown on the head means he is a legal buck. Ami iright or wrong ??

    • Jamie

      I'd say the brown on his head was just stained from rubbing trees.

    • nathan

      you are correct, not albino just white

      • Lee

        Its a true albino ! This monster buck has pink nose and eyes ! Its hooves are also pinkish too ! Its an albino !

    • john

      if you look at him when he is in velvet, his head is white. So the brown is probably just from rubbing trees. and ha look at him in velvet he is almost glowing.

    • john

      the pink eyes means true albino

    • jeremy

      you are wrong…that is stain from his glands ..i have seen an albino as well as a spotted white and brown deer…pink nose and red eyes are tell tail signs

      • wyatt

        i just shot an albino 8 point in pa. my buck also had brown between the antlers, it's stained from the trees he was rubbing. gorgeous deer though, getting a full body mount.

    • jason

      you are definately wrong, this is absolutely rediculous, have you ever seen an all white deer that isnt an albino?

      • Andy

        yes actually, Seneca Army Depot in NY is home to the worlds largest herd of all white, non-albino deer. It is a gene that is very prevalent in the herd that makes them white, but they still have brown eyes, noses, and hooves so are not considered true albinos. You are also lucky to find a brow tine on a buck too, biologists believe also a gene trait. Until a few years back the Army allowed hunting to control the population due to the land being high fenced though "hug-a-bunnies" convinced the NY and Fed. governments that it was inhumane and a "canned" hunt so hunting is no longer allowed. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in fair chase and ethical hunting but the Seneca deer herd is now after a few years too large for the containment they live in to the point deer are starving to death and disease is killing the deer. Good idea "hug-a-bunnies" don't let people who would like to hunt them do so,let's let them suffer and die slow instead. So to close, yes there are all white deer that are not Albino.

    • Justin

      if three quarters of the deer is white its considered an albino deer. brown head doesn't mean a thing

    • andy

      he is actually, look at nose and eyes…..i watched 2 albinos here local where I live in PA. they had all white crowns until they started rubbing trees, think about it, it is just stained fur from tree bark, sap, and what have ya

    • Big hunter

      You are not right

  • william lahue

    Kudo's to those gentlemen for not Poaching that magnificent animal…Bill

    • Butch

      your all dumb. that deer would look damn good on my wall and cabela's would pay a pretty penny. so you all can get bent,

  • buck

    i noticed that too… but his eyes were red and nose was pink. characteristics of true albinism. pie bald deer have normal colored eyes.

    • Tony S.

      The albino trait is a recessive trait. It should never be allowed into the gene pool. The state of Wisconsin should immediately have me come up and remove this deer from the herd!

  • Ron Stephens

    The brown on the forehead is stain from rubbing. When in velvet he had a white forehead. Absolutely beautiful buck, but I agree that these recessive traits should be removed from the herd.

    • Ben


  • buck

    why should these traits be removed? they're obviously not bad seeing as how this deer is 180 inches. if a trait only affects color its not bad. deformation and small antler traits should be removed. recessive human traits: attatched ear lobes, no dimples, no freckles, hazel green and blue eyes, blonde and red hair, susceptibility to poison ivy. i would imagine yall want to conserve these instead of culling them… lmao

    • Ben

      Some hunters make me sick, it is all about scored points .will it make the record books?.That is all you see in the hunting magazines. Me i shoot the first legal buck that i see.I always wonder is the trophy hunter looking for bragging rights or is it to feed his or her ego.

      • Ben in Ohio

        Its called a challenge. I would be done buck hunting on opening dayy if I lowered myself to your standards! I fill my freezer with does and wait for a big buck. I've passed up little bucks on the last day of season bcuz I would have not been excited about shooting it.

        • brent

          lower yourself to his standards?!?! give me a break!!!! any animal taken legally should make any TRUE hunter proud! just because that's your belief don't make it gospel! when i hunted nothing but county land i was very happy to harvest even a fork when i was younger! score is great but i'd MUCH rather feed my family then brag about numbers!

      • Todd in KS

        I know what makes me sick, when hunters have the mentality, "If it's brown, it's down" That's fine for child hunters under the age of say 16. But taking a YOUNG buck out of the herd before it has a chance to reach it's full potential at age 4 1/2 or older, is what truly disgusts me. A trophy hunter does not kill soley based on what a deer scores, he waits for a MATURE buck or kills a doe. As for you Ben, you should start your own magazine filled with 1 1/2 year old spikes and four points and get back to us on how well it sells!!!

        • Guest

          I actually like to eat deer so younger bucks and does are fine with me. I have killed "trophy bucks" before but only because they happened to show up during my hunt. Some of us have extremely limited time to hunt and aren't in the sport to "kill trophy bucks." Personally, I don't hunt with a 4 wheeler, I don't bait, and I don't sit around passing up deer to kill a MATURE buck.

      • Eddie

        I agree with you Ben these ppl are idiots that make it harder for real hunters to get leases or plain permission to a good chunk of land!

      • WillieJ

        Why do you shoot the first legal buck? I shot the first legal deer. I hunt for food, doe/buck/fishing/turkey/squirrel/rabbit etc…

  • Delbert Lammers

    Ahhhh the ancient prophecy of the great white buck has finally been fulfilled, now, the way has been opened for the final prophecy……

  • Rod A, Cronkhite

    I'm with Ben in Ohio. Ihave passed some good bucks already this year. Let them grow up!

  • kirk

    As hunters and humans we all should realize we are all individuals with differing opinions…each indivdual determines what is right for them..remember opinions are like a..holes everyone has one….as hunters we should all respect the game and each other as well as our sport!!!

  • Joe

    Well one think to think about is like breeding cows you keep the big bull so there all nice ones growing up for years to come , you do not kill the big breeder ! just think about it ok !

  • Casey

    The idea of killing a larger, more mature buck is for the challenge. Killing a young buck who is not as smart as a 4,5,6 year old buck is not nearly as challenging as killing a naive, immature buck. Thats why we are trophy hunters. its not about our ego…. haha

  • Joe Summy

    Killing a spike buck in Central Texas is removing an inferior animal from the gene pool(Texas Parks and Wildlife Depart.) So I shoot inferior bucks (including spikes), does, prime bucks (eight points or more), and cull older bucks. This a lot different then the "olden days" when spikes and does where protect. The result now: is an improvement in deer quality.

    Papa Joe Summy

  • Brian

    It's a beautiful animal. I think it is a true albino because his eye appear to be pink. If the brown patch isn't from rubbing, he may be considered piebald. I'm not sure how I feel about protecting albino deer. I don't think just because a deer is white it needs to be protected. However, you can see how letting the animal go a few years made him a true trophy specimen – and not for his lack of color.

  • 12ringman

    The brown on his head is his forehead gland his tarsal glands will not be white either. You guys that think otherwise should really crack a book sometimes other than being on the crapper!!!

    • wyatt

      why read a book when i got an albino buck last thursday? brown on it was from rubbing, and the only other thing brown was right above it's hooves, from walking in the mud. didn't see any brown around a tarsal gland.

  • timber

    got it ringman

  • Rajesh

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  • John

    Now thats a real deer!

  • deerslayer2

    albino deer will have natural pink eyes and pink nose. the brown on its head could be from anything. it could be from trees,mud stains, who knows. it is an absolutely magnificent buck tho. and they all pieballs to be shot in places why not albinos, their pretty much the same thing just one is actual deer and the other is albino..

  • deerslayer2

    albino deer will have natural pink eyes and pink nose. maybe even pink around the hooves. quit arguing about it some people know some people dont. jesus. the brown on its head could be from anything trees, mud stains, glands who knows. but it is truely a magnificient buck. they allow pieballs to be shot why not albino deer. their pretty much the same deer just different colors. so there ya go.. and the mark on its head could be sweat glands and tree marks because when the buck makes rubs that tarsal gland will leave a scent on the tree. so its both.

  • Nick Nystate

    i agree with deer slayer stfu all of u

  • jason

    i also agree with deerslayer2, you can obviously tell that that is a true albino deer!

  • deerslayer2

    thank you

  • deer killer

    shoot that thing its huge

  • Richard J Roth

    I find it pretty hard to believe you all would want to shoot this deer. I am a hunter and i say let this sucker grow. On the other hand you would have to pry my hands off the trigger with a 10' pole. He's old enough to cull out of the herd

  • girl hunter

    u guys sound like old women

    • pageman

  • mills

    at young age the love of wildlife ran through me….. And to c this is great we need to following you guys and stop the taking of the rare and few great deer cool show

  • denote17dylan

    i would love to hang that on my wall

  • Jake

    that would be a tough one to swallow

  • D. Goodrich

    I took a 9 point true albino in Pendleton co ky this year. I can't figure out how to post pictures. But you can see it on my fb. Donald F. Goodrich III can anyone tell me how to post a picture?

  • pageman

    this is an amazing animal why would anybody wanna harvest him. bu to be honest i would if it was legal in the state

  • Jeff

    Does the color of the hair really mean anything? Lets not be racist. Its a mature buck, i would shoot it in a heartbeat!!

  • baggs

    bad luck i would never wack a albino thats me dont care what you do

  • Big hunter

    I would shoot that deer as soon as it gave me a shot

  • Big hunter

    Althow there is very few of these deer in the US so it would be a hard choice

  • Hunter

    Kill the buck and keep the doe, that's what my dad did a few years back. it was a good size 8 pointer

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