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Non-Typical Ohio Trophy Bucks

High & Heavy: 226-Inch Ohio Trophy Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 18th, 2011 18

A look at a 226-inch Ohio Trophy deer taken by 13-year-old Kurt Mallett

  • HawgNSonsTV

    That right there is HawgLife!

  • kevin von hasenstein

    kurt you are my new super hero! take it from an old grizzly, that there is one to be proud of! that will stick in your memory for life, good job.

  • Richard Ziert

    You are in trouble now young man ! What are you going to ever do for an encore. Good on ya!


  • Mike

    very rare does a hunter take a trophy like that…cherish it forever

  • Mike

    Mid ohio has some of the best whitetail hunting in the world

  • Darrell Pettigrew

    Neoice! That's some Bone

  • deerslayer1957

    from the state of missouri, way to go dude. we here in the show me state say heck of a job.

  • Kornmiller

    Nice buck! Way to go! Love Ohio bucks, they make the rest of the states look like little bambi's! Congradulations again!

    • denote17dylan

      well not really. we got big deer in TN too

  • deerslayer2

    congrats kid! we all have good memories of buck we have killed especially us kids. and that picture is going to be stuck in my head. nice job!

  • Zachary

    nice going kid. thats a buck of a life time.

  • deerkiller

    I've killed big deer,but that one is HUGE ecspecially in ohio

  • dhunter

    I like the dog, do you want to sale him……lol I think he was the super hero needed to locate such a brute. They normally can take a licken and keep on ticken before they drop.

  • Eric

    Nice buck! I hunt NE Ohio too so it gets me pumped up!

  • Eric

    OOPS…I meant SE Ohio.

  • Richard J Roth

    very nice job ,Question how bad was the shaking before you squeezed the trigger. hat's off to ya young man I wish they got that that big down here in the Big Cypress south ( Florida)

  • denote17dylan

    the biggest thing ive seen in tennessee is a 14 point and i think thats the one and only time ill see something that big. the deer here are small in jackson TN

  • BOONER!!!!!

    Thats why everbody from tenn. is going to ohio to hunt ,look at the 16yr old boy from knox.tenn Nick Beeler P@Y offical score 200 1/8 net nontypical

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