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Non-Typical Trophy Bucks

Sunflower Slammer: 222 6/8-Inch Kansas Trophy Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  January 6th, 2012 39

Cameron Gabast’s 222 6/8-inch Kansas Trophy Buck


  • Dave

    What mass awesome deer congrats

  • Kansas Resident

    Outfitters are a scorge to the sport. I agree, get the hell out of our state!!! Spoilers of a good thing!!!

  • frogger

    Outfitters reak havoc on our deer population!!!!!!! get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Only shoot Mature

      Well, I would like to see Outfitters along with ALL hunters educate individuals on what a 3 1/2 year old compared to a 6 year old deer is and quit shooting 3 1/2 year old deer because they look good and individuals are scared someone else may shoot the deer. Educate, and the taking of young deer will be limited. Thanks!

  • bbir

    sounds like lak of planing and a lot of luck!!!!!!

  • Kansas Resident

    I am sick of hearing about these losers stealing our deer!!!!

    • Fastfreddy45

      You Kansas babies don't know how to hunt big bucks, the only way most of you from Kansas hunt whitetails is from the seat of your truck driving down the road. At least us hunters from out of state hunt the right way and not shoot them from a truck window!!!!

  • Kansas Resident

    Outfitters need to stop it!!!!!!!! Sell your land if you don;t want to respect it!!!!!!!

  • Big Game

    I feel the pain of you fellow hunters. I am sick and tired of hearing about outfitters selling off our Kansas deer. It is very discouraging to say the least. I wish they would outlaw outfitting in Kansas. So many local Kansas people have lots hunting rights to out of state, high paying people who come in and harvest animals. It is just not right. Please law makers of Kansas do something about this travisty.

    • Chris

      Tell your local resedents to quit leasing the land to the outfitters, period.

  • Wisconsin hunter

    like it or not it is happening all over the country. can't really blame the land owner for making some extra money off of his land. If we like the place we are hunting we need to take care of the owners or purchase some land of our own. you wouldn't pass up a chance for some extra cash yourself if you were in their position. they don't owe us anything.

    • wisconsin hunter

      by the way nice deer

  • Big Game

    Oh poor wisconsin hunter you do not know your facts then. I am in that position because I am a land owner and I let people hunt on it. I would sell out of state hunters the right to hunt my land. That is what is at issue here. Stay in your own damn state and hunt then!!!!!!!!!! Prostitute your own farmer's land, because the Knasas people and farmers do not want you here!!! These people doing this aren't farmers, they are rich land owners who are out to make a buck. Either inherited their land or just bought it while living in another state because they already have money to burn. Wasteful land use.

  • Big Game

    Correction…I would NEVER sell the right to hunt on my land.

  • MichiganBowHunter

    Its the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in case you people didnt know. People have the right to do whatever they please with their land. We are all from the same country and we all have the right to hunt in any state we want. BIG GAME you sound ignorant as hell. Talking about people coming in and killing you "KANSAS DEER" One of the dumbest things i have read on here. The deer are not yours or the states or anyones, they are wild animals. Anyone in the country has the right to hunt anywhere they want. I agree that outfitting and land leasing is pushing the sport in the wrong direction, but there are plenty of people like myself who live in high pressure areas in the midwest that like to venture to other states and have a chance to hunt a more unpressured area of the country. I am from Michigan and have been on a couple out of state hunts…..none of which did I pay for a outfitter or a lease I simply left my state bought an out of state tag(in Kansas) And killed a 150 in three days on public land, in the country that i live in, which is my right. If you got a problem with people hunting "your state" from other states maybe you should go by an island somewhere and you can be your own government. The problem is not out of state hunters it is the commercial hunting industry with all there eyes focused on one thing which we both agree on is the $$$$$. But dont hate on people from other states for wanting to hunt a better area of the country we all call home.

    • MissBuckNasty

      Thank you, that needed to be said

  • Big Game

    We agree on some things. Some very important things. Funny you went all personal on me. Shows your intelligence level. lmao!! Glad you were able to take a deer on public land, that is great bro! And good for you not to pay an outfitter. Lowlife scums.

  • huh


  • screw the outfitters

    Gotta agree with all the KS residents. Welcome to the new Texas. You wont be able to hunt a frackin thing here in 5 years without the almighty greenback. Its a shame, my 5 year old boy will not know that you used to hunt wherever with a xmas gift or a little fence building in the summer. Those days are gone. The real shame is this out of state money is shutting off all hunting. Wanna shoot a few duck off the pond, wanna walk the hedge row for that covey of quail, wanna walk the CRP strip for pheasant? Too bad. That outfitter ties up that land year round for 10 days of deer hunting. Dont even ask to go in after deer season is over, wouldn't want to disturb that outfitters deer herd that he won't see for 10 months…. Makes me wanna puke.

  • Border Country

    The sad thing for most of the comments on here are you don't know Cameron or where he lives and how he hunts. He was born and raised on the Nebraska/Kansas border. He worked in Kansas for many years and the land he hunts on is owned by a farmer that he knows well(Family) that owns land in both Nebraska and Kansas. Cameron is a hunter like the rest of us. Taking dear for management on family land and protecting an industry that we all enjoy, he just does it for a living. I've know Cameron for many years. This is an enjoyment to see someone that works hard and plays hard to get credit in a very popular magazine. Good job Cameron.

  • Big Game

    You said it with one word Mr Border country…INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!! The sport of hunting is no longer a sport, it is an industry thanks to the likes of your buddy and so many other greedy people like him out there!! Find a real job and then hunt like the rest of us. This is bringing this country down. Yeah, yeah, nice deer and all that, there alot of nice deer to be had out there. This, however is pathetic slaughtering for money. Not management. INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don;t you get it you moron!!!!!!!!!!

    • wisconsin hunter

      I did not say that I liked the outfitters but there is also the rich in each of our own state that are leasing large tracts of land for just o few to hunt on also that has nothing to do with outfitting. We have lost just as much land to hunt to them as we have outfitters. What's your take on that? I wish I could hunt all the land I did 50 years ago but that is not going to happen. If you're not a friend of some one who has land it is almost impossible to hunt in any state except public land. That is why I said we have to help the people that have land available to us to keep it that way. offering to help a few days a year or assisting them in so way, don't expect something for nothing.

  • Midwest QDMA

    Funny that all of the negative comments come from the same user and IP address. Get a life guy. Jealousy will ruin the tradition of deer hunting long before any outfitter. Also, don't pretend to be multiple users when it's real easy to check and see that (frogger, Kansas Resident, Big Game and screw the outfitters) is one in the same person. Good try though!

    And, congrats to the hunter! What an awesome, once in a lifetime deer. Too bad most on hear can't see what you have there because they are busy being jealous little boys.

  • hunter

    Awesome buck great harvest

    • adeerhunter

      Sounds like sour grapes are turning ROTTEN in Kansas these days if border country knows Cameron as an alright guy thats ok with me. The dudes calling anyone who takes as nice a buck as this one are the real LOOSERS . Get it right Kansas boys there not all your deer no one owns wildlife . How about your FREAKIN JAYHAWKS stealing all the good basketballl players if you dont want anyone to come to your state to hunt maybe you should only go after Kansas players and see how that goes for ya.

      • adeerhunter

        Oh most important thing AWESOME BUCK and CONGRATS Cameron .

  • screw the outfitters

    How about you get your Game and Parks to manage your deer like KS. How about you have a school build a national championship program like KU… Do that and you won't have to come here to hunt and we'll leave you're players will stay at home. What you people aren't getting is no one is mad this guy shot this deer, good for him. What leaves the bad taste in the mouth is….. pay attention….. you with me……. OUTFITTER. Crystal clear. They are all a scourge on our prairies…..

  • Michigan Hunter

    The guy shot a great buck and although I am jealous (just like all the haters on this page), I have to say congrats! He has the job that everyone else on this page wants, but can't have. He isn't doing anything wrong, he just has a different job than most everyone on this page. People have the right to buy land wherever and whenever they please. Why don't you all stop complaining about it and practice deer management of your own. Don't say you don't care about big bucks because if you didn't, then you wouldn't have been on this site, looking at these bucks!!!!! Congratulations Cameron!!!!

  • Cardnation

    You GIRLS are killing me!!! Grow up, get over yourselves, shut up and HUNT! there are plenty of public places in KS. to hunt and the bucks grow just as big there. It might take a little more WORK and DEDICATION to get the job done, but that's the FUN part about hunting!!!!!

  • Master Blaster 5

    I got me a buck this year that would score about 5 inches, and Im mighty proud of it. Wish it was featured on the front cover of this magazine, or even a section dedicated to trophy spike bucks from across the nation.

  • Master Blaster 5

    I deal with outfitters everyday, and as long as the guys that pay to hunt stay across the fence and off my properties im ok. Normally I get some great entertainment from the outa state hunters. For instance, one year a goat was actually taken during fire arm season and the hunter tagged it and took it to the locker for proccessing. You can imagine the laughs we got over that deal, but that is why I am not a big fan of outfitters and their guests so to speak because you never know what caliber of people could be poping off shots in your direction.

  • one shot

    It's too bad people are so quick to judge others without knowing anything real about them. Cam has been hunting since he was a kid, loves the sport and now enjoys the hunting experiences with his daughters. He has always hunted on friend/family ground and is not a " money hungry" outfitter. He's a life-long hunter, father and husband who recently had to change occupations (because of a medical reason) so he decided he may as well do something he's good at and loves! This buck of a lifetime has nothing to do with his new job as an outfitter-he would have shot this buck anyway because he's been hunting that ground for years. So stop judging, stop being jealous and congradulate a fellow hunter!

    • adeerhunter

      I agree lets stop blasting each outher and giving the anti hunters moore ammo!!!!!!!

  • Meat unter

    Great buck man the sport of hunting is a welcome thing in our family and i could only imagine seeing that thing!! Congratz man what a buck!!

  • Ryan Gulker

    I lived in KS for most of my 48 years and hunted just about everything you can on private and public land. Seven years ago I had to leave KS for TX. I haven't been able to hunt anything except dove for about 5 days (which cost me $200). Just to be able to hunt in south TX I would have had to pay about $2000 each year and share the land with anywhere from 5 to 15 other guys I don't even know. Public opportunities are non-existent although they claim there are many. The ones you can find require you to get in a draw system and then some state employee takes you by the hand and leads you to a blind in front of a feeder. They kill deer in TX, they don't hunt them. Thank the Lord that in 4 months I will be returning to KS to live for the rest of my life. Shortly before I left I started feeling the pinch of outfitters as some of my land that I had worked years to garner was slipping away. I will do all that I can to remove the blight of the hunting outfitter when I return. Just tell me where to sign up.

  • Tom

    Great deer. Congrats. What most people dont realize is that outfitters strictly manage the deer herd on these properties by enforcing antler minimums on the bucks and doe management. Yes they are making money but it is fair chase and the deer do leave the properties.Great buck. Check out my buck Curly under trophy bucks on this site. By the way, I shot him while hunting with an outfitter who also manages his deer.193"

  • wihunter

    Wow you guys from Kansas complain about outfitters and how they are just after the money which I agree with, but take a look atbyour own state with some of the highest price tags in the u.s. for non residents. Your own state is acting like an outfitter and selling big horns for money. Come on up to Wisconsin where anyone can buy a tag anytime for 140 $. Lots of public land and very few outfitters. You wanna get rid of outfitters, have your dnr shell out some of that money and buy some of that great land you guys have then everyone can enjoy it.

  • stephenix1015

    It turned out that most of the small time borrowers were also good payers, and since the interest rates were higher than the usual mark-up of banks or financing companies, the practice became attractive to the large lenders.-Tax Tiger

  • KS resident

    Its just sad to see that hunting has become a money thing more than a right to harverst and enjoy the meat of your kill. you out of state morons drive thru deer country the whole way to get here and spend your money for some guide or outfitter to scout and hang your stand and spoon feed your ass a nice deer that they have actually hunted. anymore its about the inches and braging rights of your deer. HOW can you brag on your 5000 dollar 160in bought deer when ive workd my ass off geting permission and keeping that permission to be able to even have a chance at deer that size. O ya i consistantly kill big deer every year the real way. You people buying hunts discuss me. Gentleman outdoorsman is more like it not a hunter. So wear your underarmor and strut your truck worth more than my mortgage and keep pretending your a hunter

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