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8 Big Buck States for 2012

by Doug Howlett   |  September 11th, 2012 23

Is this the year you set your sights beyond your own home hunting boundaries and go after that faraway buck with true record book potential? Or maybe your local hunt houses a monster with record potential and you’re wondering if you should just focus on things right there? North American Whitetail has taken a look at Boone & Crockett’s Trophy Search, showing which ones offer a realistic choice at a true B&C trophy this season. Despite concerns about the drought that slammed much of the country, as well as disease outbreaks that can have a huge impact on trophy potential, this year has the chance to be a monster-producing year. Here are our picks for the top eight states to kill a giant buck in 2012.



  • Silver Doctor

    The sleeper state is Missouri. You can hunt with a rifle and buy a tag over the counter. There are some awesome bucks there under normal conditions… I don't know how it will be this season given the drought in the Midwest, but I have never been disappointed hunting there.

    • Jeremie Cormier

      I live in New Brunswick Canada and went to Alberta and payed 5000$ with smokey outtfiters and will never return they are just in it for the money out of 5 hunters the biggest one killed scored 140 my brother shot one that scored 90 and a guy from the US killed one that scored 130 and I didn’t see one shooter in 70 hrs of sitting in the stands and only saw 1 buck that was to small it wasn’t worth it and I am currently looking to go some where this November in the US thinking about Kentucky anyone has any suggestion on any other states or any other outffiter where we can get some trophy whitetail

      • GUEST BRO

        northern indiana has some very nice spots

  • George

    I don't think hunters in Iowa are registering their bucks in the B&C book bc I'm pretty sure between lee & tiff, the kisky's, n drury bro's I've seen at least 8 booners so 11 entries is just hard to believe. WI with 30 n Iowa with 11??????

  • Michael Powell

    can not enter a buck that is not considered fair chase

  • theoutdoorwriter

    How does Alberta make the list? When did we get that as a state?

    • Cummins45306

      I agree, the Title of the article is 8 Big Buck STATES for 2012,,, you want to talk about Alberta, then do a story on Canadian Whitetails. Last I knew we didnt need a Passport to hunt in a neighboring STATE.

  • otis rily

    how does the primos boys ie bums continually get tags in iowa? every year? when its a pt. system to be drawn? ill tell you.its all about money they pay off the iowa dnr. they are a bunch of phonys like the natural born idiots..

  • hunter

    Nc has giants. Just have to manage your farm

  • Todd

    Not a state moron.

  • JBoone

    ummmm… Alberta??? Seriously?

  • Werner

    Alberta is not a state but there are a lot of hunters coming here to hunt. Makes one think. There are also a large number of large bucks up here.

  • Randy

    Lists like these are what will help you loose your place to hunt,Ive lived it in Missouri,Iowa and Kansas.All the farms we hunted in the past are now leased by nonreidents who are here 2-3 weeks @the most during the season and most have the crowded as h–l east coast mentality (stay off my land) I run into while trying to gain access to neighboring farms I hunt in MY community.Not makIng this list made my day and hopefully we'll never make one again. Have you seen the price paid for an acre of ground to hunt in most of the states on the list let alone the cost of a non res.tag in them.Which state had the most trophies killed compared to the number of hunters trying to harvest them was?Im sure a crowded eastern state with 2-3 times the hunters will always harvest more B&C bucks.What cha think?

    • Norbert

      I hear ya bro, Don't much like getting priced out of the game either. it wont be long before ya need a corporate sponsor just to get a license.

    • embracinggrey

      I am not a hunter but if I am paying for an exclusive lease then, yeah, I am going to have a problem with someone taking trophy bucks off land I'm paying for without my OK.

  • Jim Spagnola

    Buck probably shot on private lands and fed supplements

  • 6thgenKansasn

    A few errors on the Kansas report…the state hasn't offered transferable landowner permits for at least five years, but most units have left-over non-resident permits after the early draw. Also, you don't have to have a guide to hunt in Kansas. A few years ago the largest typical whitetail bow-killed in the nation was by an out-of-state guy who'd made friends with some Kansas farmers and was hunting for free…no lease, no guide fee.

    Also, it's been a great year so far for trophy bucks…by mid-Oct I'd already gotten credible reports of at least 12 bucks grossing more than 200-inches…but that includes a few mule deer, too.

    That said, Kanas has very, very little public land, non-resident permit numbers have been sky-rocketing and poaching is a huge issue.

  • @ISOwhitetails

    As a Missouri bowhunter I'll add my voice to those who were intensely disappointed that a Canadian province was chosen over our state. There's great hunting here, outstanding conservation efforts, and best of all, no passport required.

    In Search of Whitetails – Bowhunting Deer and Turkey in the Midwest

  • jake

    I live in Indianan tri-state area and have seen more monster bucks this year than I can count, I dont know what the deal is but it seams like every time I see a buck they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Ive seen at least 3 in the 175 to 200-inch deer. Several in the 150 range.

  • Chuck

    Anyone want to buy some land with monster bucks just drop me a email I have 160 acres that join the white river refuge in Ethel Arkansas, asking 3500 per acre

  • kenwalker

    I have a 118 acre farm for sale with 160+ big bucks, with over 1-mile of creek frontage.7172149243 or 7175761939

  • demilovato

    Why Alberta is on the list? Where in fact, it is not a state.

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  • robert wasmund

    Was really disappointed when scrolling through the list one by one waiting and wondering which state was number one………..Alberta??? really. Article should headlined ” Best in North America” Come on, please :(

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