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Non-Typical Ohio Trophy Bucks

VIDEO: Perfect Shot on Ohio Trophy Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 28th, 2011 15

Perry (17) and Ryan (18) Kise were both able to shoot this fantastic Knox County, Ohio trophy buck on private land late in October. Ryan did his work with a Canon HFS20 camera while Perry got the job done with his Bowtech Tribute bow and Carbon Express KV arrow that was tipped with a Hell Razor Broadhead.

The duo had spotted the buck the day prior while hunting a large patch of pine forest and put a plan in place to hunt the next evening in an area they thought the buck was headed to — an Amish fruit orchard that was a couple hundred yards away from the opposite end of their property.

The buck did appear the next evening, but didn’t offer a shot before disappearing around 5:45. A half-hour later, the buck reappeared with several deer in the CRP grass. Just before the suspicious buck turned to leave, Perry was able to send home a perfect shot. The buck piled up 80 to 100 yards away! The buck green grossed 201 inches and featured 19 scorable points.

Nice work on a great buck AND video guys!

  • Ryan Kise

    This was killed on private land, Perry is 17 and Ryan is 18

    • jason

      was you in a ground blind?

  • wes

    holly shit boys you need to get a little more excited then that. that was a beauty

  • Ryan

    yes we were in a ground blind on the fields edge and we were very exited.

    • David

      where do you hunt

  • Eric

    Very nice buck…..and NOT on a paid ranch. Congrats!!!!

  • jason

    he knew something wasn't right, right before you shot him. did you just put the blind up or how long had the blind been there?



  • ryan

    The blind has been there for years and it was 22 yards

  • Greg

    awesome hunt guys, I liked the editing. Nice shot Perry! Looks like the bowtech got it done!

  • Stephen martin

    Awesome buck. Im impressed with the video, I woulve been shaking! Great shot and congratulations!

  • John

    what they REALLY eatin off the ground???? ….cough …cough corn

  • Kurt

    Congratulations! Great hunt!


  • isaiah

    nice deer and congrads i bet you were exsited
    how far did it go after you shot.

  • Big hunter

    Im a 11 year old youth hunter that lives in Vermont. I've shot 2 deer. That is a very good deer in Vermont. Nice job

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